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@kelbot my all-time favourite / are probably the , and though, as that's what I have the most games for. Especially the first two, as I grew up with those systems.
The was a big part of my early childhood. While it may not be the most well-known system/standard internationally, I used it not just for , but also for writing and printing my elementary school reports on, doodling and messing with music.

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A brief for the of former users:
I'm Filip, online better known as or FiX

Current interests:
· ( in particular) and various other / topics such as the .
· and
· and casual
· and other content
· novels.
· Drinking interesting , beer in particular.

#introductions #demoscene hi there! this is the mastodon presence for the #demoparty Field-FX. Follow us for news about the party in a field at #emfcamp, as well as demoshows and demoscene news.

More soon!

Maintenance on, so I logged back into my alt for a change. :)

I think I actually spotted a couple of posts I hadn't seen on my main.

New to Mastodon. Better get some practice in to get up to that 500 character limit!

I still regularly whistle tunes from #c64 and #msx games from the 80s. Who else does this? Maze of Galious is one of my favourites.

About my name 


Hello, my name is FiXato.
It started as a handle, or more accurately as a moniker under which I would produce (online) content. As it's become part of my identity over time, I've come to regard it as my name, rather than a nickname though.
In mixed offline and online contexts, or where applicable, I might sign with a combination of my wallet names and online names ¹. While my wallet names are easily found online, I want to be addressed online by my online name, FiXato.

Shortened form(s)

People who've interacted with me for a while and who are looking to shorten the name, are free to refer to me as 'FiX'. Just 'F' is fine too, though my preference goes to 'FiX'.


The odd capitalisation of the name is a stylistic choice, which originates from early logo sketches ², where the X would act as an encapsulating centre glyph.
While the X in my name is capitalised, it does not affect the pronunciation of my name, or indicate the start of the next emphasis.


The closest approximation to my name's pronunciation I've been able to come up with using the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA), is: /fɪks'ɑto/.
If I had to write it phonetically, I'd probably describe it as fix-ah-toh ³ (or fix-ah-tow?).
This would be the preferred pronunciation, though I'm also okay with a more American pronunciation, similar to /fɪkseɪ'to/.
I guess it's similar to how 'tomato' sounds differently between British (/təˈmɑː.təʊ/) and American (/təˈmeɪ.t̬oʊ/) English.

The shortened form would simply be pronounced as 'fix'. (Though still written with its F and X capitalised: 'FiX'.)
IPA: /fɪks/

I'll update this post with a link to audio files when I have a moment to record them properly.


¹ The combination of wallet names and online name usually is in the following form: my meatspace ⁴ first name, followed by the initials of my meatspace second and third name, followed by "FiXato" (including double quotes), followed by my meatspace surname.
I.e. $firstName $initial1. $initial2. "FiXato" $lastName.

² In the earliest sketches and name choices it was actually 'FiXations', but the balance felt off, and it was already a rather well-used name as well as common English word, which would make searching for content produced under that name rather difficult, so I decided on "FiXato" instead. Of course I later discovered that 'fixato' is also an Italian verb, and that search engines later on decided that it must be a typo (even when explicitly capitalised) of 'fixator', which is a medical device...

³ no, not 'fix a toe'; the 'ato'-part is more a single syllable, and not as separate from the 'fix' part either.

⁴ Meatspace: a term to distinguish the offline from the online life. Meatspace is the aspect of the world where we interact physically. When it comes to my #meatspace name, I might also use the term 'wallet name' instead; i.e. the name that's on the cards and such that are in one's wallet.
No, I don't consider 'in real life' a good alternative to indicate the offline interactions. It has the negative connotation that our online communications are not actually part of the real life, while it merely is just another means of communication.


#name #handle #WhatsInAName #HelloMyNameIs #moniker #pseudonym #NomDePlume #penName #pronunciation

manually boosting a toot of mine found through instance timeline search in Fedilab does seem to work

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Following the '1 cup' recipe I used last time, I'm trying to make another #sodaBread.
Dough still seems a bit too wet, so I might need to add some more flour, but for now I'll let it rest a bit and will see how it is after dinner.

Not quite sure yet if I want to go for a regular 'boule' loaf, biscuits, or add some apple slices and turn it more into a fruit-loaf.

#food #recipe #breadPosting #bread #buttermilkBiscuits

Hmm, seems my posts from my main account,, currently aren't getting through.
So, if you haven't seen me active for a bit, don't worry, I'm okay. :)
(And I suspect you might eventually see a sudden stream of posts from my main account again.)

Do you use Universal Game Cases to store your Cartridges? Do you hate that they do not fit properly and keep jostling inside? Just print two of these, fit them to the internal supports and you will have a perfect fit! Free on Thingiverse:

A question to the #retrocomputing community:

#MSX was never really popular in Germany so I more or less completely ignored it. Now I read a little about it and find it an interesting concept. Instead of buying a real system from back of the days and take it away from a real collector I am thinking about building a new one like this:

Is it a good design or should I pick another one? I prefer "real" hardware, not #FPGA. I played around with emulators first, of course.

EXPS/2 Keyboard Adapter Translates PS/2 and USB to MSX

Say what you will about suitcase computers, but at least most of them still have their keyboards with them. [danjovic] has this vintage Brazilian computer from the 1980s called a Gradiente Expert. These were MSX machines with Z80 chips that ran BASIC, DOS, and CP/M, and they looked like state-of-the-art dual-deck stereo systems. You can still find them pretty easily, but sadly, most of them have lost their rad mechanical keyboard with its giant arrow keys and proprietary connector.

If you now want to get one of these awesome pieces of computing history and would like to be able to talk to it, [danjovic] has you covered with the open-source EXPS/2 keyboard adapter. It will allow you to connect either a PS/2 keyboard or a USB keyboard in fallback mode to the Expert using an ATMega328P and a bespoke DIN-13 to DB-13 cable. As it turns out, there's a wealth of information on MSX keyboard matrices out there.

How much do you know about the USB keyboard interface? If you want a warehouse of information delivered to your brain in the most pleasant way possible, go watch [Ben Eater] break it down with pen and paper.

#mischacks #retrocomputing #externalkeyboard #gradienteexpert #keyboard #msx #ps2

Not something one'd expect to find on their desk at work, but apparently there's some ancient stuff stored in the storage sheds at my job. :D

They were cleaning out, and because 'it is techy' naturally it has to be 'dumped at the IT office'. Lucky me! I'm so taking those things home with me! :D
#Retro #Vintage #MSX

Is anyone here interested in a free journeyman account at, paid up for the next 11mo?

I bought a year subscription when I was comparing campaign mgmt software and realized it wasn't for me after a few days. I asked for a (pro-rated) refund but they declined 🤷

It's easy though to change the username and email, so I can give it to someone else who might use it. This wouldn't work for someone with an existing account, but maybe someone out there wants it but didn't want to pay?

Golden autumn view on Trøndelag in water colours

Today's painting involves a view @Siiw painted several years ago somewhere in #Trøndelag, #Norway. Her water colour painting has been hanging on the wall her for several years, and as such is a familiar sight for me.

I started by painting a similar sky and mountain-side, but when it came to the trees I kind of wanted to put some foliage techniques I'd been watching, to use, so I decided to make it an earlier autumn setting instead, as her trees were mostly bare. Also added a bit more yellow to part of the sky (though perhaps a tad too much).

Certainly had fun drawing this water colour painting!

#FiXatoPaints #FiXatoCreative #painting #waterColours #waterColors #waterColourPainting #waterColorStudy #autumn #fall #dailyPhoto #paint #DescribedMedia #ImageDescriptions

Water colours on budget acid-free watercolour paper

Bought a pad of #budget #watercolours paper from #SøstreneGrene yesterday, so tonight I wanted to try it out.
It's 20 sheets of #A5 230 grams acid-free paper, with a 100% #FSC (#ForestStewardshipCouncil) label, so I'm guessing this is wood paper, and not cotton, but at 32,90 NOK (2,80 EUR / 2,86 GBP) I guess that was to be expected. It has a nice texture to it; not too strong, but just enough.
Didn't curl much while on the pad, though now that the individual sheets are drying on the desk, the wettest one has some curling at the top and bottom; might want to leave it on the pad for longer, or use paper clamps.

Water and colour perhaps didn't spread as evenly as I'd liked, but that could also still be my lacking skills.

All in all, I'm quite satisfied with the results, and thus the paper; at least at its price while I'm still experimenting. Means I can keep the higher quality paper for when I'm more seasoned.

#DailyPhoto #FiXatoCreative #painting #waterColour #WaterColourPainting #FiXatoPaints #WaterColorStudy #pansies #Florespondence #FloralFriday #flowers #SøstreneGrenes #Handelskompagnie #Nordic #ArtSupplies #waterColourPaper #budgetPainting

Oh dear.

"We need your help to solve this mystery.

Please send any reports of sick or dead frogs (and if possible, photos) to us, via the national citizen science project FrogID, or email ."

#Frogs #Australia #Environment


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