I haven't played with friends for a few days and it's catching up to me. Feeling lonely. And because i couldn't push out 2.6.0 today, unaccomplished as well 😞

@Gargron Hey, it’s ok! You are one person and I’m sure you’re doing the best you can.

@Gargron A teacher repeteadly said us: "We are planning to make mistakes", there is not problem with that.

beware of burn outs, delegate and scale up before it's too late.

@Gargron and don’t forget: you are doing a magnificent job! 1000x👍🤗

@Gargron You're doing a fine job! Don't fall into the imposter syndrome trap or similar. No need to burn out. Also, get some rest :)

@Gargron I'm relatively new here, but is nice place and I like it. You do great job, so thank you. IMHO you will never be alone here. 👍

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