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Despite all the public objections from India, the Chinese ship will dock and stay in Sri Lanka for 5 days twitter.com/the_hindu/status/1

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When the British were sending freedom fighters to the gallows & to jail, these Sanghi pseudo-nationalists actively supported & collaborated with the British Raj against our freedom fighters.

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| "Take a pledge to work for society and the country. We will go to the gallows for the country. We will work for the country...Life should be dedicated to India": Mohan Bhagwat, RSS Chief, at the 'Uttishtha Bharat' event in Nagpur | reported by news agency ANI

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He was about to raise an army in three days to go to the border areas if any trouble erupted. China captured Indian territories in Ladakh more than two years ago and still expanding its military facilities in the area.
Where is his nicker army? twitter.com/ndtv/status/155869

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सवाल तो हम पूछेंगे...
20 लाख करोड़ के पैकेज का क्या हुआ?

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The utterly shameless BJP government of @BSBommai@twitter.com in Karnataka uses tax-payer money for an Independence Day ad without a mention or photo of Jawaharlal Nehru—who spent 9 years in jail for India’s freedom, and was its first prime minister for 17. Shame. @CMofKarnataka@twitter.com

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Narendra Modi could not get back black money from Swiss banks back to the country , a promise he made to the nation 9 years ago on which he came to power .

But he definitely got Black Magic to the country .

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देख रहे हो ₹2000 की नोट में चिप का कमाल,
विडीओ से नेहरू जी को ही ग़ायब कर दिया।


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Why did Karnataka BJP govt drop First Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru's name from the list of Freedom fighters? Also Tippu Sultan's name is from State Freedom fighters' list.
Rewriting History @Karnataka_DIPR@twitter.com ?

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The Indian EAM’s statement & Chinese Ambassador’s Statement polar opposites!! Situation is dangerous, still Modi attends Brics summit & India’s imports from China stands at 7.02 trillion as per commerce ministry data!!

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मोदी के जुमले,
जनता पर हमले।

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If Modi insists on marking 14th August as , it's only apt that we take a closer look at one of the champions of partition, Shyama Prasad Mookherjee.

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AAP मॉडल सिर्फ झूठे प्रचार की बुनियाद पर खड़ा किया गया है। इससे ज्यादा बेशर्मी की बात और क्या हो सकती है कि दिल्ली में विज्ञापन पर ₹19 करोड़ से ज्यादा खर्च कर सिर्फ दो लोगों को लोन दिया गया।

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Who is really free?
75 years of Independence and a child gets beaten to death by a HINDU teacher for drinking water from a pot.


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Who are those people who set fire the farm land of in Nabarangpur District? Locals say that they are BJP-BJD goons,people need an answer to this barbaric act. Congress will investigate this matter further. We will stand with the people of this state.

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Twice she could have been the prime minister and twice she refused it.

She has been in the list of top ten most powerful women for years.

She knows this journey is not easy. She worries for three things - her nation, her party and her son.


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... instead of running away she consolidated and nurtured the Congress.

She helped give us MNREGA, the right to information, the food security bill and more.

She helped push the India-US civil nuclear agreement and the aadhaar. She led her party to victory twice.


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She's been in India for 54 years. She knows her son is in one frenetic and hazardous journey. She has seen her mother in law slowly bleed to death in her arms. She has cremated the same lady's son when he was blown apart.

Twice she has seen her family die for India, but...


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आज़ादी के महानायक पंडित नेहरू तुम्हारे विज्ञापन के मोहताज नहीं

लेकिन तुम्हारी कुंठा पर तरस आता है

तुम जितना उनका तिरस्कार करोगे उतना उनका विराट व्यक्तित्व और उभरेगा - इतिहास मिटाना मुमकिन नहीं

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