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*Blinked out of existence*

Β«Dear Doctor,
be careful where you creep
because it looks like your end might be near,
for two of the enemies you fear,
seem to have mated
and this is what they've created.
In silence we shall forever weep.Β»

A written by me over 6 years ago, inspired by 's piece "I've forgotten why I shouldn't blink" depicting a with the face of one of :Β

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A brief for the of former users:
I'm Filip, online better known as or FiX

Current interests:
Β· ( in particular) and various other / topics such as the .
Β· and
Β· and casual
Β· and other content
Β· novels.
Β· Drinking interesting , beer in particular.

Remember when Windows Vista was the laughing stock for the whole "Cancel or Allow" security debacle?

Apparently "notarized apps" on Catalina are going to make this evergreen.

#macintosh #apple #catalina

Borrowing an #X100F to try out from a guy I know, as he's too busy to use it at the moment. I got home and walked outside, and the cats were milling around so took some quick shots in Aperture Priority - because I have no idea how to work it yet...

I'm already super impressed with this thing, and I've used it for about 3 minutes.

Fujifilm X100F, 1/300, f/2, ISO400, internal ND on. Classic Chrome film sim preset.
#photography #apsc #fujifilm #X100 #cat #CatsOfMastodon

food, bread with scrambled eggs and melted cheese 

If a player here ever sees me in their ranking, please take a screenshot and let me know; I'm curious if the driver/kite/kart combination is actually one I have used, and if I were playing around the same time. :)

Β«We kindly ask you to understand we cannot provide any information other than the one we published.Β»

In other words, we can't confirm you are actually driving against , rather than the real people whose usernames we use for them in the rankings. ;)

I don't mind driving against bots, but I wish they were open about it…

With a very fine black pen (005 or 003), cracks drawn with a very light touch for naturally wobbly lines, then darken the splits and joins for depth ^.^ #MastoArt

The first two are backwards, but: 1, define white areas; 2, lightly define colour areas; 3, thicker solid colour laydown with pencil blending; 4, smudge stick and/or finger blending. Prismacolor Premier pencils :) #mastoart
Still one finishing touch to do on the gemstone...

@lj_writes I think of footnotes as something to use when there are differences in your audience.

E.g. you expect the majority of readers to understand the concept you refer to, but don't want to leave out the un-initiated.

This is also the case for using footnotes for citations in papers. The majority of readers won't want to look up the source - but those who do should still have the option.

If it's something you expect everyone to read - don't put it in a footnote.

I think I did pretty well in the of .
Opened up all the gift packages (and before my free 'gold ticket' subscription trial ended) and 5β˜… completed all tracks except for the last 3. I do feel that the difficulty to complete tracks is rather unbalanced. On the last tracks you seem to need a maxed-out 3 slot driver.
Managed 1st place in Tier 7 Weekly Rankings.

I have some colleagues in #twBCN who just have the most beautiful custom #keyboard setup.

Whoever turned me on to Hacker Public Radio, thank-you.

Are there other automated collaborative podcasts that run this way?

New render using my messy retro table stuff. Composition, colours, models, they all feel off somehow. But what the hell, here it is anyway ;-) #msx #b3d

Okay, I'm gonna go ahead and do a giveaway since I hit 500 followers and that's pretty cool.

If you are following me, reply to this toot for the chance to recieve a handwritten microfiction in the post, which YOU will create the prompt for.

Your reply should be a microfiction prompt that is either an image or 5 words or less (must be SFW) and on Tuesday 29th I will randomly select a winner!

I know it's not very big but hopefully it's still exciting. ^_^

#microfiction #giveaway :boost_ok:

Bad idea of the day: every year representatives get together & choose which properties are most culturally influential, & then they are placed in the public domain

I want to do some ... but it's already way too late...

Maybe tomorrow. Now I'll unwind with a non-alcoholic malt , and an episode of something on .

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