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FUCK OFF GOOGLE!1!!!1 @FuckOffGoogle@mastodon.social

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Let's kick Google out of our neighborhoods and out of our lives, online and offline!

First Kreuzberg, then the World!

!!! mastodon.social/media/lgFtQTLm

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Google plans to implant a "Google Campus" in Kreuzberg, Berlin. We, as a decentralized network of people are committed to not letting our beloved city be taken over by this law- and tax-evading company that is building a dystopian future.


You can support via @Liberapay


Pls contribute for more hosting, printing, stickers, noise implements etc! <3

Don't be evil - unless you make money with it. #Google and its war business: tagesschau.de/wirtschaft/boers (German). Good to see articles about AI and drone warfare popping up on tagesschau.de...

There is a tough resistance movement in Berlin against Google and a Google campus project

Palantir Knows Everything
About You


(According to whistleblower, Google's Eric Schmidt's daughter introduced Palantir to Cambridge Analytica, to have them sign a deal, and all of CA's data is therefore in Palantir today...)

How do you prefer your -censorship? Automated, done by algorithms/robots? Or done by "trusted flaggers"? (trusted by who?)


"YouTube said 6.7m were first flagged for review by machines rather than humans; of those, 76% were removed before they received a single view."

Check the @FuckOffGoogle wiki, full of interesting links and info here: wiki.fuckoffgoogle.de/index.ph
(Say Google, or Apple, or Microsoft, or most of "free" as in beer services providers)

And you thought and were bad? Tired of them sucking the life out of you?

is MUCH worse!!


@gonzalo just won a bunch of cool "Fuck Off Google" stickers as our 400th follower! \o/

(come and pick them at one of wiki.fuckoffgoogle.de/index.ph )

400th follower will get cool free stickers! (to come and collect at one of the upcoming events against a "google campus" in Kreuzberg, Berlin! wiki.fuckoffgoogle.de/index.ph ;) )

Just switched to and man does it feel good to get rid of another piece of .

How to live without #Google alternativeto.net/list/818/how … via @alternativeto Some of them @Nextclouders, @only_office can also be found in the #Univention App Center #nextcloud

We've just launched our class action campaign against GAFAM. laquadrature.net/en/class_acti « These first steps will, over the long term, pave the way to steadily counter the world they are trying to force on us. » mamot.fr/media/BHjZNcObZWQE6LI

Thursday, April 19th - 20:00 - "Infoveranstaltung gegen Gentrifizierung und Überwachung"

Ab 20 Uhr läd zur Podiumsdiskussion ins Zilona Gora, Grünbergerstr. 73, 10245 .


Street Art against Google 👨‍🎨✊

Our neighbors around Kreuzberg are creatively expressing their opposition to a projected “Google Campus” afflicting their community and the extension of Google’s reach into Berlin – here is some of the street art produced by the community that we will surely see more of in the coming months before the project is actually cancelled…