So far the only bad thing about our anniversary weekend (aside from an attempt at a notoriously miserable boss that Went Poorly) is having to slow my roll re: playing video games during all this delightful free time. Gotta respect my physical limitations!

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food, local business (+) 


Egg Prices Too Damn High -> "Grocery outlet usually has pretty good deals on eggs and sometimes meat too, check 'em out." -> Bought giant thing of eggs and saw the hot pot / buffet place next door to the grocery store -> kind of wanted to get Chinese, and wanted to check their lunch hours -> holy shit, that menu style looks EXACTLY like Sushi Lover's old menus -> holy shit I'm pretty sure that's Kay -> Yeah they're wearing Sushi Lover shirts.

the prestige!

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food, local business (+) 

@Ferrovore I still love the sequence of events that lead me to this discovery, which quite honestly was: "ComputerHusband Complains About Egg Prices In Earshot Of Manager"

Without that conversation, none of these events would have happened.

food, local business (+) 

We learned what happened to some of our favorite local restauranteurs today and the answer is "they are handling the sushi counter at a local hot pot/buffet/sushi joint that is absurdly close to our house." As someone who imprinted strongly on the way they prep their rolls (and also highly enjoyed them as fellow human beings!) I am THRILLED at this news.

We've potentially got a friendly local sushi spot again!

Meat Robots Online (Angels of the Zariman) 

You can also set off the goal if you send your Operator through it, so you can imagine what I've been doing between taking out the Void Angel in here!

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Meat Robots Online (Angels of the Zariman) 

I am perhaps a little too happy that you can:

1) find stray Lunaro balls on the court
2) pick 'em up and throw them
3) get the goal to light up with a little fanfare if you manage to get the ball in there

Not 100% sure if the scoreboard updates with successful goals, I'd experiment more but there are some VERY RUDE CORPUS on this part of the ship...

Meat Robots Online 

Anyway, it's time to check on the crops before going feather-collecting again!

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Went to bed early(ish), woke up early (objectively), what's all THAT about?


🍕 Pizza buffet for lunch! 🍕

Not only are we actually AWAKE for it, we have today off, so many a slice (and steak fry, and fountain drink) was enjoyed. The Pizza Plus on Oddie was really on its game today!

Meat Robots Online 

After multiple months/years of heavy inactivity, Cid's starting his New War session tonight! I'm so excited for him!

(he was present for a lot of me playing my run and doesn't care much about spoilers, he knows about Most Of The Stuff, but he's still getting to PLAY it)

pet peeve 

I'm all for people who like to make celestial creatures INTENSELY strange-looking, but I've developed a real dislike for anyone who gets extremely persnickety about "ohhh if you want a Biblically-accurate angel they gotta be a scary nightmare thing ohhh be not afraid ohhh" and it's like...most angels in scripture are either not described or look like normal-to-pretty regular folks, please stop edgelording out because you're really mad at your grandma's figurine collection.

A new song from the HU? And it's not even a week old? Oo-de-lally!

There's some clips at the end from a horror flick that features their music, so be mindful of that if blood and such is a problem for you.

Today I learned about the giant pyrosome and I'm very happy about that.

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@Ferrovore tauren suck but I'll still look at their junk if I'm starved enough for content

but I won't have to like it, and that's in the constitution

"You gotta reeeaaally fuck up a minotaur for me not to want to look at it."

"Hello, Tauren."

[less enthused] "Yeah..."

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I documented some of my recent experiments in reverse-engineering the Print Gocco, a Japanese DIY printmaking tool from the 1970s. You can read about it here: #theWorkshop

FINALLY got those first-pass pages that'd been giving me trouble sketched up (I strongly suspect this fight scene will get really aggressively revised later on, but that's always easier if the page isn't blank), praise be.

I might start work on designing the comic logo next? I've got dialogue divvied up for the next few pages but I think I want to adjust the pacing a bit so it cleanly ends on page 84.

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Authors, your deadline is four weeks from today! If you haven't yet, please go to to sign up AND contact one of our artist volunteers to collaborate on getting your story illustrated!


Signups are now open for our June issue, Fit to be Tied. It's bound to be a sexy one, so why knot sign up?


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