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India eradicated smallpox & polio only because these vaccines were universal & free

Nobody needed a smart phone, internet access or be tech literate, to get vaccinated

Covid vaccines are in short supply & out of the reach of the underprivileged, allowing the virus to mutate.

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"डबल इंजन सरकार" of BJP-RSS & its allies only means 2 govts will coordinate in facilitating deaths of people.

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This is the original Demolition Squad at work through their stooges in govt.

They began with the demolition of an old mosque, but will not stop until they have demolished our democracy, our constitution & India's future

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has a deadline to be completed by 2022.

There's NO deadline for ensuring that free foreign aid reaches patients promptly.

There's NO deadline to complete the 15 AIIMS grandly announced by Modi.

There's NO deadline for vaccinating all Indians urgently.

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Time up.

India has paid a very heavy price for this fake fakeer with luxurious tastes, who works 18 hrs a day to sell India to his rich, monopolistic crony capitalist pals.

Quit now with your cabinet.

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Why is Modi begging for international Covid aid, when he has thousands of crores to splurge on a unnecessary Central in the midst of a deadly wave sweeping India?

Notorious Nero earns international notoriety once again


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Data fudging will cover the vaccine shortage for Modi's Sarkar.

Govt app shows vaccinations have fallen 50% since Tika Utsav began

People's appointments are being cancelled, but they are told they are "vaccinated successfully" & given a certificate with Modi's picture.

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Modi's vaccine policy is a fiasco.
Modi Sarkar's decision to deregulate vaccine procurement, deliveries & put a price on vaccines in the face of a shortage, will leave millions of people unvaccinated.

It compromises the nation’s defence against the virus

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What's ?

This👇 was the special recipe:

As Covid cases soared🔺️
Vaccinations sharply dropped🔻

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@RahulGandhi@twitter.com @GauravPandhi@twitter.com Modis Operandi

Deny & make tall claims
Create super spreader events
Manufacture vaccine shortage
Ignore scientific advisors
Ignore parliamentary panel
Manufacture oxygen shortage
Preside over mass deaths
Hide behind lapdogs

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Has Modi's Digital India set up an online inventory showing stocks and distribution of all the free Covid aid pouring into India from around the world?


Thread on relief items 👇 twitter.com/CNBCTV18News/statu

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One of the most credible medical journals - 'The Lancet' has this to say about PM Modi's Govt.

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रोजाना भारत में लगभग चार लाख कोरोना संक्रमित मामले आ रहे हैं और बड़ी तादाद में लोगों की मौत हो रही है, लेकिन मोदी सरकार अपना ध्यान छवि बचाने में लगा रही है। अब सरकार को देश से सार्वजनिक तौर पर माफी मांग कर नई रणनीति के साथ काम करना शुरू करना चाहिए।

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Notional losses could have built only Notional AIIMS, like the 15 AIIMS announced by Modi back in 2014-15

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Number of AIIMS that Could have been Build :

》CWG Scam = 100 AIIMS
》 2G scam = 300 AIIMS
》Coal Scam = 400 AIIMS
》Bank NPA scam = 800 AIIMS

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@MeghUpdates@twitter.com The CBI court said 2G spectrum sale as not a scam.
Coal allocations- some BJP leaders were also involved.
And why was no chargesheet filed even 7 years after BJP came to power.
Now come to the point.
Why no oxygen and medicines?
Why no ICU beds?
Why no jobs?
Why no vaccines?

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Even world’s most reputed Medical Journals like Lancet are gunning on Modi now.

First Indian PM to recieve such honors 🙏🙏

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@geetv79@twitter.com It's there on paper.

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