Today's goal: build my own mastodon instance. Cause I'm vain.

Work is catering lunch all next week! Yay!

It's chickfila two of the days! Fuck!!

Got a new phone and all of the "welcome to the one plus FAMILY" messages are like

kinda scary?


Mastodon 3 dropped. Soooo where should I move this account to? The main federation is too plain for my furry ass

Why the hell can't I just be a happy cartoon dinosaur instead of a human with a itchy spot on my back I can't reach to scratch?


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Tee eff 

New phone so I'm trying out mastalab instead of tusky for a bit.


I think I'm the only furry left on the main instance

Tee eff 


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We're all so fucked up and weird and I love it <3

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