I was notified that @tateisu's Mastodon app "Subway Tooter" has received a warning from the Google Play Store citing user-generated content that "incites discrimination".

A Mastodon app does not host or promote any content. The user types the address to connect to. The responsibility of moderating resides with that server. So unless Google is going to drop Chrome, Firefox and Opera from its platform, this is completely out of line.

Source in Japanese:

I knew this reminded me of something, I looked it up and similar things have happened to at least one podcast app in the past. Eventually Google admitted there was no violation but only after the story gained publicity.

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@Gargron Google standard operating practice: Oppress people until it's a PR problem.

@ned This is almost word for word the same thing spammers whine about on

Audiences tuning you out and telling other people their opinion about you is not discrimination.

@Gargron @tateisu We can't trust Big N to support a free and open Internet if it isn't in their financial interests. We have to do it ourselves.

@Gargron @tateisu Does Subway Tooter filter out Gab-type instances? Bet the Gab types are brigading the reporting system if so. 😒

Yes, Fedilab has also 7 days to bring changes without knowing what exactly.

@Gargron wait wasn't fedilab the one that went paid-only immediately after people complained that it unblocked Gab?

Two facts quite separate in time that had nothing to do with it. Apart from the fact that @fedilab is not only paid, it is free in F-Droid and a payment option was created in Play Store warning that it could be used for free anyway.

And it's totally false. Fedilab was a paid app before the gab issue :)
@ben @Gargron

@fedilab @Gargron @tateisu I don't even think you can change anything to your app to comply with their demand 😢

@fedilab @Gargron just add a warning to the login screen that paint the app as a “browser”/“messenger” and not responsible for content accessed or sent

Publicity is the only thing that'll get Google to back down now. Time to start contacting the large tech news sites and making your case. Make sure to ask followers to read, comment on same share any articles, so news sites see interest and follow up. I'd make sure to add in the analogy between Fedilab and Chrome too, as that's an idea Google won't want spreading, thus encouraging them to take action to make this go away quickly.
@gargron @tateisu

@fedilab @Gargron @tateisu Has anyone gotten in touch with the tusky devs to see if they're being affected? After all, I do know that they've taken steps to block access to certain communities that fall into that category ( such as gab ) from using their app

@fedilab @Gargron @tateisu
Even if you will be forced to ban servers which unapproved by Democratic Party and SJW, could you publish apk without this ban like Gab did when they had own application?

@Gargron @tateisu I don't speak japanese so I can't directly verify this, but if it is then we need to be up in fucking arms.

@Gargron twitter banned from app stores for doing nothing about nazis when?

@Gargron @tateisu Google Play is a joke, and they constantly harass developers over completely unintelligible nonsense 😕

@bortzmeyer @Gargron @tateisu ah yes, because wanting to prevent the spread of nazi propaganda is censorship now

thank you for your valuable input

@Gargron It is time to report Google Chrome for letting people surf content that incites discrimination.

We should also terminate the internet as it's a place where racists and pedos and some other are active and promote shit.

@Gargron @tateisu Just proposed this as one of the topics for "Radio-T" podcast.

Hope that publicity can help to solve this issue.

@Gargron web browsers promote hate content and should be banned from all app stores immediately

@gargron that's incredible.

I guess Gopher and Gemini clients are next on the list. :thonking:

google trying to remove fediverse apps 

@Gargron @tateisu reminds me of cory doctorow's "how to stop surveillance capitalism" where he indicates, among other things, that big tech companies being forced to police their own users ends up working to consolidate their power.

"Allowing the platforms to grow to their present size has given them a dominance that is nearly insurmountable — deputizing them with public duties to redress the pathologies created by their size makes it virtually impossible to reduce that size. [...] We can work to fix the internet by breaking up Big Tech and depriving them of monopoly profits, or we can work to fix Big Tech by making them spend their monopoly profits on governance. But we can’t do both. We have to choose between a vibrant, open internet or a dominated, monopolized internet commanded by Big Tech giants that we struggle with constantly to get them to behave themselves."

@Gargron @tateisu

at a certain extent, this is good. It means google hasn’t find a way to make money out of the fediverse. Otherwise, any content was good….

@Gargron @tateisu This is what Gab was trying to do, right? Create a situation where Google has to either allow them or ban all fediverse clients? Does anyone know if apps like Tusky who took steps to protect themselves have been treated the same or differently?

@Gargron @tateisu inb4 "let's block a password app because it allows the user to store a password to a website that we consider hate speech"
dumb shit.
@Gargron @tateisu "let's block image viewers because they allow the users to view images of hate speech"

@Gargron @tateisu
But Mastodon bans Gab server long before Google did it. Google just follows SJW leadership.

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