I feel so much sadness inside my heart after learning about #NewZealandTerroristAttack. I hope the victims and their family find peace with our Heavenly Father, and the attackers could open their heart to Him.


#HelloWorld! My name is Fong-Wan Chau.

I am a medical doctor, and I am also a computer science amateur. I am a thinker, an autodidact, and trying to be a polymath. I like to use #Archlinux with #dwm and coding with #SublimeText.

Follow me and be my friend. 😉

Hey @Gargron. The number of "Toots", "Following" and "Followers" can be faked easily in by using a custom instance, since the data is not imported and checked.

Actually, all data from could be faked easily because the data is not owned by a centralized server, so no data in federations could be trusted.

cc: @dansup

Actually, not only was cached, the profile from other instances are also cached.

I am experimenting with , and the cache on Mastodon supposedly last 24 hours, so I need to wait until tomorrow at the same time to check whether there are any changes.

Wait, is still alive? I am asking because ostatus.org is not owned by spec contributors anymore, and the available spec is only as draft in PDF.

cc: @Gargron

"This document is dedicated to all citizens of planet Earth. You deserve freedom of communication"


basically is an email implementation with Following, Followers, and optional features. So, can we all just drop email and use ActivityPub for the future communication?

@Gargron Should return `405 Method Not Allowed` instead of 404? I think this way could help developers to understand better what is happening.

Example: mastodon.social/api/salmon/1

Hello, world! My name is Fong-Wan Chau.

I'm a medical doctor, and also a computer science amateur. I am thinker, and I like to learn a lot by myself. I use with and code with .

I might not toot a lot, but we can make friends. So follow me. 😉

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