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Ferro @Ferrovore

Ideally I'll have this sucker inked by the end of August. Due date's in September but I can definitely beat THAT deadline.

TOMORROW: more kerjiggering of pages/panels, since I have at least one full page to add and more rereads to do to find places that don't flow so great. I feel really good about making this story more interesting and am excited for where any subsequent repencils for The Thing in the Ceiling will go as a result!

The problem with starting off a comic with a character getting IMPRESSIVELY self-owned is making sure the reader knows that no, really, they're good at this, they just made a mistake early on.

Achievement unlocked: stuck a Wind Waker toucan-wizzrobe mask in the background of a panel as a war trophy. I'll need to make sure it's suitably messed the hell up when I ink this.

Man but I feel more productive when my work hours are around 4-12:30 midnight, also I can actually SEE AND TALK TO PEOPLE.

So! The hellish night shift schedule that I hate so very much and am still not entirely used to? It's going away and we're getting swing hours back come Monday! That was QUITE A BIT FASTER than either of us expected!

Today we witnessed the doucheberry in its natural habitat of "harassing a post office worker who very likely does not give more than half a shit." What all we overheard was him assuming general delivery worked differently in the city of Reno, despite the person whose actual job is postage telling him otherwise, and wow but he just could not be swayed. "It says here on your website..."

As for the illustration, it's likely going to be one of my characteristic "zoom shot of a big pile of thematically appropriate crap" panels. That or maybe a shot of a spooky wizard tower?

New dialog lookin' pretty good. Please ignore the dick-shaped spot in the un-drawn-in space, that's left over from an earlier layer. mastodon.social/media/LwMqQKMu

While the colors are a bit more contrasting on my tablet, it's a bit easier to tell the difference between what's him being hirsute and what's actual scarring here. He's got a lot of them on his arms and back.

So hey, I put color on this. I also practiced some shading and highlights on additional layers but didn't like the results as much as I'd like, so here's the flats that I DO rather enjoy instead.

NSFW; Click on through if you, too, are interested in seeing a fat hairy guy with his junk just casually out. mastodon.social/media/ECuJD9u8

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Figuring out what all I'm working on today. Likely candidates are scanning and coloring an older pinup of Riaag, followed by working on revising my S2B2 comic. Might start inking the latter later this week if all goes well!

Also on the docket: nap, shower, eating one of the fresh chocolate chip bagels we got from the Winco bakery.

@itsnero I had NEVER HEARD OF IT until BLFC so when this popped up on my dash I had a discombobulating "wait. waaaiiit a second" moment.

"I regret to inform you that what you thought was a cute dating sim with a fat main character is brought to you by Milkshake Duck." My info's only secondhand so I don't want to dunk on stuff without being able to back it up!

The despair of waffling over whether you be the Bearer of Bad News re: a Kickstarter a friend of yours is excited about that's apparently run by a real stink of a human being...

Welcome to my Mastodon, where the paragraphs just don't stop!

I'm the kind of person who loves trying to recreate my own characters in video/tabletop games. I'm also the kind of person who sometimes takes angles approached in said adaptations and applies them back to the original; for example, Win's weird obsession with ghosts and aliens is from Sims 2, while Helen's entire "invisible and intangible at the beginning" schtick is from a Mage: the Awakening version of Mitch (as a Mastigos Silver Ladder who was a TREMENDOUS buttmunch, of course).

It's fun!

Also, if memory serves, he grew a nickname primarily because it's pretty rough typing "Egwyre." This isn't the in-world reason (it's derived from "Padre Platypus," which is a weird nickname in and of itself), but it's just as valid.

I think I gave it to him when I made him in Sims 2 when I was first visiting @ComputerHusband back before we were married. Man but I played so much Sims 2 when we were dating.

Here's a little note about Brother "Pip" Egwyre from earlier: yes, that's a cassock he's wearing, yes, it's intentionally meant to resemble a Catholic priest's vestments, yes, he's actually ordained in his faith, no, nobody has a problem with him openly dating another guy (or anyone else).

This is the sort of thing we're trying to push as just an everyday kind of detail in Varkhilm and it definitely hasn't happened overnight. Our rough drafts were pretty gnarly in places!

I'm...going to try and sleep. Will I be able to? Gosh I hope so, we need to leave for work early (10:30) tonight.