You can now install the Mastodon for TestFlight through the link on Patreon:

@Gargron already installed🥰. Waited so long for this 👏

@aledjones @Gargron I see the text is inspired by the another guy that has Affinity Designer
I hope my recommendations will take place in Mastodon too UwU

@Gargron The app looks fine so far. Is there a way to see the local and federated timeline or is this not available right now?

@Gargron Amazing! Great work :clapping: Will the beta also become publicly available in time? :blobcatgiggle:

@Gargron What's the reason for a native app? Mastodon works so well as a PWA. Or is this just a wrapper for the web version to support Push Notifications?

@preya So ur sayinf we dont need an ios app? If yes, i disagree. Plus, this looks 69420% better than the web one

@Gargron patreon is banned in my country, is the android beta app out yet?

@Gargron Best place to provide feedback and/or bug reports?

@mcg People are somehow submitting feedback through TestFlight though I don't know how to do it 'cause I've never tried. You can comment on the Patreon post or worst case just @ me here, if it's a bug that nobody else reported I'll mark it down.

@Nixfreak Professional UX designers worked on it. Also, it received updates in the last 12 months 😛

@Gargron I'm way behind, but is there a plan for Android as well?

@Gargron with this rolling out and @pixelfed we will be unstoppable 💪


Those unsung heroes like youself, Eugen, who contribute to a sustainable value based society will remain engraved in our hearts forever!
Whenever the universe attempts to put you down, keep this in mind: we are eternally grateful.

@Gargron ehh, only for patrons? it is not open for people who dont have how to pay?

@pax Yeah, it’s not. You’ll need to wait until the app is released on the App Store.

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