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European politics, american-socialist point of view 

How The EU Created The World's Deadliest Border | Second Thought

"We hear a lot about the horrific border policy of the US, but very rarely does anyone mention Europe. Believe it or not, the deadliest border In the world isn't shared with the US...but the EU. What's going on here? How is Frontex, the EU border security organization, responsible for tens of thousands of preventable deaths?"

End The Slaughter Age | European Citizens' Initiative

1 - Exclude livestock farming from list of activities eligible for agricultural subsidies and include ethical and environmentally friendly alternatives, such as cellular agriculture and plant proteins.

2 - Incentives for the production and sale of plant-based products and those made using cellular agriculture.

"This is due to the discovery of up to 36 possible 5-star gem slots that can be unlocked through Awakening, which creates more slots after maxing out six 5-star gems. ShiftYourCarcass actually believe that a person on the unlucky side could easily need $1 million in their quest to fully max out a character, a number that puts Quin69's ludicrous Diablo Immortal spending to shame"

Fuck off

No joke, an FBI insider said internet trolls become indistinguishable from actual nazis and find it troubling.
it's the first time I hear someone at the FBI find anything "troubling" :hurb:

at standstill after two weeks of over cost of living crisis

During demonstrations, started by an Indigenous federation, roads were blocked and vehicles torched, and police fired teargas

This is what we (developers) had been saying for a long time, while their response is simply banning people who alert this at Twitter, discord and subreddits.
When goes to zero, don't say we didn't told you so

I feel we are all getting older but not wiser

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RT @IratxeGarper: Enhorabuena @petrogustavo, elegido próximo Presidente de #Colombia.

Colombia cambia, y @TheProgressives queremos estar cerca para cooperar por una agenda progresista de paz, igualdad y justicia social. 🇨🇴 🇪🇺



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“Whether it is in access to education, health care, land, or formal employment, #Colombia operates according to brazenly selective and segregated systems rooted in connections, families, and, above all, money.”

Military police raid the national library is case there's communists there or something 🤣
We know librarians are up to something but this is goddamn ridiculous

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Nationwide protests and state of exception in Ecuador: militarized city blockades start to back down under the pressure of the massive civilian protests

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