Reading the spec. Seems simple enough, would anyone benefit from us adding that? Is anyone using that?

@Gargron If I remember correctly, SEO-multichannel publishers like Buffer send it, CMSes like Wordpress generate it, and search engines like Google consume it.

@aeveltstra Eh seriously? Are we definetely talking about the same thing?

@Gargron Possibly not! My memory fails me at times. I will check.

@deadsuperhero @Gargron Ah, yes. My bad. I read that the Micropub vocab is derived from Microformats, but they don't implement alike.

@Gargron lots of #indieweb uses for it. Discussing with feed readers, posting with, selectively reposting from other places. Great test suite at

@Gargron Seems redundant with the Mastodon API, and if you're not supporting ActivityPub C2S then why also support Micropub?

@trwnh Micropub is a lot simpler than ActivityPub C2S

@Gargron Probably true but still redundant. Ultimately not harmful to add, I guess? I just can't see why, unless you were going for a multi-protocol approach.

@gargron I wouldn't have a problem with it but why not implement ActivityPub's C2S spec? :)

@cwebber @Gargron you could be the first fediverse platform to support C2S, Eugen! 😀

@Gargron I'm planning on implementing it in WriteFreely, personally. It'd be awesome if Mastodon supported it too! I think Micropub in Mastodon is a great idea! It's a simple API (especially for posting) with support from a lot of different tools now.

Make it like any other tag list. No need for an "add new tag" button, just type.

Like StackOverflow's tags section of the question editor

There are a bunch of great Micropub apps for the Web, iOS and Android so I definitely think it would be helpful to add Micropub support. 

@Gargron It would light up a bunch of nice posting clients for free to post to Mastodon. e.g. I currently post to the micropub endpoint on my own website via shpub (command-line client), Omnibear (browser extension client), and Indigenous (Android client).

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