A tricky thing with non-human heads in Second Life is that rigged hair not specifically made to match said head can be DIFFICULT to work with. I've had a surprising amount of luck with pairing this head with some of the hat hairs I own, but now I need to figure out what to put on top so she doesn't have to rock a questionable tonsure.

The current (temporary) solution is "a ginormous fancy hat with some of the foofaraw turned off."

Would you look at that, the horrible YouTube algorithm actually showed me something in which I'd want to partake:


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It is yet another day I find myself wondering why there is not a Medieval Times in Reno. The closest one is in Vegas! No!

Friends? They're shaped like FRIENDS to you?

I sincerely love how "Place your hand in this bowwwl of eyyyeballs!" (in reference to touching peeled grapes in a dark room, of course) has become a shorthand phrase for endearingly bad or ineffective horror themes.

(this is absolutely not an original joke, I'm just the most recent one to say it)

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I'm trying to keep to actual things he'd canonically own. He is, thankfully, quite the dandy, so I can have fun with patterns and colors as opposed to keeping everything black. Black is a fantastic color but I want to explore other menswear options through this dapper son of mine!

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My current list:

🎩 top hat
🎩 smoking hat (he doesn't smoke)
🎩 sleeping cap (with bobble)
🎩 hunting tricorn

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Okay, unofficial goal for today after work: draw Hugh in more hats! Also continue more practice pages of him, somehow it seems that drawing the same character over and over teaches you how to draw them better, I just don't understand it.

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MUD Dev! 

Today's goal: add a handler for non-air breathable substances in a room without asphyxiating myself and/or the entire rest of the playerbase.

Hugh's hair has been subtly bothering me so today is a day to just keep covering paper in attempts until something feels right. Gives me practice drawing his face from different angles, too! I think I've figured out how to more clearly communicate he has muttonchops, not JUST sideburns, without making his head pentagonal in the process.

His default expression is still somewhere along the lines of "<:J"

I slept in VERY late so I'm glad I decided to cancel my weekly Warframe-with-my-dad this time around. Save for some lingering arm soreness I seem to have been skipped over by the DEVASTATION that hit poor CH!

Fell down a Punch-Out!! hole today and came back realizing that GLASS JOE, of all the damned people, might've had more of an influence on Hugh's design than I realized. I swear I did not do this on purpose.

No, I'm not changing it, I think Glass Joe is halfway cute when he's not in the process of collecting a new concussion.

"Oh, Little Mac is only seventeen years old in the first [Punch-Out!!] game, he really should not be allowed to go and get punched by these adults..."

"Well, you see, boxing is corrupt."

Paradise Lost was basically the Smash Brothers of its era.

I will not be taking questions at this time.

Oh no, that cool-ass BeSpoke head I was waiting on finally released and my foolish ass spent JUST a hair too much on event-specific gacha machines to be able to afford it. Second Life is like a perpetual hubris machine for me sometimes.

But seriously, once my stipend comes in a time or two I have PLANS for this weird thing, plus some prosthetic arms I already own and an armored/robotic tail that hit the marketplace recently...


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