In Ep218: critical updates for macOS & Firefox; skirting the 4th Amend.; new supply chain attacks; shady USPS & FBI doings; Moxie's clever Cellebrite takedown; AirTag stalking; an dApple's radical, internet-breaking tech (aka informed consent).


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Very humbled to be included in this list of top InfoSec podcasts - and the recommended podcast of the year, no less! I am in very good company here...

Facebook's hyper-targeting capabilities allow companies to send different messages to users based on their interests, behaviors, & beliefs.

@jeremybmerrill investigates how companies like Exxon send contradictory messages to liberals & conservatives.

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Wanna make your own Crocodile Hunter? Patrons can get the details from Cooper himself!

In part 2 of my chat w/ @eff's Cooper Quintin @cooperq, we talk about why we need more transparency on the use of cell site sims ("Stringrays") & how Cooper's Crocodile Hunter does just that. (Fun tip: you can make one, too!)


Cell site simulators are being used right now to track your whereabouts - in some cities way more than others. Cooper Quintin from @eff has done some groundbreaking & delightfully geeky work to bring this to light. (You can do it, too!) @cooperq


We have to adopt a new mindset on & : . In today's show, I cover many data leaks and privacy issues that should just not be happening. We're doing it wrong. Facebook, LinkedIn, Clearview AI, LexisNexis, and even the ACLU.


I had a great chat with the Tech Learning Collective a couple months back. And they went to the trouble of transcribing the shows! Thought I'd share their efforts. These guys do great work - you should try out one of their online classes.

I've just published my full review of @CarissaVeliz's phenomenal new book (launching today in the US) "Privacy is Power". TL;DR : just buy it & read it. Then buy it for others. It's that good - and that important.

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Today, I talk w/ Phil Zimmermann (of PGP fame) about the ills of social media. The algorithms that maximize engagement are fomenting tribalism & nurturing conspiracy theories. But we also discuss how we make it better, plus a fresh alternative to FB.


Another big news show today: update on Exchange hack mitigation; thorny Apple issues with foreign iPhone apps; cool new Firefox features; massive cam hack; Amazon surveillance; T-Mobile tracking; and it's time to stop using SMS for 2FA.


In pt2 of my chat w/ EPIC's John Davisson discussing the use of for screening job candidates, we ask whether the system can be gamed, whether humans are really any better, and whether these systems can be used as a force for good somehow.


How well do you think a computer could judge your quality as a job candidate? If you're looking for a job, you may find out. Today I chat with @johndavisson
from @EPICprivacy
about "hiretech" and its myriad concerning issues & implications.


Tune in Monday for part 1 of my interview with @EPICprivacy's @johndavisson where we'll be discussing the disturbing use of AI to automatically screen job candidates (aka "hiretech").

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HUGE news show today: LastPass PR debacles; SMS tax scams; Alexa skills security & privacy issues; TALON neighborhood surveillance; lots of third party cookie news (incl. CNAME cloaking); cops abusing copyright; my new password mgr recos; and more!


Lots of cool new exclusive content coming for my patrons! I just fired up a private Discord server so we can chat. I also just created a nifty "making of" video showing all that goes into creating the podcast each week! And there's more coming, folks...

In pt 2 of my chat w/ Tech Learning Collective, we talk about what classes they offer, but also WHY they offer them & how they approach teaching. We also discuss the darker side of & the power imbalances caused by lack of cyber knowledge.


Meet the Tech Learning Collective - an online school that focuses squarely on practical computer know-how. Knowing the basics of computers & security can be significantly empowering; lack of knowledge can lead to a dangerous power imbalance. Listen here:


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