Last night I went to sleep with some form of realization like "I need to do this, I should write it down before I forget", but I didn't write it down, and today I'm blanking out on it completely.

@Gargron This, but I was on an airplane and I thought “Nah, it’s so important that I will _have_ to remember it."

@Gargron oh god! That happens to me everyday! Not even kidding D:

@Gargron I understand the feeling, but now I do write down all my ideas.

@tragicmtg I don't just think about cats all day. Only most of the day

@Gargron Fair, also that would have been an easy one to remember I feel

@Gargron I am trying to follow what David Allen says in GTD: if it takes you less than 2 mins to do something, better do it immediately. That applies to writing stuff down I would forget later on. I don't always manage to keep everything on paper/phone/etc, but the 2 mins threshold is a good start.

@Gargron Happens to me every time. Whenever my wife verbally gives me a honey-do list, I'm like, "You're gonna have to give me the tasks one at a time, giving me each one once I finish a different one, or wait until I get something to write this down because once I start on the first task, the rest are gonna leave my memory completely."

@Gargron Dude...

Emacs + org-mode

Trust me on this one. Here have a look.

Ya can also link to your git tree in an org document so your todos/deadlines/reminders are all synced up.

And then there's orgzly for Android so your org notes and deadlines are also updatable on your mobile.

There's also google-calendar and webdav syncing you can set up as well.

@Gargron If you're more used to vim you can just get EVIL-mode installed so you have your vim experience back the way you remember it, but still have all the packages that emacs offers.

We the same. People be like "write it down so you don't forget" like we aren't going to forget to write it down.

@Granddad @Gargron I live by my lists; the trhill off scrathing off items or editing them, and the agony of them being transferred to the next list.

@Gargron have you tried bullet journals? Pretty effective at tracking action items imo

@Gargron The lesson: always write it down right now, else you'll get another instance of "this is not the best idea in the world; this is just a tribute".

The other lesson: maybe you didn't after all, and only _dreamt_ thinking of something profound and important, but hadn't really thought of anything at all.

If it's really good, it'll come back better and brighter.

Use a audio recorder for voice memos, standalone or on mobile.

@Gargron I usually do that with my columns but just get Bari to look up the latest cursed boomer snowflake meme and that's a 700 words right there

@Gargron wasn’t that the plot point in, like, the first episode of Seinfeld?

@Gargron do not worry, it will come back even better

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