@Gargron Kurzgesagt is the best source of existential crisises.

@Gargron Off Topic: Could you please check dms? I've dmd you good ideas.

This assumes that faster-than-light travel is impossible and that the universe actually expands, and does so such that this expansion affects actual distances in space. Neither of those things have been 100% proven, so I'd be careful with depressive thoughts just yet 😏

@grishka The sad thing is imagining some future civilization seeing a dark sky and never knowing about the other stars

Eugen, it is, but I really hope this is all wrong and redshift is caused by something else entirely

@grishka We're inside a gaming computer and red is the next cycle of the LEDs

@Gargron My 4 year old absolutely loves that channel. He's obsessed with quantum physics.

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