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How a neighbourhood took on and won

When Google wants to do something, it usually gets its way. Not so in one Berlin neighbourhood. .../... the [campus] plans riled local activists and neighbourhood groups, who had concerns about gentrification and rising rents, and in some cases harboured specific anti-Google sentiment on issues such as tax and data privacy.

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Let's kick Google out of our neighborhoods and out of our lives, online and offline!

First Kreuzberg, then the World!


Talk vs.

NextCloud Talk:
✅ much less resources needed on server-side thanks to p2p (5x to 20x less)
✅ requires an account to create a *new* room (server overload protection)
✅ runs in a browser
✅ AGPL licence

❌ resources-hungry (on server)
❌ no end2end encryption (need to trust server)
❌ uses servers by default
✅ runs in a browser
❌ Apache licence (code can be closed)

NextCloud is easier to install than Jitsi on Debian Buster:

Ok, here is the reason I will stop giving any positive promotion to #jitsi

"A default Jitsi quickinstall setup also uses the #Google STUN servers for WebRTC with only two participants"

Something that claims to be secure, but is sneeking #google into their service is nothing I will ever give trust.


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If you install on your server, edit the file

and comment these lines:
// The STUN servers that ..
stunServers: [
{urls:'stun:' },...],


Also, it is *not true* that is "fully encrypted" as stated on Instead:

" does not provide a way of conducting multi-party
conversations with end-to-end ."

Thanks @galaxis and @infosechandbook

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❤️ ❤️ is licenced ❤️ ❤️ so & Co. are not allowed to steal-and-close it!

This would not have been true with a , or licence.

Thanks @Karlitschek and @nextcloud !

PS: did you know?
GPL = "General Public Licence" but could also stay for "General Public " ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ 😉

c/c @aral


@matrix what is up with letting cloudflare handle your traffic and tls encryption?

Amazon is hiring in Berlin. Whom are they looking for? What sort of projects are they developing?

Who are strategical partners in ? Amazon has posted over 400 Job positions for location Berlin in .

Insights 👉🏻

Bitte boosten:

Die wundervollen Menschen von @Freundeskreis_Videoclips haben nun einen #PeerTube Account!

Dem koennt ihr hier auch folgen:

Ich hab erstmal Peer-To-Peer angelassen. Das bedeutet, wenn ihr da Videos guckt, stellt euer Browser bereits runtergeladene Teile des Videos zur verfuegung, sodass die Browser von anderen Video-Guckenden diese Teile von euch herunterladen koennen.

Dadurch bekommen die anderen Leute, die von euch die kleinen Teile herunterladen, eure IP-Adresse.

Weil verteilt die Last gleichmaessig auf viele Leute und reduziert somit die Last auf - das bedeutet, man benoetigt weniger Server-Power.

Leider gibts noch keinen Weg, wie Nutzer das selbst beim Gucken eines Videos konfigurieren koennen. Ich denke aber, dass das bald eingebaut wird.

Erlaubnis das hochzuladen:

Leider wird es auch etwas dauern, bis ich da viele Videos hochgeladen habe.

#dezentral #DeleteGoogle #FuckoffGoogle #Google

Dort wird es auch #EndeGelaende und #XR Videos zu sehen geben, daher cc @xrgermany @EndeGelaendeTue

Dankeschoen, @felix fuer das Hosten dieser wundervollen Instanz. Und danke an die wundervollen Moderatoren.

Did you know #Google is collecting data from every page on the open web that relies on Google Fonts?

Here you are some public stats:
(the best data, for sure, they will keep for them).


The Guardian — Concerns over safety at Amazon warehouses as accident reports rise

“Hundreds of stricken Amazon workers are needing urgent medical attention. Conditions are hellish."

"...the accident was reported by an Amazon worker who would not give their name because they were “worried about getting sacked”."

Remember that it would take you MORE than 2020 years to get richer than Bezos at the rate of 7000$/hour. Let it sink in for a second.

Make sure that not a cent of your money goes to Amazon at all. Close your account. Everything will be fine. Trust your local shops and retailers. Use your privilege to accept the discomfort of having to shop a bit further, to wait a bit longer for goods that you will buy somewhere else, online or IRL.

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Got a strange message on your #Samsung phone and feeling paranoid? Every proprietary smartphone OS has backdoors the manufacturer can use to spy on everything you do. Choose one that respects your #privacy and #freedom instead. #findmymobile

So Noscript -once trusted- extension for -once trusted- Firefox, now as a default "trusts" the following domains:,,,,,,,, etc.

WTF?! almost all GAFAM in that crap!

What extension/browser configuration/browser to use if you *really* want your browser to attempt basic protection against surveillance capitalists?


@lgm Libre Graphics Meeting, why signing a pact with the Devil??

How can Google money further the cause of libre graphics? Is it about normalizing the importing of spyware-fonts from surveillance capitalists?

So. sad.

Violer la vie privée tout tranquille en ne payant pas d'impot

Business made in Rennes promu par la Société Publique Locale (tout green évidemment)


Des employé·e·s de Google font un site et dénoncent ce que ggle fait

- harcèlement & LGBTphobie
- aide patrouilles frontière & chasse aux migrant·e·s w/ data
- aide Industrie combustibles fossiles w/ machine learning
- business armement & des assassinats
#nog00gle #fuckoffgoogle


Let's not forget that , which is the main sponsor of the , also loves "free" software, but only in a unidirectional way:

Google loves when hackers share with Google, but Google hates to share back. This is why the most free of all licences, the GNU , "MAY NOT be used by Google" according to their own words:

Unfortunately, the FSFE spreads on the topic:

It's been a while, but I finally got around to making a major update to my anti- (, ) guide. I removed some links and icons, so it's now just one article and no longer 3 parts.

PS: Anybody know a good replacement for ? @switchingsoftware ?

Do you dream a job paid by ?

The Free Software Foundation Europe () is hiring!

Apply now, and help spreading misinformation telling that "open" is the same as "free":

* Google is a sponsor of @fsfe since 2007, and the main sponsor since 2013:

* Why "open-source" misses the point:


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