Not quite as meteoric as yesterday but still a decent word-haul. Maybe tomorrow will be a day of stitching together unfinished chunks? Gotta get it done sooner or later.

Having a writing buddy like @albedo owns because he can provide good feedback on both random-ass character building stuff OR segments of a Horny Part.

(aside: it is wonderful and freeing being able to ask this question and not break out into a cold sweat because of The Term Search Squad)

So should I even bother reading that one Zeal article or is it just gonna make me grumpy because it's riding the "if you don't make everything GRUNGY and EDGY it isn't REALISTIC" train?

From a conversation with @albedo (who is being my writing buddy again this year!):

"Riaag's sexuality is plugged directly into his piety so it's just as well he's ultra-married to the messiah."

That part of writing where you hurriedly use the search function to see if you're overusing a word.

In this case I needed to make sure I wasn't running "disciple" into the ground.

Is it the time of year when I have the "Happy Turkey Day" song from Addams Family Values going in my head on loop? Yes. Always.

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A take so bad that included the phrase "back-of-the-bus racism against white people" that I actually made a fuckin reddit account on a throwaway email address to downvote the shit out of this lukewarm piss baby man

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Me seeing a kickstarter where someone is being a big wiener about the decals intentionally seeking out more diverse viewpoints for writing submissions:

RLB: It's true, especially if it's one of those hell sales that starts at midnight or something. You do not need a printer or a TV or whatever THAT BADLY (and if you do, and your household relies on stuff like Black Friday supersales just to patch holes in your finances, you know this isn't about you).

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Pro-tip from a long time retail worker: if you go out shopping on Black Friday, every employee in the store hates you. Every one.

I have 1) found some dates so I can better edit this section to fit into my established chronology and 2) gotten to the HORRIBLE argument in Brittle Limit, good grief but my green sons can really emotionally eviscerate each other when things go bad.

This is not to say I dislike my old work, but oh, there is so much of it, and it is so very long.

It is time for that most dreadful of writing necessities: REREADING THE OLD FIC TO GET DETAILS RIGHT

In this case I need to make sure I don't screw up the timeline of when these two characters started smoochin' (as in literally kissing; they were Doing The Do before that because sometimes life works out that way).

Time to do some vacuuming, then I'll need to enter the WRITE ZONE

(despite the name this has nothing to do with She-Ra fanfic, though godspeed to those of you who go there)

Ferro boosted just a reminder: there's only twelve days left in the Monstrously Queer Anthologies kickstarter, and it still needs $5,238 to get fully funded!

Here are the first four pages of my contribution, "Eileen Quinn". What's more terrifying: crossing paths with an alien monster, or feeling like an alien monster?

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