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(if you're reading this, you probably don't do it, don't worry)

Is there a name for that feeling when you say a thing that can potentially be viewed as the first half of an overused but inoffensive call-and-response and you tense up thinking "don't don't don't don't don't" and then the other person says the thing and you're left in the lurch not wanting to say anything about it because it's harmless but PLEASE PLEASE STOP REHASHING THOSE JOKES?

Because I get that sometimes.

I finished that damn thing and it's in the hands of Jesus (read: my editors) now. I apologized in advance for not having it as beta-read and revised as usual but I needed to stop looking at it.

I absolutely left the "full space consequences" joke in there because it pleased me to do so.

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When they're eating her and you know they're going to start eating you

I really hope Cid is okay with me sticking a “Full Space Consequences” joke in this heartfelt final scene because he should know better than to shitpost at me on Discord when I’m writing a thing.

Y’all have NO IDEA how much ridiculous crap goes into my work that I try to make inconspicuous.

Star vs. the Forces of Evil (season 3) 

“Can you believe some people don’t like Princess Pony Head because of her [extremely obnoxious] voice?”

“Wow, how do these people manage being so wrong?”

I am over 13K and there's only one part left to go, PLUS I was able to tie my title (which I have wanted to use for months) into the story with reasonably few seams. This is getting finished tomorrow!

Current spouse status: cookin’ in the kitchen while dancing to “Anarchy in Bedrock.”

At 11.6K, the end is in sight, just two segments left to finish and both are already packed with story, hnnngh...

"Did you people seriously not have guides on how to do an action before?"

We did, and also most commands have their own helpfiles, but the formatting was outdated and potentially confusing to people who don't have 100% stellar English comprehension and That Would Not Stand.

This is the guiding principle behind a lot of my QOL improvements, really.

Results: got nicer formatting/updated information in helpfiles on how our syntax notation works, basic "how to tell an action what to do" parser stuff, and how interruptions work for longer-than-one-line activities. Now to write fiction!

Today's SUPER EXCITING MUD DEVELOPMENT NEWS: parser user-friendliness documentation!

I joke, but this IS important for people to have access to, which is why I'm doing it.

Something about this dude's hair and horns gets all squirrelly with the transparencies from certain angles, but I'm still very pleased with him. He exists almost entirely because I saw a neat-looking skin, I had spare lindens, and I wanted to make a brand new pretty baby.

He's an imp empowered by carelessness and negligence, which ironically means he's so good at his job he's bad at it.

Please assume he's moments away from making a surfer-style "whoa..." noise at all times.

Us cheerfully ruining the mood of some sincere emotional check-ins (short version: our household is doing okay at the moment and we're glad for it):

"I value your friendship."

"I value YOUR friendship."

"[Ferro], we're gals bein' pals!"

"What could be better than this?"

You know what I'd like to see? Modern takes on weird-ass RPG battle systems back when everyone in the PSX era was just throwing spaghetti at the wall. I actually super dug how Octopath Traveler's combat felt and I'm even satisfied with the utterly secondary combat in Patty and the Hungry God (which is a Kemco game extreeemely ported from mobile and I don't care 'cause it's a restaurant-running RPG with no microtransaction crap), so I'd love to see fresh eyes remix stuff like Chrono Cross's.

Reading an article while brainstorming story ideas and I want this person to sit down and think about why they keep using commas in the manner in which they do. I say this as a comma fiend, myself!

It's the written equivalent of a narrator who says "[character name]" and then pauses for like a whole half a second before going on with the rest of that sentence.

This is honestly why I prefer to batch-release my own work when I can, and why Marginalia will probably be monthly 12-page updates or something once I've got a buffer built up. Take some time, chew your food, it'll all be okay.

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