I've made a deliberate choice against a quoting feature because it inevitably adds toxicity to people's behaviours. You are tempted to quote when you should be replying, and so you speak at your audience instead of with the person you are talking to. It becomes performative. Even when doing it for "good" like ridiculing awful comments, you are giving awful comments more eyeballs that way. No quote toots. Thank's

I was just answering a question that multiple new people asked me, it's not like I *just* made the decision. Didn't expect this toot to blow up of all things haha. This has been my position since that feature was requested for the first time more than a year ago

@Gargron that's actually the smartest thing ive ever read thats srsly amazing twitter could never :toot:

@Gargron Funny thing, I already can do the same in Mastodon: toot my message with a link to the original toot. I don't need to notify the author of the quoted toot, anyway.

It may be not as visually clean, but it works.

@espectalll @Gargron it even puts in a preview card, AFAIK (albeit not in timeline views)

@calvin @Gargron It does, as Mastodon adds the necessary Open Graph metadata.

@espectalll Like, having it be included in the UI as a button, so that more people can do it without any thought or extra work.

@trwnh I personally think the worst part of quoting on Twitter is sending a notification to the author of the quoted tweet - it'd probably not be a bad thing for anyone you only end up addressing only your public.

@trwnh I personally think the worst part of quoting on Twitter is sending a notification to the author of the quoted tweet - it'd probably not be a bad thing for anyone if it's made in a way that makes you only talk to your followers.

@trwnh Yes, I know, toxic behavior, sure. I'm still unsure. Oh well.

@espectalll Well, it almost seems worse to NOT notify you when someone is talking about you -- the easiest answer is to make it non-obvious. Toots already show previews, so you can still talk about it to your followers, but that makes it a conscious decision rather than something you do absent-mindedly.

@Gargron (also, now that I notice: could you make it possible to drag an URL into the search box? That would be useful quoting or not)

@MPurpureus On a toot, right-click on its time tag. Copy the link and paste it into a new toot.

@espectalll That's what I thought, but it seemed like the wrong way to do it

@MPurpureus Welp, there's no other "right way" if Gargron doesn't want to implement it.

@carcinopithecus consider the following: there's nothing preventing Mastodon from providing a "hide mentions" or "hide mention previews" option. And they could also be CW'd.

@Gargron now im reflecting and yes quoting can be really toxic bc it can lead to a wave of ridicularization of what people say or show on social media i use it a lot there (not in this way of couse lol) so it will be missed but i can fully understand why

@Gargron This is a good decision. More than just spreading bad ideas, quoting encourages snark instead of sincerity. It's so toxic on twitter in part, I believe, because of quote tweets.

@a_breakin_glass @Gargron Snark _is_ horrible and I'm glad that Mastodon isn't structured to encourage it. Social networks should encourage sincerity and a sense of earnest care.

@ashfurrow @gargron one person's method of relieving tension is another's horrible I guess.

and I doubt a social network can encourage sincerity, tbh, for a variety of reasons. the façade constructed by social media in-and-of-itself for one.

@a_breakin_glass You don't think that software can be designed to encourage types of behaviour eh? Or discourage it?

@ashfurrow I just don't think _social media_ can overcome that particular behavior

@a_breakin_glass that’s not what I said, let’s leave the goalposts where they are. Can software be designed to encourage or discourage behaviour in its users?

@Gargron quote rts was one of the most toxic things to happen to twitter. it was a real tipping point into nastiness!

@Gargron But here comes another problem: if someone need to let his/her audience know that toot, but they are speaking another language than the original toot, is it right to use comments? I think at this situation quotes are better because commenting using another language seems unrespectful.
For example, if I wrote a comment here in Chinese to explain your ideas to my audiences, (I think) it may make you or other people feel uncomfortable.

@KayMW Oh people sometimes do that, I'm okay with that.

@Gargron Thank you for the well considered decision.!

Quoting is the equivalent of talking about someone to others while the person is standing right there. It's condescending and juvenile.

@Gargron (Continue to the last comment) The question you said really exists, but there still is a need for quote. I haven't find a better solution yet. XD

@gargron people'll just screenshot anyway, and at least with quote toots someone KNOWS what's being said about them; with screenshots, it's all behind the back

@Gargron I didn't know a decision has been made against this feature so it's great you tooted

>changes position on search which is still easily abusable by admins
>refuses to budge in position on something even less abusable

le wat

@a_breakin_glass you're not making a lot of sense. Admins have always been able to search things on their own server, that's just something you do with databases

@a_breakin_glass I have not changed my position on search one bit. I have implemented a form of search that fits my vision. Like literally, this search just saves you scrolling through your notifications or your own profile or your favourites, nothing else.

You can really stop @'ing me about it.

@a_breakin_glass ...okay so, as an admin, how is this any easier to abuse as an admin than just running a db query is now?

@a_breakin_glass The version of search that was actually implemented is *very* constrained—it just indexes the toots you have interacted with.

I don't know what the "abusable by admins" thing is about; it's only indexing toots that are already in the database...

@Gargron That has explained a lot, thank you.
Another thing, mastodon allows users to request their activitypub archive, but if someone want to move from one account to another (or from one instance to another), there's still no way to imput all the toots he or she posted in the previous account. Is that also a delibrate design?

@isagalaev @Gargron

a boost still allows the original creator to destroy the original toot

if I boost your toot and you delete it, the boost boosts nothing

if I quote it and you delete it, the quote is still there

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