Hahahaahahaha holy shit. Hiveway is a fork of Mastodon with blockchain slapped on top, selling ICO tokens, and John McAfee is involved. Wew lad

@gargron At least they removed the Masto branding so if they do a scam-like type of shit maybe Masto won't suffer from it :')

@Laurelai @Gargron John "Probably Killed Someone, Like, For Real" McAfee

@Gargron @Laurelai He totally didn't, you can't prove anything, you'll never take him alive!

@Gargron It federates with Mastodon, so I'm happy that it exists 😁

@Gargron I foresee no possible way in which this goes badly. /sarcasm

@Gargron Well, I guess you'll have to stop developing Mastodon. You can't compete with something that has a blockchain /s

@Gargron Was trying to read their whitepaper. The hypocrisy was intolerable. Had to give up.

@Gargron what does the coin even uh do.

Toots are proof of work

@Vopo @Gargron They didn't even mention that it's mastodon based.
1. Install mstdn.
2. Change theme and some text.
3. Profit??
Looks like scam to me.
What do you think?

@Gargron I am glad to see yet another proof of how companies and investors create value everyday.

@gargron Hiveway is such an awful name too. It brings to mind either itchy red bumps, or a shitload of bees, on a highway.

@vantablack @gargron tbh, I read 'hiveway' in the timeline with no context and I was like "is this some new homestuck thing?"

@vantablack @Gargron Subway Tooter decided to randomly pull up this year old toot and man that was hilariously dumb

@Gargron It’s like all of the folks that were too lazy to build their own thing are determined to appear INNOVATIVE without actually doing the work.

It’s pretty funny to be quite honest.

@Gargron 'the first self-governed decentralized social platform. ' WAIT FOR IT HERE IT COMES

@gargron so, instead of helping build blockchain on top of Mastodon, they fork and reinvent the wheel. What shits.

@Gargron "what if we took a social network designed to not be monetized or advertised with, and then monetize it and add advertisements"

@Gargron wow they don't even mention you
that's terrible

@Gargron I presume the in their fork includes as prerequisites a cocktail of drugs to take so that their ideas start to make sense...

@Gargron On the plus side, I like the idea of splitting user data across nodes so that k among n nodes are both sufficient (resiliency) and required (privacy) to access your data. If there's any chance part of the ICO can fund development of such features that is.

@Gargron I totally agree with what is said in this thread, but the positive thing is that you+we made a very good product or else John McAfee wouldn't had fork it. 😉

This is also an opportunity for us to advertise the *original* Hiveway experience, called Mastodon. 😜

@gargron i wouldn't laugh, McAfee is not someone to mess with if all the stories about him are true. He can go after you. ;-)

@Gargron "Hiveway
The first decentralised democratic social network"

@Gargron Took a look, and Hiveway doesn't really look any different from Mastodon. All they've added is Silicon Valley hype, which'll only make a difference to investors.

And while they've removed references to Mastodon (not nice of them), there's still mentions of federation. Which should look fishy to some.

So Mastodon should stay firm and will probably outlast this silliness.

@Gargron Also doesn't the AGPL require them to advertise that you can ask them for their code? Or otherwise how to obtain it?

@Gargron At least we can talk to @Mcafeenomad

But please read what I said on Twitter to you John (see image).

#hiveway #mastodon

From what I see in their whitepaper, they actually say it's a fork from Mastodon and that it will include advertising and a token that will be used to reward people running nodes and pay the salaries of the team that will run the platform. If the outcome will be a better an improved Mastodon, why the hell not ? Mastodon needs a lot of funding to become a real social network. Hiveway will have that. Why not work together with them ?

@gargron Why do they base it on Masto instead of adding ActivityPub federation to something like Urbit or SSB?

@sl2c @gargron oh right, they couldn't do an ICO with those


well, let's not give them any ideas

@Gargron why didn't you tell me we were playing Spot the Buzzword?

@Gargron @jasondclinton

[Citation needed]

...But, provisionally, that is the biggest WTF!?? of today's social media consumption.

@Gargron (Logging on to masto) I wonder what I missed yesterday... :tinking:

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