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We are all still un-learning our ingrained beliefs that pure unregulated capitalism is the only way society can function and that "everyone has their destiny in their own hands".

We learn that not everyone begins at the same starting line and not everyone has the same capacity to "make it" whatever society defines that to be.

This thread will go a long way in unlocking some of those beliefs and more:

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Listening to "Toes"

Sorry for the link it's not peertube. I'm still in the corporate ecosystem and might take a while to exit completely.

Just wanted to share the cool song :)

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It's so telling that I haven't done my regular social media routine for 3 days now! Didn't even check the emails for the first 2 days (although I currently don't use emails for work).

Mastadon is as addictive as other SM but in a good way. I leave feeling more positive than when I come in ☺️

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2019 to 2020

हम भी पेले गए थे
तुम भी पेले जाओगे
कितने भी बनालो Resolution
15 दिनों में अपनीवाली पे आओगे

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The greatest power, I've learnt, comes from being able to walk away from anything at any time.

Tomorrow I will finish all my outstanding tasks! Support please :)

How is it that I plan to get 7 hours sleep every night and end up chatting with at least 5 people simultaneously right when I get into bed?

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Boost this and I will do absolutely nothing in response

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This news of yesterday evening was enough should've been enough hint. Why should a Sanghi/BJP Governor change his plan for a non-BJP Govt to be formed...?
Maharashtra Governor cancels Delhi trip as Sena-NCP-Cong meet to finalise power sharing arrangement

(report by @faisalmushtaque)

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Expecting morality from the most immoral people puts a question mark on your sense of judgement.


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the US military is an almost purely evil force and any good that it does could easily be subsumed by literally any other kind of structure that doesnt also indiscriminately murder people

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Ha ha sometimes I wonder why my braincells are always an anxious mess then I go online to religiously follow impeachment proceedings in the US, brexit, the heart wrenching situation unfolding in Palestine, Chinese govt blatantly commiting genocide and the rohingya crisis and ofcourse the situation back home in India is like a cherry on top.
Like this is not enough there's the pressure to get married/reproduce. Someone use the obliviate spell on me pls, I need to move far north with the penguins

HI HOW IS EVERYONE? THE WEATHER SEEMS TO BE VERY NICE HERE IN EDMONTON. Hope I didn't make you shout in your head though?

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People think I’m joking when I say I want to go to Mars. They point out the planet’s brutally inhospitable climate, the staggering expense, the lethal risks, the isolation, my utter lack of qualifications. Well, to them I say: I’m trans. None of those things have stopped me yet!

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Tooters, we are not engaging enough here. People just keep referencing twitter, without original stuff. Come on, let's work at it!

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Indian society (left & liberals)

Caste oppression 😡😡
Minority religions oppression 🤬🤬

Gender oppression- 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

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What makes you post and engage on Twitter?

Feel free to add up anything you feel like in the comments.

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From the little that I know, the conversation seems to have gone like this.

Trans folks: We have rights too you know.
Govt: Here's a bill that will protect your rights.
Trans folks: This bill doesn't work for us.
Govt: I'm glad you like it.
Trans folks: But... but... you aren't listening.
Govt: I'm so great for protecting your rights.
Trans folks: But you're not protecting my rights!
Govt: You can thank me later.

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From The Habitat's photo files, the day I judged a poetry tournament. I look all bony with a floor mop for hair. But that saree is fly.

It's okay, I like looking like a floor mop sometimes.

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@AKanisetti I agree. How do we go about it? We will have to have a group of people for running another instance full-time apart from the cost of servers etc. Let's shout this out to others here and see what comes out?

@h_tejas @stux @Gargron

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Good people of - have we set up any new instances in the last few weeks? I recall @h_tejas was talking about it. And @musafir already has the perfect name for it - Tootistan. 😂

@stux and @Gargron have been very kind and gracious hosts, like the rest of the Fediverse. But given we're probably going to have some pretty dark and intense takes on politics and society, I'm wondering if the right thing to do would be to volunteer to build and maintain our own space?

Pbj finished and I'm still here 🤦‍♂️

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