Finally beat BoTW and got the true ending. Itching for the sequel now.

Also-- good god the default fan profiles Apple uses are insane. Like, on my iMac, the HDD fan doesn't start ramping up until the drive temp is over 60C, and I saw the power supply heatsink temp go over 80C. WTF?

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Glad the terrible things I did to the GPU heatsink to fit the GTX765M MXM card from a Dell Precision laptop are well hidden. πŸ˜‚

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One 2010 iMac saved with the help of Nick [D]VB over on the MacRumors forum. πŸ‘Œ

Anyone out there in the Fediverse know how to ring an old telephone ringer box like a Western Electric 534A? I rescued one today and want to hook it up as my door bell. I don't have a POT line to my house anymore; just a spare Linksys PA2T that I'm not sure can put out a 90V @ 20Hz sine wave with enough current to ring the bells.

The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny is still an absolute banger after 15 years.

ignore the FUD-- unionize. I don't care what industry or profession. the only ones harmed by unionization are corporate shareholders; everyone else wins.

all this shit was figured out over a century ago by blue collar factory workers. it's not hard.

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the amount of FUD I see whenever unions are mentioned on hacker news makes me extremely suspicious that tech companies astroturf communities like that to dissuade their employees from unionizing too

literally everything after you get off of the plateau is way easier. ???wtf???

even redoing all the boss fights with limited equipment.

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the champion's ballad dlc for breath of the wild has some i wanna be the guy levels of bullshit difficulty. especially rohta chiga shrine.

ran nmap -A -p- on an HP JetDirect 170X, and got spooked ten minutes later by the printer connected to it barfing out six pages of this:

my dad would be 67 years old today

it's been almost five years and it still hurts

Anyway this is a roundabout way of saying housing is a human right and landlords are ethically reprehensible. That public housing is woefully inadequate or unavailable-- most of NY state either has a years-long waiting list, or closed applications. Section 8 is an attempt to kill public housing by offloading it on landlords. Fuck that-- build more public housing.

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And a huge swath of public housing here is either so horrifically undermaintained I really hope they're not homing people into those units, or just outright abandoned and condemned.

The only reason half the condemned housing still stands is because it'd be too costly to demolish. Hell, the hospital in the north of town that closed in 1996 STILL has not been torn down. There's so much greenery grown up around it, you can't even tell it's there from street level.

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I love my city but good god stop selling land to colleges for quick cash. Literally almost half of the taxable land is now untaxable from private schools and other non-profits owning it. Property taxes are insane for everyone else now, so people leave and their land gets abandoned, or people flat out don't pay their taxes, so taxes get raised again...

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The best part is the half-demolished parking garage and gravel lot where the city hall used to be is still like it was a decade ago. It took them three years and multiple people driving off the edge of the demolished parking garage ramp to even block said ramp off. People just use the gravel lot for parking, quasi-illegally, now.

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what 30+ years of austerity budgeting does to a city:
"We can't afford to fix city hall, and it's been condemned by both the county and state."
"We're gonna have to tear it down."
*city hall gets torn down*
"Oh no, we don't have anywhere for our city offices anymore. We need a temporary solution."
*leases space in an office building as a temporary solution*
*ten years pass. the temporary solution is now permanent*

peak 2020 is unironically using bing instead of google for searches

honestly I just want to quit my IT job and become a farmer and raise chickens or something

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