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This bird is not rare, but it is difficult to photograph because it is small and does not stay still.

It had been so warm recently that the icicles had collapsed.

My car has been acting up lately, so I haven't been able to go to take photos. I've ordered a car and will be able to switch in in two weeks.

I went hiking in the local mountains to improve my fitness.

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Oh, I've written strange English again. I guess there's no word for "地吹雪 ". It means "a storm of snow blown up from the ground by the wind."

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Good morning.
I couldn't take any photos yesterday because of the ground blizzard. The photo of the owl was taken the day before yesterday.

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[意識の低いフリーランスの生存戦略]( )

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.:: 2021 ::.
♪ You say goodbye and I say hello... ♫ :)

I wish you all the best !
- #mastoart #art #illustration #2021 -
:: Better res on website ::

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