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A brief for the of former users:
I'm Filip, online better known as or FiX

Current interests:
· ( in particular) and various other / topics such as the .
· and
· and casual
· and other content
· novels.
· Drinking interesting , beer in particular.

@Morn when are you going home again for your mother's birthday?

Still not sure if this log of is just happy, or grinning evilly.
There were quite some logs out here; it smelled like the wood section of a DIY store.

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Do you think a page or two with a fictional script of an example #RPG session with the GM and one player doing basic gameplay would be a helpful/worthwhile inclusion in a core rule book? Would two pages be too much? Or one page not enough?

Boosts welcome!

#opinionsPlease #help #advice #question

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This week's #cliAppOfTheWeek—which we're getting in *just* under the wire for the week—is #bat, the `cat` replacement with syntax highlighting, git integration, (optional) line numbers, and more.

See below for a cat/bat comparison (showing a bit of the #mastodon's code). And if you don't like those colors, don't worry—bat lets you select a different color scheme or customize your own (along with pretty much any other config option you might want).

#rust #rustLang #cli

Good thing I've left my on for the past few months after it had spontaneously cracked in the top-right corner.
My phone just fell to the ground, face-down, onto sharp pebbles and rocks.
I heard a loud shattering of glass, so I feared the worst, but fortunately it was just the screenprotector that became completely useless, rather than my actual screen.
Just a small dent in the wallet-case; not a scratch on the !

StarTrek Discovery Finale, spoilers Show more

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This is species tulip: Tulip Humilus Eastern Star. It's the last of the species tulips (meaning, closest to the wildest ones) flowering in my garden this year. Great colour, and loved by the bees.

#Plants #Florespondence #DailyPerennial

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Someone ( made a whole GameBoy dev studio for making topdown 2D RPG-style games
Like, as in, it literally exports to a gameboy rom

additionally, they had 3 lists of things to get, one for must-haves, one for should-haves and one for nice-to-haves. So, of course they send each of the three teams to work on one of those lists, because that's how you ensure you first get your must-haves before your nice-to-haves, right? 🤔😔

I'm sure I've mentioned this before, but it's something that really grinds my gears... when someone on a series or film says "could you come down here, there's something you should see", especially when it's something important that could also be shared verbally.
Like on this episode, where Garak tells O'Brien to come over. The viewer already knows it's because Garak found an empty stasis pod. Why not just tell O'Brien you've found activated empty stasis pods? Why him?

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Look how happy red-face is today. It's because @iLkKke (twitter) and I got bronze with Quartet in the MSXDev'18 compo! Hurray for us!

And hurray for all the other devs, judges, organization and players! Really good to see such a lively community around #MSX still today. Thanks all!

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