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Last night's stopping point (left) and my current progress (right). Likely not going to do more than pick at it for the rest of the day unless inspiration strikes; perhaps on a related note, I'll be rewatching some nana825763 videos this evening. mastodon.social/media/WOsMjNGy mastodon.social/media/Xp8vNFhH

Just need to squeeze out a hundred more words and I'll hit my writing goal for today!

I like that this SL tattoo/body paint set includes a "vaporwave" option. I own the piece on the left and can confirm these look really good on just about any humanoid avatar you can slap it on!

Clickthrough since there's a titty out. mastodon.social/media/JW1f1tYE

Possible-but-not-guaranteed goal for this year's Rhoanish story illustrations: actually drawing one of Riaag's amulets, since most of the time he's either wearing long sleeves or not facing the right way to show it off. They work best when touching bare skin hence why it isn't usually visible.

Huh, someone's got some loud bass going somewhere. That's unusual for this complex.

Adding in a subtle P.T. reference because why not.

Some of today's writing music. You've probably heard this elsewhere, too: youtube.com/watch?v=rhZBDNQ3ga

I'm not going to be spending as much of today writing as yesterday, but my goal is still to try and hit 7K if I can.

Hey, friends: if you're reading this? Thanks for contributing to an overall much more chill social media experience, even if you're having a bad day today.

Crete sucks. It sucks! It's a teleporter maze and the only way you learn the proper path is through trial and error.

My proposal: more clearly signpost where exits go. Since it's a Hellenic action game, make better use of existing gear to determine where to go, such as using the Eye of the Graeae (already in the game) to make a correct exit light up, or meet Ariadne and get a twine ball that performs similarly and/or gets you the F outta there when used. You could even randomize the maze then.

Today's commute involved us talking about how Battle of Olympus is a game that peaks way too early, which is a shame.

Time for bed! I leave you with one of my favorite themes from Battle of Olympus, a game that appears to have just flat-out traced Link from Zelda II for its hero, Orpheus, and is otherwise a weird Grecian-flavored Castlevania II clone. It kind of starts sucking to play after a given point but I'm still fond of it and its music.


Mastodon's being a little weird with images right now, but I'm over 5K words and calling it a night.

No, YOU'RE thinking about Kitty Horrorshow's "Anatomy" while writing this next bit.

About me: any time someone mentions "the demoscene," my brain immediately jumps to Amiga demos and cracktros. No, I have never owned an Amiga.

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