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Hey. I'm @GeneticJen on the Nazi-filled site. Really into gaming, sci-comm, coding silly stuff, and cute picnics. Scottish. Will toot mostly in English and 日本語. Oh I'm trans. I haven't found an instance where I want to stay yet but this will do for now while I figure things out. Fuck TERFs.

I won't rest until my lanyard is just flags and animal astronauts

This is FaceApp doing a "gender swap", which apparently makes a stereotypically female and male version of you :/

Really happy with this run dispite some silly mistakes. The Summit in 13:24. Game is Celeste (goty imo)

If you use Safari on macOS, you can right-click the address bar when visiting a site to get ‘Settings for This Website’ such as disallowing use of mic/camera/location (useful on dodgy sites!) and the page zoom level (handy when the text size is too small!) A very hidden menu.

Is there a name for the logical fallacy that leads to people resisting a solution because it doesn't solve everything, even though they also agree that any "better" solution isn't available?

In the waiting room showing off my new aesthetic: matte neon pink Dark Souls

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