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We are very happy to announce that two EteSync related projects have been accepted to this year's Google Summer of Code, one with @gnome and one with @kde!

Looking forward to working with sjolly and nourmat!

Over the last few weeks Andrew Maney has completely overhauled the task management part of the web client.

He's a roundup of the great work he's done:

Desktop DAV bridge: we improved the on-boarding and the management UI, in addition to a few other changes and bug fixes.

More information:

We have great news to share:, a popular Android tasks app, has recently added built-in support for EteSync!

EteSync has attended two CryptoParties so far, and it was a blast. Search for a @cryptoparty near you if you want to meet people who think like this.
CC @cryptoparty_berlin

We are very excited to announce that this year there are two EteSync related projects in Google Summer of Code and one EteSync related project in Outreachy!

We still need to find suitable applicants, so check out the blog post for more information:

In case you missed it, we created r/EteSync a few weeks ago! 🎉 🎉 🎉

If you're on reddit, come join us at:

We are attending @fosdem again this year (1st and 2nd of February in Brussels). Let us know if you are around and would like to meet up!
You can reach us by mail, IRC, or even here. :)

Today is . His dream would not have been possible with today’s extensive surveillance. Use end-to-end encrypted software!

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@NGIZero is very happy to join #36c3 and present the treasure trove of privacy & trust enhancing technology and open search & discovery technology we are funding right now. Join in today around 12:30! ->

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