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"Al-Ibrahim hopes that using natural-history storytelling and celebrating what’s here today can help foster a deeper environmental ethic in the city and get people thinking more about how sound influences our well-being. "


‘How Facebook VR Could Introduce Next Generation Of Surveillance’

“in VR, much more than on your smartphone, both a person’s physical body movements and emotional reactions become far more accessible as data”


Also featuring quotes from @aral.

On our radar: forum.ind.ie/t/how-facebook-vr

Rather chuffed about wallabag.org/ , looks like I finally can merge & have some decent control over my (now rather large) instapaper & pocket archives.

This is a photo of a crashed kiosk advertising the menu and offers at a popular Norwegian pizza restaurant chain. It shows that the kiosk was running facial recognition and basic sentiment analysis on the people looking at it.

Based on the number of people who sent me this on Twitter, it’s clear that people care and are unhappy with corporate surveillance.

The worst bit? Compared to what Google and Facebook do daily and at scale, this is a toy.


@rayalez How does saving currently work? I noticed the "save online" button has vanished & it seems a bit up to chance what gets saved/lost between opening different trees..

Alpha version of Nulis is online! I'm so happy =)


Nulis is a tree editor for writers, making the process of outlining your stories, articles, and books easy and convenient.

Come check it out! I would really love to hear what you think about it.

(For now Nulis works best in Chrome, and there's no mobile version yet.)

The first 100 early adopters who will test it and send me some feedback or bug reports will receive free lifetime accounts!

@rayalez This is just what I've been looking for! Any chance there could be the ability to edit a card in something akin to a distraction free/fullscreen mode ala writeroom? (sort of as a lightbox like function). Could be very helpful when one needs to focus on a card for a little bit without "seeing" the context temporarily.

Is really the best option for rendering on ? I'm hearing positive things about ... (paying for a good render engine doesn't faze me the slightest, so the crucial bit is quality/speed and interoperability with blender)

@Fidgetcetera Hm, will have to look into that a bit then..

@korruptor The one that marketing told them to pursue? Good grief.

btw, anyone heard anything new about ? I'm very inclined to want to support it, but not quite sure how/if it can fit into current sort of setup (vive).

Hm. got to get my hands on a vive tracker or two.. just too many project ideas right now..


Imagine all digital devices being homes, havens, symbiotic interfaces with other life-forms. Swapping temperature, by-products and changes in location. Negotiations of life that are both personal and networked.

The GODDOGs are bothering us again.

I'm loving , however, I wish I could make lighting/world presets so that temporary forking between VR & Offline rendering wouldn't be so many extra clicks (not to mention project duplication etc.).