Gotta love everyone on your team getting a shout out and thanks and they leave you off the list. feelsbadman.jpg

Probably a dumb question but is it possible to see all Screen sessions at once? Like a tiled view sort of thing.

Pretty sure I fractured my pinky toe at the beginning of lockdown by accidentally kicking a heavy box. Just accidentally kicked another box with said toe. Ow.

Ordered a 3D printer. Can't wait to fill my apartment with even more plastic crap.

Ah, nothing like the sound of a jackhammer outside your window at 8am.

Hmm, new synth or 3D printer? Leaning toward 3D printer. Always wanted to get into 3D printing.

Gonna start a plant subscription box service called Lichen Subscribe. 🌱

Where do you get bookmarks? The last time I got a bookmark was in middle school when I got a Star Trek TNG bookmark. Maybe I should go find that one.

That feeling when you check in some code you're particularly proud of and you know it's about to get torn apart in code review. :blobcatcoffee:

Really regretting not getting the Olive Garden Lifetime Pasta Pass now.

I'd love to see a sort of Animal Crossing x Factorio mashup game where you can set up automation for your town, like automatic weeding, turrets that shoot down balloons, resource gathering robots, fish farms, etc.

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In these trying times I've taken a second job.

That job, of course, is Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Currently thanking my past self for mandating that I always have a backup stick of deodorant

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