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So I am now here. This is a long term effort to quit Twitter while retaining my Internet pals, or most of them, or find new ones.

Today's politics would feel much less stressful if I'd be dead, similar to climate change, joint pain, household chores, fears, changes, loneliness, anxiety, the list goes on...
I am

Over the top excited that this guy is in the avatar core book by !
On a related note, magpiegames support was extremely good. Book was missing from drivethroughrpg, one email sent, answer received, followed the instructions, book downloaded. Flawless performance.

Zürich airport, there are cops with assault rifles just outside the coffee shop where I'm having my espresso. I am white, Swiss, I have ID, and it's not a super cool feeling for me, I don't feel safer now, just saying. Can't imagine what other ethnicities, war refugees etc. feel.

I'm in Zürich and forgot to say so! Coffee time?

Good morning.
GM bit of Wisdom:

The GM PLAYS your enemies, but they ARE the player characters' fan. Ideally, the players's fan too.

In the words of our barely living ancient Alemannian dialect... "Vougas, Aute!" 🤣


What would your catchphrase be if you were a captain?

Hit it! Engage! Let's fly! Something else?


If you want to know which epic moves by an other player got me from rank 499 to 500.
If you have never seen a giant fortress conquered by a clever thief and two random roamers.
Check out this vid (7m 35s, no sound):


🗺️ Here's ten awesome region sandbox maps, totally free! First up is The Point, by Jose Calvo (

See all the maps below or grab the high res pics on here:


Rocksmith ballads stream in 7 minutes/at 2005. Join and chill!

Shopping is tedious, bit with the help of I just spent 2h shopping for a stage/midi piano replacement. I don't think we found the perfect one, particularly below 1000$ it's difficult. The Yamaha P45 was ( is? ) very close though.

Good morning,
it's a Bisexuality day somewhere. If you're planning a coming out, it's two processes:
1: ok how do you want to do this?
2: be aware, you will be coming out again and again and again every time a potential close friend and/or spicy times partner enters your circle.


Kürzlich ist die neue Doppelausgabe (9 + 10) des bei der erschienen. Mitunter enthält diese die Beschreibung zu einem cthuloiden Wesen von mir.

Gestern erhielt ich meine reguläre Ausgabe sowie zwei Belegexemplare.


today's selfie
hair is doing whatever
will let it grow for a bit longer, could get better within a few weeks?

I took inventory of my instruments today, because asked for it. Felt it needed sharing. 🙂 I can't even play the flute anymore and the harmonica, I never could.
I love to play music. That does not mean I'm any good.

Update: I made it through episode 1 but it was stressful. I probably should mention this in therapy next time. Maybe I should have for a decade or so.
This is not normal - I should be able to enjoy a good - especially a GOOD - TV series, no?

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is intense. 😳 I'm not yet sure I can handle it. It's no doubt very good. Acting & everything top notch. The constant tension. The emotionality. It's really... it's as if I'm feeling too much of it, you know? I feel my heart racing. Every scene is real to me.

Reddit disproportionate bar pattern flags.
My same take on our Swiss flag. I still think it's funny.

(Reddit vexillology will give you the original post and thread of people actually knowing stuff about flags.)

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