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Ferro @Ferrovore

Today has been another Snake Day. The inks on the left are obviously nowhere near their final pass yet, but I like how the ref on the right turned out. mastodon.social/media/-S8GVe79

Obnoxious household changes aside, I'm at least still getting work done. I want to work on that rear-view tail some more, mind you. mastodon.social/media/U42Lsf-8

Well, we just got some irritating work-related news, BUT it's nowhere near as bad as it could be? But we're going to be on a night shift schedule for a bitty-bit. Maybe a few months.

Anyway, time for some breakfast, hydration, and leg day.

@idesofmerch I'm not sure how to feel about having never read a Captain Carrot comic but knowing the names of every character here, save for the cat.

I have two goals for today: lay out a fancier ref sheet for the Grand Hissier, and get at least my pencils done for an easy ref of Doc Hazzard. Wanna get both finished come con time next week!

Drawing wizard robes from the side on an unusual body shape: my life right now.

@ComputerHusband @irisjaycomics Incidentally there's a not-insignificant number of people who ship Genji with Zenyatta and I imagine they went BONKERS over Zenyatta's Year of the Rooster skin. Good bonkers or bad bonkers depends on whether they're the "this looks conventionally attractive? IT IS EVIL AND FOR POSEURS" crowd.

@irisjaycomics He's here to be a Very Good Science Boy!

Samoyeds are a deceptively tricky breed for me to draw. You have to be very careful with the head/muzzle/ear/floof shape or it reads as a different breed!

A little extra color for funsies. For those unfamiliar with the character, his eyes are cybernetic, hence the pinprick cyan pupils. mastodon.social/media/NxVQNzic

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Who's ready to be a GIGANTIC FIGHTING ROBOT? YOU ARE, OBVIOUSLY. Announcing our con-exclusive badge theme for BLFC, Mecha badges!

Only $50 at the con or for pre-order! Slots are limited, so if you want one RIGHT at the start of the con (or if you aren't attending but want one...), email me at irisjaycomics at gmail!

Taking a snake break to draw @ComputerHusband's very scientific samoyed, Cid "Doc" Hazzard. mastodon.social/media/Zf4QfR46

Mess with your American friends by doubling down on the regional vocabulary.

I am having an enormous amount of fun imagining a team of plucky heroes encountering this serpentine terror, him opening his mouth, and a Lanky dialect coming out.

If people get on Paavan for just using his normal speaking voice for his villainous no-leggity wizard he'd be prone to doing this in retaliation: youtube.com/watch?v=2WbbZMnc48

My #1 guiding focus for working on this guy is making sure he'd always look right at home bellowing "YOU FOOLS! I'VE ALREADY SEIZED THE IDOL OF VODAAR!"

I'm not sure what he sounds like, so I'm defaulting to his player's voice. Yuan-ti can come from Blackpool, right?

Making good progress on this snake guy design, and Discord makes it extremely easy to do sketch check-in with others. I'm not going to post the next sketch until the canvas is full but I think I've got his profile nailed down.