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Prepping to go to bed, but have a snippet I liked from last year's October story, This City Loves You:

William swallowed the last of his second mug of tea. “I think it’s a bad idea,” he said as he studied the omens writ large in the leaves stuck to the bottom of the cup. This sort of thing was why he usually used teabags.

Time for a break to keep from straining my arm. Only five pages of pencils to go, and like three of them already have work started.

I am maybe a little bit annoyed that this is some of the nicest exuberant-ligature lettering I've done in a while and I up and spent it on THIS joke. Oh well!

Gotta amuse myself SOMEhow.

I am...mostly sure this won't be the final text for this panel.

Clickthrough added 'cause it's rude.

Definitely need more female leads on this list, hmmm.

Short comic plans:

- Riaag chats with Etxeloi
- Blau and Or are terrible
- possibly something with Guerry?

Less-short comic plans:

- VTU #2
- Back to Work, Xirc (serialized?)

Can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to doing a comic with characters I actually know how to draw, though. These doofuses didn't even have set designs until I started my pencils!

Today's goal, artwise, is to get two to three pages fully penciled save for the text/bubbling (which I still have placed in my sketch layer so I know where not to go too nuts with detail). This will leave me with only four or five pages left to pencil this week. Nice.

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ALSO HEY: it's the D.Egg patreon's 1-year anniversary! The next month of updates on there will be "wild card" stuff that I've wanted to draw for a while!

PLUS: $5 patrons will now get production updates + early builds of the robot TF game I'm working on!

thanks to everyone who's already subscribed so far! if you're over 18 and you'd like to help me make more weird smut for horny people, subscribe here: patreon.com/distressedegg

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"But Ferro, *I* use collage layouts for my Tumblr!"

And I hate it and generally try to look for /chrono options to not have to look at it, sorry.

I am dearly glad that the one artist who specializes in drawing things in a Rocko's Modern Life look is still doing their thing, but GOOD GRIEF they had to have picked the "collage" layout for their Tumblr, huh?

Collage layouts: for when you hate people who like clear posting chronologies and obvious reading lines.

Having a nice little text convo with my sister upon having told her to watch the mail for a birthday gift. It's nice having family who understand WHY you would rather draw someone's fan character from a thing than fan art of the thing itself.

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"I'm not saying Riaag is the kind of guy who'd own kitty ears in the proper setting, but I'm not saying he'd refuse them, either."

"Like, y'know, fucken nya."

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I consider it a good sign that I REALLY want to get back to reading through my friend's novel manuscript today, though I still need to get some comic pages done. If I can finish an average of two pages of pencils a day this week, I'll be ready to move to inks at the end of Friday!

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Ah, dangit, this is NOT the time to get fired up about art ideas, I want to be sleepy!

Naturally, it's orc-themed.