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I don't like the heat, so I took a walk in the evening.

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Still figuring out Mastodon. Did the rookie mistake of joining a general server a couple of days ago, now migrating here for the community and local feed. 😬

Here are some studies trying to capture that effortless clouds look!

#art #painting #digitalart #mastoart #environmentart #illustration

I went to Furano to see the lavender, but it was too late.

This is the first time I took fireworks pictures, but it was difficult. This photo is a composite of three photos.

An expressway parking lot on Tokyo Bay named "Umihotaru."

I made a business trip to the Kanto area today. It was hot. And very humid.

I have adjusted the autofocus when the teleconverter is attached and have been shooting birds to test it out.
White-eyes and young Nuthatch.

It was clear. Mt. Biei across the crater was also beautiful.
After descending quite a bit, I looked back and saw the moon.

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I went down through the clouds. Looking back, the summit was clear. It was frustrating, but that's the way it is.

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I hiked up Mt. Tokachi. It is a gentle area on the way. To the right and left are craters. The peak is the sharp point in the second photo.

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