The new server picker is live on, I hope you like it!

@Gargron It looks good but When I selected language to korean lists are gone,,, is It intended?

Before this patch there were korean instances, though there were false-positive sites :/

@Gargron oh then the list changed to manual submission? ok thank you for letting me know!

Great! I see my instance, but if a search for an "Italian Language" instance it returns a "No results… for now!" :(

@filippodb Put DEFAULT_LOCALE=it in your .env.production

@Gargron @filippodb Hrmm, I run a bilingual Cymraeg/English instance... and I'm managed hosted so not always simple to get certain changes made. Sad to see us disappear if you pick Cymraeg. I get the point though, guess I need to decide which default to go with.

@jaz @Gargron well choose Cymraeg, you'll create your mastodon niche instances because basically almost all instance accept english messages and some of them are really huge now, no reason to be another english instance if you could be the best Cymraeg instance.
I think it's fine to declare only one language, previously there were so many instances that declared to be "italian" language but almost none had italian posts...

@Gargron great, it works! is now listed as an "Italiano" instance! 👍

@Gargron language selector could check the browser hints maybe?

@mmu_man For now it's not practical because most entries are under English

A few random thoughts (uh, sorry if you're not looking for thoughts/criticisms/tweak-suggestions. Just ignore if so?) 

@gaditb They are ranked by closeness to 800 active users

@Gargron I mean, It limits visibility of other instances, I mean sure you want a certain line in the server mod, but the federation is for the person to be free to choose which server they want to join.

@Gargron Gute Sache, aber die Sprache "deutsch", Kategorie " regional" liefert keine Ergebnisse. Wenn ich auf "englisch" wechsele kommen zwei Server, beides deutschsprachige .. Ist die Datenbasis so schlecht?

@Gargron Woher kommen die Informationen, die Du über Instanzen hast?

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