Everyone keeps posting "I can't stand up there's a cat on me"

Makes me think.

I should get a cat.

Politics, verbal abuse 

If someone is campaigning on the street for a candidate with an abhorrent agenda, is it helpful to give them a piece of your mind?

Oh also requires console platform options.

I'm... basically just talking about Unreal now right?

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What are people using for networked multiplayer these days? Engines with built-in replication systems, 3rd party hosted services, roll your own over TCP & UDP?

Specifically I'm interested in just a handful of players, trusted, ideally one client is the host.

The are 25 people in my house all shouting at each other. How long is too long for a party host to hide in a dark room by themselves? I'm coming up on 10 minutes...

End result (so far) is that I'm happier _and_ more productive. Hell today I even bothered to make a key binding menu, for the first time in my almost 20 year career. And... (don't tell anyone)...

I enjoyed it.

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I'm trying a thing where I don't set goals for myself. And maybe it's just placebo, but it seems to be working pretty well.

So, instead of setting goals I make predictions. I think I'll finish feature x tonight. I expect to ship game y around month z. etc.

It turns out my expectations are far lower than my goals, but this makes my workload waaaay less intimidating, so instead of procrastinating I get stuff done.

Also I feel bad about not achieving goals, but don't care about poor predictions.

So... today I'm debugging generated code. And thinking maybe, just maybe, I wasn't saving time with this after all.

When you wake up with a cold and a craving for jam doughnuts that's just your body telling you what it needs to repair itself, right?



I assumed you said "right".
Six hours ago.


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