FOSS is free as in toilet

Excellent statement, absolutely true

my company (MNT) is looking for office/production space in berlin, around 50sqm. preferably kreuzberg or mitte. we’ll be working on open (libre) hardware and software with a team of three. if you hear sth, please write to 🙏

When will these two get their story told on the silver screen? WAKE UP WARNER BROS!

Last time I was at the zoo, I saw an enclosure that just contained baguettes, sourdough loaves, even some pain au chocolat. I asked a passing zookeeper why they were in there. "Well, we have to keep them there. Wouldn't be safe for them otherwise. They're Show more

roses are red
violets are blue
use python 3
not python 2

"Hm, hotel breakfast seems a bit expensive. Fuck it, let's try anyway" and it was pretty decent and the kid didn't have to pay. What a nice surprise. As much as I like kimchi, kimchi soup for breakfast isn't quite my thing.

my body is an engine that converts energy into mistakes

A pack of tax attorneys discussing tax evasion techniques and elephant hunting. Then going on complaining about this super unbalanced article on KPMG.

Group of Christians singing at our departure gate. Maybe I should find faith and be as happy (and awake!) as they seem to be. But then not bother people with it.

You know your flight is too early when you took your to-be-checked baggage to airport security and the reason you realize is the entrance gate is too tight for your bag.

take me down to parallax city where the back moves slow and the front moves quickly

We are currently planning our @acmelabs assembly at #35c3 and are thinking about featuring the #BSD assembly (because it sadly didn't happen last year). Anyone interested? #FreeBSD #OpenBSD #NetBSD #DragonflyBSD #HardenedBSD /cc @FiLiS

"Just stay in bed, dad. I'll fetch you breakfast and coffee" <3 Is it greedy to also wish for a foot massage? ;)

A song rhyming "TV set" with "cigarette" is going to need some explaining in a few years…

We have a contact form and a fax number. I think we have received 100% spam thru those channels in the last 2 years.

My step mom told me when she was a child, her father told her the ice cream truck plays music when its out of ice cream so kids knew not to come running. She would see an ice cream truck and get excited and then hear the music and sulk back into the house.

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