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How a neighbourhood took on and won

When Google wants to do something, it usually gets its way. Not so in one Berlin neighbourhood. .../... the [campus] plans riled local activists and neighbourhood groups, who had concerns about gentrification and rising rents, and in some cases harboured specific anti-Google sentiment on issues such as tax and data privacy.

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Let's kick Google out of our neighborhoods and out of our lives, online and offline!

First Kreuzberg, then the World!


Follow recommendation for all the #FuckOffGoogle'rs and #DeleteFacebook'ers:


Their motto is "self host all the things!" which is obviously a great way to stay away from #GAFAM.

Among many many other things they host #invidious #nitter and #bibliogram. Three services to access content from #Youtube, #Twitter and #Instagram without sending any data to #Google, #Twitter or #Facebook.

#LibreHosters #SurveillanceCapitalism #privacy #HostedService

#imagine on est dans une ploutocratie tellement sale qu'on ne peut plus communiquer avec quelqu'un d'autre sans qu'une entreprise qui dicte les lois et à une emprise politique absolument partout ne nous y autorise.
je ne vois pas ce qui pourrait mal se passer.
#fuckoffgoogle #fuckofffacebook

"Analysts must be capable of engaging and informing L7+ ER Principals (attorney stakeholders) on sensitive topics that are highly confidential, including labor organizing threats against the company, establish and track funding and activities connected to corporate campaigns (internal and external) against , and provide sophisticated analysis on these topics"

Is your school forcing you to use Zoom, Skype, or other proprietary videoconferencing software to learn or teach? We want to help you stand up for your rights! Sign and share our petition, and tell us about your school:

censorship on google play, fedi meta 

so google wants to throw out all fediverse clients from the play store, because one can access hate speech instances with them and they consider the client developers responsible for that

by that logic, google would have to…

1. ban all web browsers (including chrome) too, because surprise, all fedi instances have a web interface

2. ban Twitter and Fashbook too, because they're VERY tolerant of right wing hate speech (more than most mastodon and some Pleroma instances)

fuck google

Holy crap, google is apparently taking down all/most fediverse apps from google play on the grounds that that some servers in the fediverse engage in hate speech. At least three apps I know of anyway and I'd imagine the others will follow soon under the exact same reasoning.} Seems to be the case with Husky, Fedilab, and "subway" tooter.

this is a scary precedent if google play is going to ban any apps that can in any way be used to access content with hate speech. So what about a forum client, do they take that down just because there is a forum somewhere on the internet posting hate speech?

This is particularly worrisome because for most people Google Play is the only way they understand to install apps at all.

Picture attached of one of the notices received by fedilab.

@fedilab @tateisu #fediverse #mastoadmin #freespeech #censorship

Interne Dokumente: gibt freiwillig umfangreiche Nutzerdaten an US-Polizei

Der US-Konzern schickt offenbar regelmäßig Profile rechtsextremer Nutzer an US-Strafverfolger. Kritisierte Kommentare bleiben aber online.

The Demise of Mozilla and its $$$

Moz’s customers are large corporations like Google that pay for things that will help them make money, most notably having their Internet search service be the default [...] the 200+M Firefox users are the product, potential viewers of ads served up by Google or others.

The existence of the Firefox browser as a competitor to Google’s Chrome browser also supposedly helps Google avoid unwelcome antitrust attention

Since the main #invidious instance is closing down soon let me recommend It's an instance where the video proxy option is enabled by default.
So if you post a video here in the #Fediverse people who block #Google with browser addons or whatever can see it right in your post and don't have to first click the link and enable video proxy.

#FuckOffGoogle #LivingWithoutGoogle #GAFAM #Youtube

"In the final months of the administration, then Secretary of Defense Ash Carter toured , where he announced a new Innovation Advisory Board, meant to formalize a channel between the tech executives and the Department of Defence (). Carter appointed ERIC ( CEO) to the new board and tasked him with selecting its members."


Page 120 of "The age of " by S.


Pour les gens qui ne savent pas ce qu'est Re-Captcha :

C'est un système qui vous permets de déléguer le pouvoir de décider qui peut visiter et/ou interagir avec ton site à Google "web police".

Cas 342 : L'autre jour, j'ai voulu répondre au questionnaire d'ARTE "Il est temps", quand soudain, Google me demande de les aider à entraîner leur intelligence artificielle à reconnaître des passages piétons (et des vélos, des bus, plus de 12 tests).

#FuckOffGoogle #google #gafam #Arte #GooglePolice

Sidewalk’s end: How the downfall of a Toronto ‘smart city’ plan began long before COVID-19

(paywalled, dumped here )

When the Quayside project got scuttled earlier this month, it was the final blow in a years-long conflict among urban designers, their Silicon Valley bosses and multiple levels of government. Insiders tell the story of how it all went wrong.

Reread this great article v/ · Sep 4, 2016 · The Wars Are About to Get a Whole Lot Worse .. "It’s a coming storm of the century .."


! Construction of the tower is continuing at full speed in .. Resist the colonization! Fight back!

Amazon VP Resigns, Calls Company ‘Chickenshit’ for Firing Protesting Workers

Tim Bray says the company has become 'toxic' and the firings are 'designed to create a climate of fear.'

defeated in , .. Also Where ppl successfully fought against an HQ..

People organized in decentralized ways, offline and online, without hierarchical structures but vast networks of local solidarities demonstrate WE CAN defeat the most powerful entities!

What next? Amazon tower in Berlin! "SmartCity" coming back in a devastated NYC!

The beat goes on!

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