asking for help, mention of abusive relationship 

a friend in Berlin is moving out of an abusive relationship and asking for help with her new apartment. relaying her request for help.

"In case you happen to have an existing household in Berlin dissolving at the moment or so and don’t know how to get rid of things: I might be interested in a lot of (kids-safe) stuff from kitchen furniture with machines, pots, cutlery, to kids’ tables and chairs and beds to wardrobes, boxes and different [...] 1/2

I need BSD audio software to allow me to record tracks in parallel - like play the whistle and then listen to that on headphones while I record a violin track to go with it. Does such a thing exist?

Rassismus, Polizeigewalt 

PS: Bei der Polizei Dessau gibt es noch so viel mehr als Oury Jalloh... was ein tiefes, widerliches Loch:

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🐱 I can haz #Etherpad for Lists? Yes!

Somewhere sometime during #rc3 I stumbled upon

Looks pretty nifty. You can easily create all sorts of #lists (shopping/to-do/play-), meeting agendas, polls, maps-with-lists-of-places and even display them projector-friendly. No sign-up, no bullshit! 👍

#webapp #floss #list #selfhosted #gtd #collaboration #KeyboardManiac #UseMoarLists #LateToTheParty?

Because diversity matters, after github and gitlab the src and doc tree has now an official mirror on @codeberg
powered by gitea :

One of these days where you could just set everything on fire and walk away.

Let’s get an idea about GnuPG/PGP. I’d appreciate boosts and replies.


Rare photo of mother wrench feeding her hatchlings in the wild. Breathtaking

Hello folks,

It's early in the morning in Paris (France) area.

I just have published a new blog post about upgrade BIOS/UEFI with #FreeBSD but should work with any *BSD family OS,

Retoot are welcome

Stumbled over a broken package in the geopandas dependencies.

Updated version of the depenceny from pip worked, so i tried doing a minimal effort update of the port which worked too and contacted the port maintainer who answered literally within the minute and is now fixing the issue upstream.

This kind of thing keeps happening to me and is something I haven't encountered with any other OS ever.

Passionate maintainers like that are much of why I'm sticking to FreeBSD these days.

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