Delete and redraft is my favorite masto feature. Thank u

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I like how virus travel is bringing everyone what to a screeching halt but my job sees dollar signs so I'm traveling to three states this week to install remote conferencing systems.

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I don't want to be alone but I sure as fuck don't want to be around anyone.

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I know people mean well but the whole "be with family, or be with friends just be with someone this holiday" narritive just kinda really stings every year.

Every time it just boils down to "don't be alone"

Today's goal: build my own mastodon instance. Cause I'm vain.

Work is catering lunch all next week! Yay!

It's chickfila two of the days! Fuck!!

Got a new phone and all of the "welcome to the one plus FAMILY" messages are like

kinda scary?


Also I got turned into a pooltoy meerkat and it's way

way too fucking hot. help

Mastodon 3 dropped. Soooo where should I move this account to? The main federation is too plain for my furry ass

Why the hell can't I just be a happy cartoon dinosaur instead of a human with a itchy spot on my back I can't reach to scratch?

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