It's a lovely Sunday and I woke up early so I am going to plug my stuff again, partially because I'm quite happy with what I've made and partially because without the like-it hearts we are languishing without feedback. @s2b2 runs on the joy of creation, and some of that comes from people enjoying our creations!

The whole issue:

Just the bit I did (but you REALLY should consider reading the issue in order, these things are purposefully curated):

Out of nowhere I was reminded of Infinite Undiscovery, a TWO-DISC XBOX 360 GAME I actually own. I think I got kinda far in it, too, then I hit that lengthy-RPG problem of "there was an obstacle I couldn't beat so I put it down and oops, never picked it back up."

But really the only thing you need to know about it is this scene, at the timestamp.

Cid: "Need to go on a fun brain adventure? Imagine a British person saying 'Mucha Lucha.'"

Me: [horrified wailing]

Now that I'm more fully awake, I'm trying to figure out if the Mucha Lucha theme existed as a standalone song before the series was created, or if we really did just hear it on the radio the other day Because Why Not.

Yesterday I discovered that my ancient Minecraft account still exists and uses my current handle (it was apparently created on my birthday in 2011 so I had JUST started using this nickname). Was legit stunned it hadn’t been hacked into oblivion! The skin it loaded up for me is a nightmare but at least that can be fixed.

Anyway, Cid and I are having a nice time fartin’ around with cubes while exploring the nether. The new biomes are very pretty!

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Fittingly, it's because of Roger Ebert. He was the film critic in our paper, and over time I grew to know I could generally trust him with super hero, kung-fu and action movies, but for comedy our sensibilities don't meet up as often as would be useful. So I had to find another critic for that, or use word of mouth.

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So this is something I realized when I was like 12 - when dealing with any sort of criticism, you have to GET TO KNOW the critics that agree with you and on what - that's the thing about subjective writing - there's a certain amount of work you're expected to do.
And the people who treat critics as journalists will never get this, mysteriously.

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"Centipede Gold, hen-SHIN!"

"No, get outta here."

"Yeast is little chicken critters." - 100% true facts from the couch today

Hulu's newest way to curse us for a thousand years would be the freakin' bass-thumpin' tune that the new Pampers Pull-Ups ads use. We've dubbed said music "Baby Trap" in an attempt to name this genre that causes us psychic damage every time it plays again.

RLB: That's the one I wrote! There's explicit M/M pornography in it, so click thoughtfully if that might be troublesome for you.

(I'd really like folks to read all my work, though!)

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How the Other Halves Live, by Iron Eater - “May the sea and the sky, the light and the dark, and all things between the seasons witness it: I declare you, O Great King of Devils, and you, O Champion of Light, to be wed...

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@Ferrovore oh yeah, I had heard about this and pretty much everybody was "hey, nice, I don't have to metaphorically put white-out over that part of the monster manual anymore" with only the bad faithiest/chuddiest people having takes to the contrary.

It's a small change, but it's literally any kind of change at all.

(the fact that they're going to be expanding the Vistani via ACTUAL ROMANI INPUT is equally rad to me, since Ravenloft is a great setting and people deserve to be able to experience it without slamming into stereotypes for days)

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Oh hey, about time.

I'm cool with evil cultures/orgs and I'm even cool with species having baked-in brain chemistry stuff that makes them think or behave DIFFERENTLY by default (insert some comment about how the Rhoanish act with/against natural urges here), but if you get a set alignment before you can even roll over unassisted that's weird.

It's a day ending in Y so of course I'm going off about the inherent racism/laziness of a lot of genre fic, you are welcome to set your clocks by this if needed.

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I said it once, I'll say it again: if the only way you can envision humanity in speculative/genre fiction is as a bunch of WASPy looking twerps (maybe cosplaying, maybe not), the problem is not with humanity.

Even if you envision those WASPy twerps as queer, if they're still the only way you depict human characters, that's a problem. Even MORE so if you have non-human characters! I'd argue especially so, since if you aren't writing Black roles because "there's furries" that also sucks!

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