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Ferro @Ferrovore

@irisjaycomics Welcome to my nightmare (and I'm not about to say no to fanart, irreverent or otherwise, Lord knows I have at least one XW goof I want to draw once I finish this batch of illustrations).

Thank you to all my friends who endure the giant three-ring binder of character information I slam down any time someone is brave enough to offer to draw the svelter of my two green sons.


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ART TIME: did this piece as my long-overdue half of a trade with @Ferrovore, of her orc character Sarouth! Had a lot of fun with this one!

(Incidentally, if you're not familiar with who the heck this is: shousetsubangbang.com/wiki/ind … mmmmmmaybe you've got some reading to do)


Guess who got an aaart traaade~?

(I'll let them post it first and boost/copy links as appropriate, but it looks really dang cool)


- get gasoline
- call car place about scheduling a tune-up

Today's to-dos:

- breakfast
- leg day
- finish header/footer images
- maybe doodle a standalone pinup
- finish dock and promontory for island area

Well, I was eventually able to get a bit more rest, so that's something!

I hope I can get back to sleep because I am in just the meanest, most irritable mood right now.

Update: he managed to make six different iron blooms, one alarmingly large, from the red earth CH's character collected, which yielded a rather stonkingly large sum when sold. Now I can invest in bronze to make more salable goodies!

Poor @ComputerHusband is very patient with me when I gush about how nice his hair looks when it's (very briefly) down.

"It feels bad! I hate it!"

Work accomplished, spouse fetched. Now to log into my sex idiot and see if he has better luck with smelting today.

Okay, title card started (complete with some nice hand-lettering), time to relocate and begin work on beach rooms.

You'll be able to see the pretty pictures AND read the brand new story they're illustrating this coming Monday! Hype yourselves up a little, why don't you?

Time for a break for my hands, but not before I was able to fire off an illustration proof! These are some of the most elaborate pictures for prose I've done for others and I'm having fun with it.

@irisjaycomics I think it also heavily depends on the kind of game one wants to make. I'm generally actively alienated by most art games but I can appreciate their look from afar.

Today I am once again doing This Business, because why not? It looks great at repro size! mastodon.social/media/IxdqrDLK

@irisjaycomics I actually enjoy stuff like limited palettes, myself, but solely BECAUSE that concept of working within specific boundaries is pleasing to me, kind of like why I like working in black and white despite having art programs full of zillions of colors, some of which do not exist outside the RGB spectrum! This isn't to say I DISlike things that look more like Hollow Knight, Dust, or even earlier Guilty Gear games, but when people are shooting for a retro look and flub it, it sucks.

@irisjaycomics No yeah, I get this, it's one reason why any time I rummage around for a new indie RPG to play I tend to just feel incredibly tired.

That and I'm a snobby asshole about pixel graphics (namely that people are more likely than not to not understand how to work within limitations), which doesn't help. I have seen...SO many Final Fantasy/Megaman rips...