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Ferro @Ferrovore@mastodon.social

[following a brief duet as CH drinks some sinus medicine from the bottle]

"Why are we singing the Leisure Suit Larry theme?"

"'cause it's the medicine-taking song."

Please enjoy one of the more recent offerings from a circa 1994 Corel clip art CD. I don't know why I like this one so much.

Original: twitter.com/Clipart1994bot/sta

Us originally: "Oh hey we can see how pricey BLFC rooms will be next year, maybe we can stay in the hotel this time!"

BLFC's price estimates: "Cheapest it gets it $137/night for five nights, boss."

Us now: "...gee isn't it nice we live within a quick drive of the con hotel!"

Sarouth's sleeve is going to be solid black, I just scribbled it in so I don't forget.

Finished the other’n’s prelims. Whew! I might sketch more pics later but OOF, these take me some time.

Click if you don’t mind “art spoilers.”

And there’s Riaag taken care of for now. Scale at an angle kiiinda sucks...

Clickthrough since it’s a major illustration for my story!

Another one down. Divider next, then the lads.

Gonna tape some art to some cardboard or something and start my prelims!

Deep (2017) Show more

Four transfers down, now to make and transfer my divider.

This CGI fish movie is kind of ehhh so far, but I appreciate the ridiculous Romanian accent and implausible fangs on this vampire squid.

Hmmm, Discord feels like it's having some different notification behavior since it updated today, that's annoying.

Also without trying to make a sexual criminal lovable so when the reveal appears it isn't tainted with the stink of "oh, but see, he's not so bad!" THAT WAS A BAD LOOK, MIEVILLE

I guess my goal with most of my fantasy writing is to make something as engaging as Perdido Street Station without the plot breaking down in the final act and avoiding a pointless downer ending because Bad, Pointless Ends Are For Big Kids And We're All The Biggest Kids Here.

I have 9 playing in the background and I was not expecting this movie to get into "alchemical homunculi" territory.

Header is fully transferred and lettered. Now for the footer.

Cautiously, carefully, the border is getting penciled onto its forever home. I know it'll get organic as I ink it but I want to start as crisply as I can.

Time to cut some Bristol!

Got two of these tightened up and ready for transfer (barring redrawing the frames, possibly), on to more of this sort of thing.

Okay, time to queue up something on Netflix and get working!