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Gamescom aims to unite its three global events and encourage year-round networkwing through new Gamescom Biz Community site and mobile app

Composers and professionals celebrate "history in the making" as gaming scores join prestigious UK music event

Activision Blizzard removes content from Warzone and Vanguard after concept artist says Loyal Samoyed skin was copied without permission or compensation

The Podcast is back

This week, we take a look at the current wave of financial results, the declines some (but not all) companies are seeing, and what lies ahead for each of the biggest games firms

Are video games really more expensive?

Games analyst Sam Naji analyses full game prices over the decades adjusted for 2022 inflation - any why they may, in fact, be getting cheaper

Diablo Immortal didn't put much of a dent in Activision Blizzard's ongoing slump. How worried should it be? | This Week in Business

Sonic Origins and ports of Hatsune Miku and 13 Sentinels help Sega post 11% sales bump for first fiscal quarter

Companies focused on live service games find it hard to justify heavy investment in single-player titles; it may be high time for firms to pick a lane and stick with it

In our latest Why I Love, Softstar Beijing's Chen Yamei and Zou Mengxia offer praise to Nier: Automata

Tencent is reportedly willing to pay more than twice Ubisoft's current share price as it buys stock to become the publisher's largest shareholder

Today on the Academy, lawyer Anna Poulter-Jones provides a roadmap through the various regulatory and contractual issues studios will navigate when soft launching their games in early access

"We're still independent but with more muscle"

Supermassive MD Pete Samuels talks to us about the Nordisk acquisition, and the Until Dawn studio's five-year strategy to expand beyond horror and video games

Royelles CEO and founder Múkami Kinoti Kimotho explains the intent behind the educational metaverse app for girls

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