Had a great time being interviewed by Defending Digital! Fun to be on the other side of the interview table. :-) defendingdigital.com/carey-par

Wow... so much news to cover. On Monday's show: iPhone bugs, Android bugs, WhatsApp bugs, SIM jacking, @Cloudflare's Warp VPN, another threat to end-to-end encryption, and how to wipe your device data. Oh, and how to pronounce "GIF". podcast.firewallsdontstopdrago

In today's show, I walk through @eff's excellent analysis of Google's new "Privacy Sandbox" proposals - the good, the bad and the ugly, providing my take as well. Spoiler alert: cannot put privacy first; it's an inherent conflict of interest. podcast.firewallsdontstopdrago

from @eff
walks us through the recent revelations about Amazon Ring's relationships with over 400 local law enforcement offices and how fear is bring used to bring about a culture of self-surveillance.

VPN reviews usually focus on measurable things: speed, # of servers, cost... but not privacy. Today I point you to a review focused on privacy first. Also, an long-running nasty iPhone website hack, "clearing" off-Facebook data, and the trouble with certs. podcast.firewallsdontstopdrago

On Monday's show, I'll tell you about a new comprehensive VPN review and help you pick a truly private one. In other news: websites that have been hacking iPhones, Facebook's failed attempt at data control, Kaskpersky's tracking ID, & more. Subscribe now: podcast.firewallsdontstopdrago

Today I wrap up my interview with @aaron_d_mackey
from @eff. Why are our gov't agencies not enforcing existing privacy provisions? How much does your location say about you? (SPOILER: a lot) And of course, what you can do about all of this. podcast.firewallsdontstopdrago

Today I speak with @aaron_d_mackey from @eff about how our cellular providers have been selling us out - specially, selling our real-time location information to just about anyone. In part 1, we discuss their lawsuit and what your location says about you. podcast.firewallsdontstopdrago

Tune in Monday when I'll be speaking with the @eff
about their lawsuit against AT&T, et al, for allowing your location information to be bought from several third parties without telling you. podcast.firewallsdontstopdrago

If you haven't seen The Great Hack on Netflix, I highly recommend it. I talk about this documentary on today's show. Also, Amazon/Ring's creepy law enforcement deals, ransomware attacks on school districts, the Capitol One hack, and more. podcast.firewallsdontstopdrago

In Monday's show, I'll talk about the Capitol One hack, the latest on contractors listening to your Siri/Alexa/Google Home snippets, Ring getting a little too chummy with local police departments, and the new Netflix doc "The Great Hack". Subscribe here: podcast.firewallsdontstopdrago

You may be able to get some restitution from Equifax. In today's show, I'll tell you where things stand and how to submit your claim. Also, my take on the FaceApp stuff, critical updates for Logitech wireless KB/mouse, spooky Pentagon lasers, and more. podcast.firewallsdontstopdrago

On Monday's show, I'll tell you why you may not get that $125 from Equifax, a Pentagon laser-based system to identify you by your heartbeat at 200 meters, my take on the FaceApp story, a crucial Logitech update, and more. Subscribe here: podcast.firewallsdontstopdrago

If you missed part 1, you can get it here (along with links to the Winston Privacy website and the Indiegogo sale of the Winston box itself). podcast.firewallsdontstopdrago

The second half of my illuminating interview with Winston Privacy's Richard Stokes will drop on Monday, where we'll discuss ways to guard your privacy, including (of course) the brand new Winston box! Subscribe here: podcast.firewallsdontstopdrago

It's here! Part 1 of my interview with Winston Privacy's Richard Stokes - an AdTech insider turned privacy crusader. In today's episode, Richard will tell us why he left AdTech and how your routers, TVs and VPNs are selling you out. podcast.firewallsdontstopdrago

Coming Monday, the first part of my fascinating two-part interview with @Winston_Privacy's CEO and founder Richard Stokes. I thought I'd heard it all when it comes to tracking... not even close. Subscribe now so you don't miss out! podcast.firewallsdontstopdrago

Welcome to Crypto Wars, the sequel. In today's show, I address the issue of "going dark" + the latest rumors of the US govt wanting some sort of backdoor or BCC on end-to-end encryption. Also a new survey on privacy, why not to pre-save music, and more. podcast.firewallsdontstopdrago

As the Fourth approaches, it's a good time to review the freedoms we often take for granted - and how some of our most basic rights are being threatened. I believe we'll work all of this out, but it's going to take work. Get informed, get involved. firewallsdontstopdragons.com/b

John Graham Cummming is back for a fun interview on why VPNs suck! He'll also help us figure out which providers you can trust and why we need VPNs now more than ever. Just so happens, has a solution coming soon called Warp. Listen in! @Cloudflare podcast.firewallsdontstopdrago

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