@irisjaycomics (I'll check its status once Cid goes to bed and we switch off on the fancy gaming PC, too)

@irisjaycomics Also I saw we needed one of those magic gilded puzzle pieces for the base so I have one cookin', it should be ready tomorrow if we still need one. If not, oh well, I can sit on it for later.

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You might ask me, "Ferro, why did you dye your weird space batdog purple?" And I would say, "Because I got these dyes for cheap and I CAN, also the purple looks the least bad from the set I got."

Little Fluffkin would certainly complain if she had a problem being technicolor, I'm sure of it.

(working songs are a really, really good genre in general, no matter whether you're toiling on land, sea, air, void, whatever)

Don't worry, everyone, I made sure Cid listened to "We All Lift Together" because it's the kind of working song that makes the West Virginian (and Welshman) in his bones thrum in harmony.

See also: "Process Man."

Figuring out some definite stakes for this story, and making sure my protagonist was suitably proactive towards them, was a big part of this piece. Some of the decisions characters make aren't great but I want them to feel like reasonable ones!

Not final lettering by any means!

Clickthrough for a Ghosts of Harvest spoiler of sorts, though there's no art and little context.

I don't think I need to make it too much clearer what happened here, though.

Update description for Tumblr Mobile: "We gave you the ability to make your text different colors!"


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We're talking bubble wrap inside cardboard inside MORE cardboard, so there's not a crumpled corner or cover scuff
in sight. Print quality's pretty good from what I've seen thus far, too.

I got some books for my birthday from TwoMorrows Publishing in Raleigh, NC and they arrived in IMMACULATE condition. Would absolutely recommend if you want fancy books about the history of nerd crap, though be prepared for shipping to take a little bit. They did arrive on the day they were supposed to, mind, it was just a bit longer than my mom was expecting (ordered on the 3rd, arrived the 20th).

Also they did NOT ship through Amazon if that influences your decision any!

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(mining is also fun but I haven’t sunk nearly as much time into it yet)

Nonzero chance I will continue to nap at some point during the day, but for now it’s time to prep for work! In addition to weird sleep due to meeting stuff, I ended up getting By the Dawn’s Early Light during a wakefulness period that involved bullet jumping to a flat rock in the middle of a small lake and staying there for a while.

Look, it turns out I like the fishing minigame, okay?

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"Huh, what's Keith Thompson up to these days? Oh, working on Warframe concept art? That checks out."

I greatly respect Susana Polo, a visible woman with an interest in mainstream comics, for using her widely-read platform to deliver a surprisingly straight-faced op-ed about Bruce Wayne, Jr.:


"I am referencin' Second Life stuff to design my githyanki's outfit."

"You're doin' a SMART thing."

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