Seeing about 4x increased sign up and tooting rate across the fediverse for this week

nazism mention 

nazism mention 

nazism mention 

@Gargron How do you tend to get the word out about Mastodon? I still talk to friends and family regularly about Mastodon, and most have never even heard of it. That's the main issue I think: ignorance of our existence.

@kellerjustin @Gargron when you sign up to an instance there should be some initial ones.

For others you could use the #ff hashtag or see who the people you follow are following

@Gargron Must be all the #deletefacebook stuff and all that.
Also, Twitter isn't the best place to be either...

@pwseo @Gargron yesterday I saw a friend posting about going to Diaspora. Of his own volition, without me telling him about it. People are searching for alternatives, which is cool. ^-^

@eloisa @Gargron Yeah, but we still have a lot to do. Most of my friends still use Facebook Messenger to chat with each other. Most of those who don't use FB Messenger end up using WhatsApp (which is not that much better). I managed to convince some friends and co-workers to use Telegram, and my wife uses Signal... So it's a very fragmented ecosystem, for now.

@pwseo @Gargron I feel ya, even though I don't have that as a personal problem (my calls & SMS plan is illimited).

But I do when it pertains to Mastodon, Diaspora & alike.

I'm still feeling burned out from the early days of Diaspora & how all my efforts to bring ppl were pretty much useless.

I was way better off with just meeting new people in (t)here, than bringing my own.

I'd like this to change, though, and after 6 years I'm finally having some hope again. :,)

@Gargron a lot of signups i saw. Hope they stick around! 10.000 active on would be nice :)

@gargron What's your workflow for monitoring those statistics? I mean, is there a data visualization page that could show me the same information?

@Gargron I was on other servers but the post today prompted me to get on .social for the first time!

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