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Things I really ought to show more of re: Rhoanish culture:

1) There are SO MANY variations on stuffed animals around; babies use them as bedding, children use them as toys, everyone uses them as cushions. The Rhoanish really, really like animals.

2) How Usoan architecture (generally on stilts since they live in a flood zone out there) is being adapted for the stronghold (where everyone likes touching the ground).

3) What the inside of a band's tent actually looks like, on average.

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Bean time lapse - 25 days soil cross section

Slowly catching up on recent kerfuffles and goodness me comics people are havin' a field day today. I'm grateful I can just sit on the sidelines of this one; hope anyone who got screwed by bad management comes out okay!

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I've got "My Sharona" stuck in my head, except replacing the titular lyric with "My Fursona."

Sorry/not sorry about the earworm, everyone.

(I have been twice, both on school trips of some sort, and it owns)

Some days I really wish we had a Medieval Times out here in the desert. I wanna drink Pepsi from a flagon and eat with my hands and watch some guys LARP on horses for my amusement.

Bless this episode of Face Off for having a [bass drops] caption.

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You know what's great? When people who love video games get into outside interests to practice skills/expand their hobbies as a way to better appreciate stuff they play. A streamer I enjoy, for example, is trying piano again so he can refine his independent input skills so he can play Dragon Ball FighterZ better (he already plays guitar, for the record).

It's a similar happy spot for me as people who try to recreate video game food as accurately as possible.

In this case, said character's costume department didn't have very much money and the POV character is new to ballet, so he doesn't really get the visual language yet.

I have introduced a glorious phrase regarding a character "who might've been a swan (or a wizard (or a swan wizard))." I like writing.

Just another day of listening to FM-84's "Atlas" album. It probably doesn't hurt that I mainlined this thing while working on Detritus, but it hits me in such a happy spot.

(I am aware of the irony of linking to a comic whose most recent news post is the creator saying they're going to roll their own site at some point; if anyone knows of an accessible archive with later strips let me know, preferably if it isn't on FA)

Remember how a while back I was talking about being unable to remember a gentle slice-of-life furry comic from days of yore? Thanks to @Swatcher that gap in my memory has been filled: it's In a Perfect World, and it will live forever on Comicgenesis (nee Keenspace), at least until the servers blow up.


I appreciate how the recent GQ article on the creator of Stardew Valley isn't really glamorizing just how intense and miserable game creation can be.

Idea I still think back to occasionally: character outfits made on the "adoptables" model. Let someone else make your creations more fashionable.

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crossedwires.irisjay.net/?comic=02-106 NEW CROSSED WIRES UPDATE IS LIVE! It’s showdown time and nobody’s playing fair.

Read from the beginning here: crossedwires.irisjay.net/?comi Buy the book here: oreillyjay.tictail.com/product … Send me a tip here: ko-fi.com/irisjay

(no, it's not that good of a game, but it's not that BAD, either. it's sort of a bare-bones mobile game from before you really had those)

I am forever a Mystic Quest apologist, so here's the music I'm using to start off today's programming session: youtube.com/watch?v=NOTI8j1egZ