Just rolled out GitHub Sponsors for EteSync!

A lot is coming to EteSync and Etebase, and with your help we can create even more open-source, encrypted and privacy-respecting applications!


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@EteSync To easily develop a secure application, check out Etebase! From the developers of @EteSync comes an open source and end-to-end encrypted software development kit and backend for applications, which hides away complicated encryption in the background -> blog.etesync.com/introducing-e #NextGenerationInternet

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Nour worked on EteSync integration with Evolution during his GSoC. We’re happy to announce he has updated his work to keep up with the protocol upgrade from EteSync 1.0 to 2.0!

#gsoc #GNOME #opensource

Introducing Etebase - An End-to-end Encrypted SDK and Backend

Etebase makes it easy for developers to build end-to-end encrypted applications!

If you know of projects that could benefit from Etebase, please let us (and them) know!


An update regarding using and packaging the GNOME and KDE integrations!

TL;DR: there are now easy to use packages for quite a few distros. Know how to package and would like to help? Let us know!


Are you on Matrix? IRC? If so, join our chat!

IRC: on Freenode
Matrix: #etesync:matrix.org
Web: etesync.com/community-chat/

We are very excited to announce the official release of EteSync 2.0! 🎉 🎉 🎉


Thanks again to all of the testers and to @NGIZero for their support!

EteSync 2.0 is almost ready! 🎉🎉🎉
Thank you to the hundreds of testers that helped us get here!

If you are one of these testers, please help us test the latest app versions from:

Looking forward to your feedback!

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Yesterday we again opened our bimonthly open call for privacy and trust enhancing tech (nlnet.nl/PET) and projects improving open search and discovery (nlnet.nl/discovery) using open source software and open hardware. Do apply before December 1st (or check out the work we are funding on for example @cryptpad, @delta, @nextcloud, @EteSync, @pixelfed and more! -> nlnet.nl/project/

We are happy to announce the first version of EteSync Notes! 🎉🎉🎉

It relies on the new EteSync 2.0 beta, so you need a 2.0 account to test it. For more information:


The iOS app on the app-store now supports EteSync 2.0!

For more information on how to help with the testing of EteSync 2.0, please refer to our previous blog post: blog.etesync.com/etesync-2-0-r

After months of hard work of both developing and testing EteSync 2.0, we are finally ready for a public beta!

Would you like to help us with the testing? Please click on the link for more information.


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Nour E-Din worked on the integration of EteSync with Evolution - GNOME’s suite for managing your emails, contacts, and schedule. EteSync allows you to synchronize Calendars, Contacts & Tasks securely across your devices. See how they did it by reading their final GSoC report!

We can't believe GSoC is already over. Was a lot of fun, and we are very happy with the results!

We were lucky to have awesome students (Shashwat and Nour)!


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EteSync 2.0 is around the corner, and is packed with improvements with a lot more exciting stuff on the way!

This work is made possible thanks to @NGIZero!


In the US, it's legal for authorities to access any 180-day old email without a warrant. That’s why we need end-to-end !

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