Learned how to play Dicey Dungeons tonight! What a fun game that absolutely punishes you for getting careless and/or greedy. Great soundtrack, too!

Meat Robots Online 

"That's a polite way of sayin' 'I think your book fuckin' sucks, dude.'

...More like Ready Player DUMB. You can share that, too."

- @ComputerHusband, on courteously expressing a mismatch of media tastes with coworkers


- @ComputerHusband is taking part in the conversation while pickling eggs in the kitchen

@irisjaycomics Looks like the BLFC Twitter account is looking for cyberpunk media recs, you want I should mention you or would you rather do the honors?

"They used to speak Latin in Latin America."

I need to lie down.

(currently dipping into the old classics while doing some necessary in-case-you-didn't-read-the-first-one character establishment for good ol' Hugh, as you do)


Sometimes you have to do the thing where you check a word's spelling in a separate dictionary because you're using fancier stuff than your word processor is prepared to understand.

In other words, stuff it, LibreOffice, "tenebrous" is absolutely a word.

I am now the proud owner of a Powerwolf CD! I cannot wait to wear this thing out while writing and/or drawing very passionately about very niche things.

I don't like throwing the word "coward" around a lot, but if a character is depicted as kinda chunky in their original source -- much less actively fat to some degree -- and some asshole draws them with shredded abs, my hands instinctively reach for the "C" key on my keyboard.

This story I'm listening to keeps mentioning an "Ey-ron Brotherhood" as a malevolent presence and given the context I kind of suspect they mean "Aryan"...

This giant robot technology generates a protective shell that protects it from outside trauma based on the size of the robot itself; we've dubbed it the Absolute Unit Field.

MUD Dev! 

MUD Dev! 

Having one of those "have I always been pronouncing this wrong or did this narrator flub the word?" moments this evening.

This time around: ascertain (which is "a-sr-TAIN," not "a-cer-tin" as the narrator declared). I've been trying to get into the habit of double-checking stuff that sounds wrong to my ears because occasionally it is I who am the fool!

Today I learned: "What's Up: Balloon to the Rescue" is actually a SEQUEL.

The bad animation rabbit hole goes very deep, folks.

Either way, I will always associate it with Seal's "Kiss from a Rose" and vice versa.

I just heard someone pronounce Video Brinquedo's seminal CG masterpiece*, Ratatoing, as "Ra-ta-too-ing." I've always read it "Ra-ta-toing," myself. This is making me think about things a bit more than I ought.

*movie may not actually be a masterpiece

Sinuses: misbehaving, but a shower and rest are helping. I want to do some writing today so making sure I can look at a screen is important!

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