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Two part question:

• can you begin to imagine what a Bulk and Skull Cartoon would have looked like in the 90s

• why doesn't it exist

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*Freddie Mercury voice* I am a spy man, I look and then report on things.

*Highlander Catalog Informercial voice* Just like Duncan McLeod this comic will be here forever: pilotside.us/chapter/the-day-t

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10% luck
20% skill
15% concentrated power of will
52% whinny
31% quack
15% snails we found out in the back

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So you just had all of this lying around upstairs already?

Read the more, it's now possible that I fixed my website: pilotside.us/chapter/the-day-t

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Tubi has the UK version of at least some American seasons of Kitchen Nightmares and it's an absolute trip to watch.

Chief differences so far:

1) extremely Scottish narrator

food (technically) 

There's nothing wrong with vanilla ice cream, especially given that in addition to acting as a catalyst for MANY pleasing toppings vanilla in general is a complex, justifiably expensive flavoring IRL.

You want to throw some shade, accuse something of being less interesting than water-flavored ice cream instead. Do I mean "ice"? No. Texture and dairy content of ice cream, flavor of water. That's what I mean. Just imagine!

Sometimes I wonder at just how WIDESPREAD the idea of kobolds as little lizard dudes is, and then I have to realize Dungeons and Dragons 3rd Edition came out in 2000, which was TWENTY-ONE YEARS AGO, and need to go sit down.

(that's where that initially came from, BTW, it was a creation of Wizards of the Coast to try to tie the whole "dragon" part of things into lower-level encounter possibilities)

It's the day after New Issue Day over at @s2b2 and you know what THAT means: I'm linking the zine again for all you people who thought "cool, I'll check this out later!" and then got buried under all the other things intended to be checked out later.

Free queer 🔞 short fiction and art, right here, all day every day with archives to boot. Come on down!


Work tune of the moment: an elevator music arrangement of "Proud Mary."

My given name isn't SUPER rare or anything, but it's uncommon enough I don't hear it that often. A week or two this bit me in the ass because I'd left the TV on to lull me to sleep (there were extenuating circumstances), and having Gordon Ramsay bark my name with great force was enough to cause me to slam back to drowsy alertness.

The end! No moral.

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It's a fine-enough Monday where I am and Issue 89 of @s2b2 is live! It's free, it's smutty, it's queer, it's generally lighthearted, and I drew the cover so I'd really appreciate it if you gave things a look. Plenty more where that came from in the archives, too!


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Our newest issue, Sealed With a Kiss, is here! Grab your digital love-letter openers and come see what your (sometimes-)secret admirers have worked up:

GOOD MORNING, I am about to go to bed but THERE IS A NEW @s2b2 ISSUE available to read today! I did the cover. This is the second time I've turned in a cover with cat-eared people on it. I will continue to do so until asked to stop.

It's free, it's queer, it's explicit, and you can check it all out at the link below. Do let us know what you think once you're done, too!

🔞 shousetsubangbang.com/mirror/f

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artwork and stories,
over time companies cease
to exist, change hands,

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me: "Big tits, in the Jellicle way!"
ferro: 🎶"doo doo, doo, jellicle cats with the jellicle tats 🎶

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THESE ARE BACK IN STOCK! QUETZALCOATL DESIGN WILL BE RESTOCKED SOON! Get yours here: www.weejapeeja.com/product/kaiju-face-mask or here: www.etsy.com/mx/listing/837113624/kaiju-face-mask-de-monarobot
~ ~ ~
EL DISEÑO DE QUETZALCOATL SERÁ REABASTECIDO PRONTO! Compra el tuyo aquí: www.weejapeeja.com/product/kaiju-face-mask o aquí: www.etsy.com/mx/listing/837113624/kaiju-face-mask-de-monarobot

#art #monarobot #masks #fediart #mastoart

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@Ferrovore it's because I was singing a song about chopping my balls off and throwing them in a lake, and the timing was very Frau Blücher-esque

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