We are very happy to announce the first release of the EteSync iOS client! Yes, that's right, you can now end-to-end encrypt your contacts, calendars and tasks on iOS too!


Today is the first day of the . Don't forget, you can't have free speech, or free thought for that matter, without !

Stand up for your rights, and don't believe anyone who's telling you they are just suspending them temporarily

It's the first day of the . Let us all remember the words of Martin Luther King Jr. that still echo as loudly as ever.

What a cynical attack on and our fundamental human rights! What next?
Another reminder to only use open source software and end-to-end encrypted services. Well, until they make those illegal too... 😱😡


The battle for is a tough one, but we mustn’t give up until we win!

Only two days left to get a full month for free (rather than two weeks) for every referral!


You don't need to explain yourself for standing up for your rights, but it never hurts to have a good argument on your side.

We've updated our referral program! Now both the person giving the referral code and the one using it get two extra weeks.

To celebrate: if someone uses your referral code by next Friday, you'll both get a free month instead!

Share your referral code from here: etesync.com/dashboard/

Here's the list of updates for August. Most importantly, we've created an *anonymous* survey that we would very much appreciate if you could fill in! blog.etesync.com/monthly-updat

In light of recent increase in facial recognition cameras and Big Tech listening to our conversations, let's remember that we are PRIVATE individuals!

is data! Find out some of the ways in which your metadata leaks private information. blog.etesync.com/metadata-is-d

To quote Bruce Schneier: The "Nothing to hide" debate is often wrongly characterize as security versus privacy. The real choice is liberty versus control. standard.co.uk/news/london/pri

Hey @cryptoparty any interest in an event in London soon? We'd be happy to help organize one!

Yet another tech company caught snooping on our private information... That's why we need end-to-end encryption NOW!

New to and don't know who to follow? We've done some research to get you started! Pro Mastodonians, do you agree with our top picks?


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