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A brief for the of former users:
I'm Filip, online better known as or FiX

Current interests:
· ( in particular) and various other / topics such as the .
· and
· and casual
· and other content
· novels.
· Drinking interesting , beer in particular.

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OCR Output (chars: 766) 

Tim Krabbé, 1972

Mate in 3

Amore sophisticated example was composed by Tim Krabbé and relied on a loophole that
existed in the definition of castling. In the diagram, White must mate in three moves. The
solution begins 1. e7, then the main variations are:

= 1... Kd3 2. e8=Q gxf3 (other moves allow Qe2#) 3. 0-0-0#

= 1... Kxf3 2. e8=R! (an underpromotion), and now:

= 2... 4 3. 0-O#

= 2... Kg2 3. 0-0-0-0#!

In the last variation, White castles with his newly promoted rook, moving his king to e3 and
the rook to e2. Under the rules of chess at the time, this move was arguably legal because
the rook had not moved yet. Afterward, FIDE amended the rules to require that the castling
rook must occupy the same rank as the king.

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@HTHR I raise you "white pawn promoted to black knight". It may not be as cool but it's notable

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Everyone knows Atari's first arcade game was "Pong".

Here is a fun article about their second game :

"Atari Gotcha : The Boob Game"

pun: when only your left ear is ringing, you could say you're: 

All right

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anyway, if you buy one of these Recon Sentinel jobs off of ebay to get a cheap rock64 setup, I strongly recommend you not put it on your network without at least hardening it yourself first. if you're not confident in your ability to do that, the next best bet is to format the sd card and install the OS of your choice from scratch.

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oh look, there's a key added to /root/.ssh/authorized_keys - how convenient (for gscasny@gscasny-PX60-6QE to have access to this device, not convenient for anyone else, really)

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aaaand .bash_history for the rock64 user shows "sudo -i" and "exit"

aaaand sure enough, /root has all the setup files they used to build out the image, apparently.

LO mf L

I suddenly feel so much better about my hacky-ass projects

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future projects (saturday morning cartoons) 

@FiXato Oddly, two by Cocoon.

Sandbox Punks

Well ok you may want to preview those, while I think Sandbox punks is kid friendly it does contain the words "spikeball in your ass we know it hurts" and this may not be as kid friendly as you'd like. But it does say 'a demo we can show to our kids' so I think Nytrik, Willbe, and Guille would show it to THEIR kids.

Actually I can't think of any Ninjadev demos that aren't.

Gaia Machinae may be:

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disabled pride 

Would super appreciate if any disabled mutuals/pals/acquaintances on fedi wanted to give me some feedback about this flag design for Disabled Pride I made tonight.
Well aware I am only on the very edge of the disabled community, but wanted to offer something when it felt like there was the desire for it. Concepts and colours are discussed in the thread. DMs are fine. Telling me you hate it is also fine!

pun: What's the name of Microsoft's tasty treats console? 


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Free to a good home in Sydney: 5x Hitachi 2TB 7200RPM 3.5” SATA II HDDs, manufactured 2009. These have quite some thousands of hours on them but mostly sat idle and they’re still running like a dream. Can’t currently check SMART status but last I looked there was maybe one dead sector on one or two of them. All from same lot. I have 5 but don’t need to take them all.
Also a 1TB WD Green from 2009 but it’s not very trustworthy.

I don't get it... They acknowledged several times in that came before , yet they are still referring to Eve as the First Woman...

's cover of is certainly one of the better ones I've heard. I wonder if there is a full version of it available online.

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Playing a little bit of The Menace from Triton, a new MSX homebrew game today. A sidescrolling shootemup with some rpg elements like upgrades and choosing your path across space. It looks great and is pretty fun so far.

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