I somehow did SOMEthing to my shoulder/upper back when getting up today so I am grateful I have the opportunity to just sit here, absorb painkillers, and occasionally get a muscle rub from my sweetie whenever his hands aren't too sore themselves.

Saturday night* dance magic!

*I have not slept, ergo it is not yet Sunday for me

More extremely normal couples' things. Those kiseru were from Happy Dispatch and once you finagle the angles to work with your avatar they're really quite nice if you want an animated prop of that type; both our human and furry heads worked great with the Bento scripting!

Clickthrough for digital smoking.

Sometimes you just want to make your digital dollies make funny faces.

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[a thin, stretched voice whispering in the dark] decentralized social media is fundamentally different from centralized social media, in the sense that a forest of aspen trees is different from a single oak

Time for bed. I leave you all with what is basically hugh_wainwright.mp3:


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I am guaranteed to always be the person asking you THE most boring questions in your TMI Tuesday (or reasonable facsimile) thread. That's a Ferro guarantee!*


We are apparently unable to escape having GAPING PITS around our digital land, but at least I was able to make this side of things look kinda nice.

(here’s those cranes, Lord have mercy. I did not willingly select this palette)

Me, scrolling through the options on a coloring book app: "Oh, look, a nice picture of some Japanese cranes! I want to color the pretty cranes."

The app, chuckling as one finger of its monkey's paw curls inwards: "Good news, the person who assigned the colors to this one has NEVER SEEN A BIRD BEFORE and has colored everything pea green and salmon. Enjoy your cranes!"

It’s Early Meeting Day today so once again I am chilling out in the parking lot, thinking about Warframe gag comics I want to draw. I think I can get something out of my Tenno insisting on ninja-running, much to the confusion of the other three members of his squad.

Also maybe something about the importance of getting your frame power washed every so often?

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Sketching out a silly Warframe one-pager I've had in my head for a while, partially as a warm-up for the Christmas comic I'll be doing for @ComputerHusband! Both comics even feature the same character, technically, if you squint.

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@Ferrovore my favorite part of the movie is at the end when they all look into the camera and say "he really WAS a... Super Mario"

I don't know if it qualifies as a "good" movie because who knows what "good" means anymore, but it's absolutely not a horrible one, and it's certainly not boring. You're more likely to not enjoy it because it just doesn't do it for you (fair) than because of slipshod craftsmanship or bad acting. We miss you, Bob Hoskins!

It might look like a grim 'n gritty 'n serious approach but no, the movie is SUPER weird, there's details like a woman pushing a giant egg in a baby carriage (because she's a super-evolved dinosaur from an alternate dimension!) and someone who gets transformed into a sentient fungus (think "giant slime mold," not "Toad the cute li'l retainer").

Thanks to a friend on Twitter, I was reminded how the live-action Mario Brothers movie is...maybe not the movie anybody was expecting, but by no means the trash fire people like to claim it is. Go into it assuming it'll be a wackadoo AU, you'll have a good time!

I mean the art director for Blade Runner worked on it, c'mon.

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