Been working on an integrated terminal for the FRAME this week, adding a tabbed frame to my DirectGuiExtensions library (which is available on ) to be able to have multiple of them open.

it's hard to get s subprocess to work in a non-blocking way though. Currently the terminal gets all the process output only after the process ended and not while running which is not what I expected nor how I intended it to work 😛

Back again with some development news. Had to take some off time the last couple weeks due to various reasons.

Anyways, progress has also already been made with some new Project management features.
Now, FRAME can be used with Moguris' pman project.

Also FRAMEs own project system is heavily in development and new features get in every day!
One new thing I'm currently working at is a Networked Multiplayer template for new projects.

FRAME, the visual game editor now has a rather full roadmap for its beta and first official release, check it out on at

Feel free to share your thoughts here and add issues for features you’d like to see added to the project.
I’d love to hear from you all!

During the weekend, a lot of critical Bugs were squashed in FRAME, the visual game editor written in .

Just a few annoying but not critical bugs left until I can concentrate on implementing new features (and obviously introduce new bugs 😋) again.

Work on the editor FRAME is going well. Currently prioritizing fixing bugs.

There are still lots of things left and many easy to fix things too, so this may be a good point in joining in the development over on

So, if you're interested in an editor similar yet very different to or which is in early development, head over to:

About a week has passed and the game project I tried with the editor FRAME came quite far.

It's not done yet but after finding 26 bugs and 17 features that would be nice to have, I think it's about time to head back to working on the editor itself and try on the game again later.

I'll put up all the found things in a bit as issues. Some of them are even good for new people thinking about joining FRAME development.

One day in creating a game with my editor FRAME and I already made quite some progress.

Collected 15 Bugs to be fixed and 9 features that should be implemented to make this editor much more usable.

Other than that, the main menu works as well as loading the first scene and characters. Most time still went into preparing and editing the 3D models but by far not as much as if I'd done them myself.

After doing some brainstorming and searching for assets, I'm trying to start an actual game project with the FRAME editor.

All with just some ideas and assets freely available from the internet.

This will hopefully give me some insights of where it's lacking and needs optimizations for creating games.

If you want to try too, check out the editor on

The FRAME editor just gained a node editor integration which enables it to implement logic bricks. The new editor is now also available on as Panda3DNodeEditor.
There currently aren't many nodes available but more will come at times and may become a fully fledged visual programming tool someday. In the meantime you still need some programming skills to combine the parts.

Check it out on if you want to try:

Just finished a new store page for the FRAME editor. With it, you can simply manage plugins like the Scene Editor, GUI editor and other components from easily.

Check it out on if you want to try:

New packages of the DirectGui Designer, Scene Editor and DirectGui extension are available on fixing an important bug on if you want to try them with the FRAME editor.
Make sure to grab the latest versions also on other OSes.

I'm currently working on a simple way to install/update editors and other additions from within FRAME to simplify working with it.

Check it out on if you want to try:

After lots of fidling and fixing bugs, the direct gui extensions are now more solid and my editors will work cross platform and more robust everywhere soon.

A little more testing is in order before committing the changes to and releasing new versions to

After it turns out windows is not playing nice with my DirectGui extensions for the engine, I'm currently rework the box sizer and hope to fix some remaining OS independent update problems with that too. Hope it's not taking too long, All this math stuff for positioning in different coordinate systems is getting quite complex.

The DirectGUI designer and scene editor applications have finally been released to today!

Go grab them while they're hot.

To use them just, download and run the FRAME editor which embeds them nicely and will gain extended features to connect more and more editors in the future. All you need is the source and dependencies. Simply follow the instructions here.

A new important feature has found its way into the FRAME editor. It can now create a basic panda3d project template including code files, folder structures, readme, deployment stuff and whatnot.

This will hopefully help in what Panda3D does best, enable you to develop applications rapidly.

Aside of that more work has gone into existing editors to enable them for integration but more on that later.

Not much to see this week from the FRAME and its editors but lots of work on integratability of the editors has been done. There are some issues left in the GUI designer and since it's not as modular as the scene editor yet, this is the next big thing on my todo list as well as releasing the editors on

Designing and writing well structured software takes its time but in the end will be worth it, don't you think so?

Initial work on the modular editor FRAME has begun.
This editor will embed multiple installed standalone editors automatically and combine them in a way to give you an adaptable environment for creating rich applications with the Panda3D engine easily.
For this the already existing and supported editors will be uploaded to soon with more to come over time.

The source of FRAME as all other editors can be found on

New updates for the scene editor are in the pipeline to be pushed to github. I've been working on adding support for pandas physics nodes, a way to remove added shaders and the possibly biggest feature, custom exporters for the scene can now be added to the editor!

Find the scene editor on github at:

The scene editor is getting along pretty well.

Especially the properties editor has seen improvements lately with configurations for lighting, shading and camera setup.

The shading is currently enabled through panda3ds auto shader system but support for other systems like simplepbr and the Render Pipeline is planed and will probably come soon for extended shading abilities.

Finally, after fixing a lot of things in the GUI designer, I was able to finish up the shader loader for the scene editor. It supports most types and options the engine offers.

Have a look at those beautiful pandas in a soft shader, the default shader of the engine and the possibly most simple 1-color shader

Find the scene editor on github at:

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