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"AuoooOOOWH. Meep meep. Mrep. Mrep-mrep."

Right now @ComputerHusband is testing his mic quality and it certainly is an experience to be around.

"Penguin Pete likes to skeet, so get on the point."

"Would you like some eggs? They're fresh from my body."

The little man has a Floridian experience.

Waking up and looking into the mysterious green bikes that have popped up all over town: they’re part of LimeBike (hence the color), a dockless bikeshare program. Apparently you rent them with an app?

Relating to something seen elsesite, I think one of my unofficial goals for writing smut tends to be “here are two characters who really enjoy one another’s company, frequently being cute as buttons in the process with lots of precious little relationship moments throughout, and also they ENTHUSIASTICALLY do the nasty.”

I don’t much care for stories that imply these are mutually exclusive.

Sleeping has helped me feel a little less terrible but I think I may need to cry to fully clear things.

It is time for arise on the the brave sad dogs/how Riaag dies* emotional rollercoaster mindscape.

* which I am not sharing here in case it changes over time

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@Ferrovore I remember that. I remember explicitly allowing Tampon because I knew it would piss that guy off.

CH makes some fun adventures to go on even if the act of DMing is a bit too much stress for his liking.

Also he's one of those DMs who will approve things...situationally.

Friend: "Hey, can I name my new runewarden Tampon?"

Cid: [eying the one guy in the group who is a No Fun Zone, takes things way too seriously when they don't go entirely his way, and who is honestly kind of a trash human] "Yes."

@ComputerHusband Why are you so bad at keeping clerics alive, why do you hate my fantasy boner in this manner?

Thanks to watching a Dark Souls 3 video with a big armored dude in it I was reminded of @ComputerHusband's warforged cleric of Hextor from way back in the day. Aside from having six arms (four of them were decorative) and a face that was more like a sneering classical statue, dude has the honor of being basically the only cleric my darling husband has EVER played in tabletop who didn't bite it nigh immediately.

Please, allergies, just leave me alone. I know the weather keeps changing. I can’t do anything about that and I CAN’T get sick every time it does, there’s so much inking to do...

What a wonderful turn of events!

Cid gave me a ridable racing snail he won from a gacha pull and I am SO very happy.


"With the help of the Reno Police Department and the Nevada Highway Patrol the goslings were escorted to safety."

- the kind of RPD news I want to hear

So CH's new glasses came in today and he let me take a look at how bad his old pair were (we're talking at least 6+ years of hard wearin') and oh no, oh NO, oh buddy I'm so sorry things were that way for you!

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Ended up spending that extra 30 getting most of this head refined, tomorrow I can finish up that mouth. Progress!

The eyes will look way less eerie once I add a specular highlight to them, please do not assume this character has Husky Stare.

Okay, rest has been had. I am allowed to do 30 more minutes of focused work today! See y'all after that!

Meanwhile @albedo is being a perfect shoulder devil and encouraging me to look into making some D&D monster stickers or something as a side project, and I'm just stroking my chin thoughtfully.