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A brief for the of former users:
I'm Filip, online better known as or FiX

Current interests:
· ( in particular) and various other / topics such as the .
· and
· and casual
· and other content
· novels.
· Drinking interesting , beer in particular.

Came across this old photograph of my father's cat "Tijger". It was a lucky shot with his tongue out. ;P

Unfortunately Tijger passed away several years ago. :(

Hmm, my splitter from arrived before the extra HDMI cable that I ordered at the same time... Now I can't really test it out yet. ;)

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Love this. Very much in the spirit of what we’re working on.

finished his bottle of milk and cried for more, so, dear ol' goes to make another bottle.
Milk has cooled down, and after just one sip the ten months old is cooing into his bottle cap, blowing raspberries, and not at all interested in the rest of the milk. 😏

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that E-Rotic, of the hit songs "Fred Come To Bed" and "Max Don't Have Sex With Your Ex", actually made another album in 2018, "The Power of Sex". 😳

Maybe I'll check it out later today or tomorrow, when I have some more time to listen to the music and lyrics. :)

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fforth - small Forth written in C 

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byuu recently shared a look at his #BahamutLagoon hacking. With the miracle of #TrialsOfMana being localized, he's offered up his work to M2 in hopes that it might help bring Square's strategy RPG to the West.


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Little known fact! Most email services are hosted in the cloud.

More precisely in The Oort cloud; which is about 40 light weeks or so away. That’s why unsubscribing takes so long.

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IAmGodOf, hidden for inadvertent A Conspiracy of Kings spoiler 

I am FiXato, God of all time favourite things like this store and have been trying to figure out how much you can see.

(Start with "I am <your handle>, God of " and see where your auto-completion takes you.)

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its free rpg day, so i've made my collaborative worldbuilding game The Ground Itself pwyw on itch till midnight!


I'm not lazy; I just want to get to know my sofa better.

Ik ben niet lui; ik wil gewoon mijn sofa beter leren kennen.

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The #microfiction giveaway is now closed!

@DialMforMara @justin

Please DM me your address sometime over the next week. On Monday I begin making the letters. :D

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