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This account is inspired by the awesome @FuckOffGoogle initiative in Berlin.

Is there anybody interested to protest against Google in too?

Thousand postcards like this are awaiting to be distributed around the Google campus...

Is your school forcing you to use Zoom, Skype, or other proprietary videoconferencing software to learn or teach? We want to help you stand up for your rights! Sign and share our petition, and tell us about your school:

So, what are we about? 23 orgas, over 13.000 people and counting.

We're simply worried about the massive deployment of biometric surveillance tech such as facial recognition cams. It's secretive, it's unlawful, it's inhumane.

We are calling for a BAN on biometric mass surveillance. In February 2021 we are launching an ECI (European Citizen Initiative) aimed at the European Commission.

Get involved and #ReclaimYourFace!

For some context (and correction): of course you should CHECK out #ReclaimYourFace ( and while you're at it, check out 'How AdTech works' supported by NLnet to de-mystify and challenge the complex and secretive world of online advertising and profiling - and bring attention to these issues at a policy level ->

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REMINDER: no matter what you think about #Assange as a person (hint: check your sources), no matter what you feel you like or dislike about him or his persona..

The case of the US Vs. WikiLeaks ("conspiracy for espionnage" to publish docs) concerns ALL who -even remotely- participated in WikiLeaks + ALL who will ever consider doing anything similar to WikiLeaks. YES, they are after YOU too!

You think you're not part of that "conspiracy"? Maybe you've not been trying hard enough..


Were I a wolf, I would want there to be a Sheep Protection Agency.

And I would ensure that this Sheep Protection Agency needed the half a billion dollars that only one of the other wolves or I could give it every year.

I’m Google. And the Sheep Protection Agency is Mozilla.

An alle meine #Schweiz'er Follower:

Wenn euch #OpenSource und sichere Kommunikation an #Schule'n wichtig ist, dann unterzeichnet doch diese #Petition für sichere und leistungsfähige #Videokonferenzen in #Bildung und #Forschung 💻

Diese Online-Petition könnt ihr gefahrlos unterzeichnen da dies nicht zu einer internationale Datensammelkonzern gehört ✍️

#boost #zoom #microsoft #skype #jitsi #bbb #itsicherheit #foss #floss

You are in Switzerland and you want to kick and the out of public schools?

Do you want a publicly financed (F)OS video platform for research and ?

Then sign this petition:

Things become clear with time.

Q. Why can one not own or control one's electronics device and the software running on them?

A. Because then this would not be possible:

"Earlier this year, Google quietly published a “Device Lock Controller” app to the Play Store. It’s a way for credit providers to curtail the functionality of a phone that’s being financed if payments are missed."


Und wie steht ihr so zum #Amazon Konsumevent #BlackFriday ?

"We are warehouse workers, climate activists, and citizens around the world, taking on the world's richest man and the multinational corporation behind him."

"The pandemic has exposed how Amazon places profits ahead of workers, society, and our planet. Amazon takes too much and gives back too little."

It is time to Make Amazon Pay.

#Amazon #WorkersRights #TaxEvasion #Climate #CorporateCrime #crime #JeffBezos #BoycottAmazon #MakeAmazonPay #BlackFriday

Pour soutenir la manif de samedi Debit DADA spécial Fuck Amazon, Google, Facebook, Insta, lundi 23h sur

:crt_w_green_lines:​ Digitale Selbstverteidigung für alle :minecraft_sword:​🛡️​

jede* ist willkommen, kein Vorwissen erforderlich!

Die nächsten Cryptopartys aus #Berlin (online):

Di, 24.11. 19-22 Uhr
So, 29.11. 14-16 Uhr

alle Infos und Links:

If you're looking for a #GooglePhotos alternative, Nextcloud Photos plus Nextcloud Maps (see where your pics are taken) and the Facerecognition app are a good step in the direction of privacy!

What it's like to get locked out of Google indefinitely

“It's just one reason why it's so important that we fund and develop human-scale small tech as an alternative to the stranglehold of big tech on our lives." – some guy who goes on about this stuff a bit

HT @robby

The total screening of all private online communications via GMail, Facebook Messenger etc. in the absence of any suspicion must come to an end! I have filed a #GDPR complaint with the data protection authority: #SaveYourInternet

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This is aimed at enhancing user privacy. It's just laughable.

“The search giant (Google) also announced earlier this year it was planning to kill off all third-party cookies by the end of 2021, as has already been done by Safari and Firefox. Though it will still retain first-party cookies and, it seems, give its own sites special preference in Chrome.”

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