I'm not happy with how the Wil Wheaton situation was resolved. An admin was overwhelmed with frivolous reports about him and felt forced to exile him. I've said before that I think it sets a dangerous precedent on how a large group of people can mobilize to drive anyone off the fediverse. Mob rule is universally dangerous: Mods and admins must examine evidence and decide based on wrongdoing and danger, and not on how many times someone was reported.

@Gargron 👏 wilw 👏 is 👏 a 👏 transphobe👏

@johnnydoe @Gargron nope, he isn't and he explained that in his last posts over on @wilw

@gr4yweb @Gargron you honestly expect me to buy that? :thonk:

@gr4yweb @Gargron honestly? you expect me to believe someone isn’t transphobic just because they say so?

@johnnydoe so you seem to be super clued in, why is he a transphobe other than using Randi’s block list (which he explained). Cuz I googled it and found nothing else. I did find a thing he did for a trans charity. And someone who roundabout accused him via TBBT, but 🤷‍♀️. What the hell am I missing?!

@clarissawam are you aware of just how profoundly detrimental said blacklist has been to the trans community?

@clarissawam many trans people have began using the fediverse as their primary social networking tool because they believed the anti-terf agenda promoted by its various administrators made it a safe space

now the administration of its most popular primarily English speaking community defending a major contributor to the oppression that lead them here for the sake of principle without consideration for how this affects the sense of safety in the community

@johnnydoe but he said he amended it / stopped using it when he realised this. I mean, I guess he could be lying, but when he’s otherwise behaved as an ally, why should he?
I hate this “not good enough” attitude of left / liberals. This tendency to try & catch people @ being imperfect and go “AHA! GOTCHA!” It is super tiresome & not helpful.

@gayhobbes @johnnydoe I’ll give you that he’s whiny and over-sensitive, but he’s also basically been bashed from all sides for years for being too X or not Y enough. I’d probably be petulant and trigger-happy on the block button too.
I’m still not convinced he deliberately meant harm with the blocklist.

@gayhobbes @johnnydoe yeah, I know, falls into “whiny”. But can we agree he’s not a Nazi and/or a TERF? (I mean... some people think so but 🙄)
And what will you achieve by going “FUCK YOU WIL!!” Convince him? Even if half a dozen people try to reason with him, if this is drowned out in 10000 “FU Wil”s, how do you expect him to change?
& even if he NEVER changes, “FU Wil” is still dumb and shitty and counter-productive.

@gayhobbes @johnnydoe but isn’t that really shitty (provided we can agree he’s not a Nazi or TERF, just a self-absorbed privileged white dude)? People can easily block / mute him if they don’t want to engage him.
I’m SUPER not a free speech absolutist, but “we don’t like you so we’ll hound you off” is shitty. ALLOWED, for sure, but shitty.

@gayhobbes @johnnydoe yeah I read that and that's lame and shitty too. ALL SIDES were shitty in this particular episode! But come on, he didn't do anything here BEFORE people started in on him.

@clarissawam if you hate leftist politics this isn’t the social network for you might i suggest it’s a paradise for people like wilw

@johnnydoe I don’t hate leftist politics, I’m a leftie myself (& have been for longer than you’ve been alive 😂).
I do dislike some stuff (some part of) “the Left” does, and I should be allowed to criticise it AS a Leftie. We have to do better. And this in-fighting we’re prone to is SUPER DESTRUCTIVE. The other side is stronger than it’s been in decades. Shoving imperfect allies like wilw to their side is gonna achieve what exactly?

@clarissawam I think this video is super relevant to your exchange of #wilw.

The guy speaking is gay, liberal, married. You might be interested in what he has to say.

@dredmorbius @clarissawam I’m curious. Did you watch the video?

This is a sort of ‘ad hominem’ fallacy, though perhaps ‘ad ordinato.’

I’m interested primarily in discussing the ideas being shared, not the person/organization sharing them.

@Demo318 SPLC goes to creedibility, character, reputation, trust, and bias.

I watched the video to the point its failures of trust, bias, and credibility were glaringly apparent.


@dredmorbius @clarissawam And I suppose I’ve enjoyed this thread even last that threshold.

@Demo318 And my principle point is that if your interest is in discussing ideas, you might find a less tainted source:

"PragerU releases one video per week on various topics from a conservative viewpoint."

Particularly as your entire basis for recommending the video was in fact the source's identity, not ideas or validity:

> The guy speaking is gay, liberal, married. You might be interested in what he has to say.


@dredmorbius @Demo318 goodness, a whole argument went on in my thread & I missed it. Funny, I remember the Kevin Kruse thread mentioned in the SPLC article.
Signed, intolerant Leftie

@clarissawam What list are they referring to?Sorry a ton of boosted posts came up on my timeline & Im still kind of in the dark. Didnt even know who Wheaton was or the posters.

@johnnydoe @clarissawam I mean, sure, but, are people ever allowed to make mistakes? He said it was a mistake, he stopped doing it, does that still mean he is poisoned forever?

@Gargron People with different opinions than mine should never be allowed to speak

@knotlump People who reduce complex matters of bigotry, power, and social dynamics to "different opinions than mine" should voluntarily abstain from speaking until they figure out how now to be absurdly disingenuously reductive on the subject

@Smokinjoe @Sallystrange Excellent name calling. I'm just not cool with totalitarianism. Feel free to block me. I've cried myself to sleep before. I'll live

@knotlump @Smokinjoe People expressing the opinion that you're not being direct is not totalitarianism

@Sallystrange @Smokinjoe Totalitarianism is a group of people working to silence someone they don't agree with. Not just stop listening to, but silencing completely. That is dangerous. I don't know this Wheaton cat at all, sounds like he's a dick, so block him. Block all his accounts. The arrogance it takes to believe it's good idea to stop one individual from ever being heard again is astounding to me

@knotlump @Smokinjoe LOL @ "stop one individual from ever being heard from again"

Nobody is going to kill Wil Wheaton. If you can't make your point without blatantly dishonest analogies, maybe your point sucks. Also adding to the probability that your point sucks: commenting in total ignorance. Additional irony points: complaining about the arrogance of others in the same breath.

@Sallystrange @Smokinjoe I never said anyone was going to kill him. I'm satisfied that I've expressed my opinion and I was able to do so without making personal statements/judgements about you and so I plan to move on now. Have a nice life.

@knotlump @Smokinjoe How else would we "ensure that [Wil Wheaton] was never heard from again"? People want him away from here, not sleeping with the fishes. That's the trouble with weasel words!

@knotlump @Sallystrange shame you're also not cool with having a discussion in good faith

@knotlump yes, really.

You began by making mountains out of ant hills, then doubled down by trying to make yourself a victim.

After that, I don't really see the need in taking you seriously.

@Smokinjoe I'm not a victim. Do whatever you want. Just expressing my opinion, I could care less if you like it

@knotlump @Smokinjoe Adherence to superficial norms of civility is not the same as engaging in good faith discussion

@Sallystrange @Smokinjoe I believe I was engaging in a good faith discussion. I expressed mine points of view and listened to yours. Take care

@knotlump @Smokinjoe You repeatedly framed the issue in overly simplified and misleading ways, using vague phrasing to escape accountability for being wrong & inflammatory

@knotlump What is your point, and how does my pointed mockery of your use of weasel words help you make it?

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