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A brief for the of former users:
I'm Filip, online better known as or FiX

Current interests:
· ( in particular) and various other / topics such as the .
· and
· and casual
· and other content
· novels.
· Drinking interesting , beer in particular.

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@FiXato Yeah I remember a post by someone who used a different template for cleaner HTML. Oh, here it is!

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@FiXato You can simplify that a bit by making the whole footnote syntax a variable, though that doesn't do much for the problem of defining the footnote before the text it's annotating :/

:fn1: See as an example

The closest I've found so far is defining the footnote text in a variable.footnote:fn1[{fn1}], but that means it needs to be defined *before* the actual reference to the footnote, and having my footnote texts at the top also feels wrong...

The verbosity of the .footnote:id[footnote text] format also feels way too verbose.

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Anyone here know if there's a way to make support style footnotes[^¹], as I'm not that fond of in-line footnotes?

I mean, the whole thing about *foot*notes to me is that their content is at the bottom, so they don't distract from the text I'm currently reading.
Sure, this is the case in the output with 's inline , but not in its source.

(pinging @ljwrites)

[^¹]: see for an example

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Right, @Siiw is taking for a walk, so I have some time to myself to blast music (currently listening to ), while working on that to conversion.
Should probably also look into how well this library integrates with .

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We're on a journey to forever 

❝Dreams eternal, in a wondrous world without walls
We are Forever, wondering what the future holds❞
-- - ,

but that'll be for another day, as my mind is kinda fried right now.
Time for a couple of rounds of while listening to 's album. :)

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Though I'll probably tweak it a bit more with my own custom block processor.
For one, I'd rather have the block called 'CW' or 'ContentWarning' rather than 'collapsible', as it's more descriptive.
Aside from that, since it's a content warning, I kinda want to load the actual contents from a separate include file. That way the source files can more easily be read without being subjected to content you'd rather avoid.

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, or rather indeed looks like it'll be more suitable for my personal blog plans as it's more versatile, so I think I'll try to convert the (unpublished) posts I'd already written in , to tomorrow.

I especially like how I can use the [%collapsible] block for content-warnings, which in output will get replaced by summary/details tags, without actually having to include those tags manually in my Markdown document.

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Our IT sends me a link to an intranet service. My browser complains, because TLS 1.0

I ask IT to deploy proper certificates.

IT sends me screenshots how to enable TLS1.0 in IE.

I'm crying.
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I've updated the firmware on my #MSX GR8NET. As this is always a bit of delicate process, I've written something down on my blog. Hopefully it helps someone.

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The issue goes something like this:

when you force someone to unfollow you (in your followers list on the settings page), a message is sent to that person's instance. But for a good while now this message hasn't been interpreted correctly, so the remote instance continues to think that this user is following you. So if your (followers-only) message is sent to this remote instance (i.e. because someone else follows you there), it will also be shown to the person that you made unfollow.

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So there's a bug related to "followers only" toots:

- a post that's "followers only" can be seen by people who don't follow you as of now
- it's a known bug, there's a fix coming
- I'll post an Announcement when the instance is up to date
- the problem is on the receiving side so it won't be fully fixed until other instances are up to date
- even once the fix is deployed everwhere, all the issues still won't be entirely corrected.

Pun: what's a pyromaniac's favourite marketing campaign? 

A firesale. 😅

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So you need to be careful with those adapters so you don't mix brands of mouse and adapter or use the adapter on a non-RS-232-capable PS/2 mouse, because you might fry your mouse.
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> So the first thing you need to know about these adapters is that they do not convert the PS/2 mouse protocol to a serial mouse protocol. That is 100% not what they do. That would not be possible in that form factor, at the time.

> So they're not PS/2 to Serial converters.
> Instead they're physical adapters, which signal the mouse itself to change how it communicates with the PC.
> Basically, the mouse can speak either PS/2 or Serial, and it just makes sure it speaks the right protocol to the right connector…
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I keep hearing “my success wasn’t luck, I worked hard for it!” and I just wonder if people genuinely think those are mutually exclusive?

If you’re INCREDIBLY lucky, you might not need to work hard. But most people need a good bit of luck and have to work hard to take advantage of it in order to succeed at something

And bad luck can mean you work very hard but never realize success

I genuinely feel “not being aware of how luck contributes to success” is one of the primary signs of unexamined privilege


Made some with red for today. :)

Enjoying mine with the last of the I sourced from a surprise supply at a local shop, and kinda regretting not buying more bottles of it when I had the chance...

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