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So I am now here. This is a long term effort to quit Twitter while retaining my Internet pals, or most of them, or find new ones.

Had a stressful afternoon so far. Defective water pipe in the bathroom.
Managed to contain the worst. No lasting damage except for the leaky pipe itaelf (or so I assume). Of course every regular plan for the afternoon had to be canceled. RPG stuff tomorrow hopefully.

I mean, you are actually hot Andronikos, but our communication has to improve, this is not a healthy way to discuss our relationship!
or ?

Good morning. ☀️

I hope to do more retro unboxing of my GM's preparation stuff today. 🙂

Some housekeeping is also required 🧹, then cooking lunch and dinner. 👨‍🍳

Also, I want to do either Ring Fit or elliptical / cardio sometime today. 💪

At least half a lifetime's work & dedication go into this kind of artistry., the most impressive thing I've seen in 2021 so far. Wow. Some parts were definitely better than the original, I lack the mind to process which ones, but... SO GOOD.


Foundry VTT is growing in exciting ways and we need to scale up to accomplish our bold vision.

We are looking for talented and creative problem solvers to join the team, check our our Employment Opportunities page for details!


Friends, I can't take it right now. Social media break from EVERYTHING until the afternoon, maybe longer. Text messages are online, if you want or need to text me. l8rs!

Good morning. It's Sunday. Going for playing gamea, relaxing butand also creating a to-do list for next week.

Hey I hope you approve of this message. 😊

was so impressive, and as a language nerd I immensely respect your work in from the get-go in the pilot. All those made up words through the seasons and you made everyone believe them. 👍


A little last night, brought a Motti ISD/Interdictor with Firesprays against Garm Assault Frigates with a Z95 swarm. Excessive Reserve Hangar Decks made the Zs hell to chew through and those dice added up, dropping my Interdictor flagship granting Rebels the win.


RT There's some captioned screenshots at and a text tutorial at, beyond that best bet I've found is to boot it up and just push some ships around for a bit to get a feel for the controls!


ordered pizza. 0 energy for cooking. a super unproductive Saturday. now Wandavision.

My latin teacher called me up to conjugate and I was like "puto? putavi! putabo." and she went OFF on me, saying "Or poe? Or poo? Or Bee?" I was like 14 or 15 and it hurt a lot. 🤕


Does anyone else have something a teacher said burned into their brain? Mine is when I answered a question in a seminar my first semester of grad school and the professor responded, “Ah, Thompson. Quick but wrong, as usual.”



Since many have asked today, all approved covid vaccinations are VERY effective in preventing normal lungs (on the L) from looking like ones that need life support (on the R)

Please pass it on: the brand doesn’t matter, as all will prevent severe illness from occurring.



As it’s , just a wee reminder I’ve got an extremely funny book coming out with and - the art is simply stunning and the gags will have you in tears.

Available to preorder now!

ISBN: 978178108922


I got inspired to find some Queen custom DLC for , and I absolutely loved playing bass on Tear It Up. I guess you can tell. What a fun song!

I might keep this idea of bridge trolls in my game being frequently polyamorous. I accidentally a head canon? Can't remember if that ever happened before? Now there has to be a magical reason why some trolls are guarding bridges & collecting fees...

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