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Hey. I'm @GeneticJen on the Nazi-filled site. Really into gaming, sci-comm, coding silly stuff, and cute picnics. Scottish. Will toot mostly in English and 日本語. Oh I'm trans. I haven't found an instance where I want to stay yet but this will do for now while I figure things out. Fuck TERFs.

do you ever just find yourself thinking about Winona Ryder like

Is there a name for the logical fallacy that leads to people resisting a solution because it doesn't solve everything, even though they also agree that any "better" solution isn't available?

In the waiting room showing off my new aesthetic: matte neon pink Dark Souls

Using the world's smallest dance mat to play DDR on the Game Boy

Looking at some of my futuristic 90s gaming peripherals that are now hilariously old fashioned. Here's how I watched TV on the Sega Game Gear

26 years old today. Mine has seen better days. I loved this game because it felt more like Super Mario World than the first Game Boy game. Sure it was easier but it was much more interesting and looked a million times better. Also introduced Wario!

My temporary art for the game I'm working on is so bad that I'm considering having an option to switch between artist and programmer art in-game to make 2nd playthroughs weird and unpleasing

"Pence isn't so moronic that he'd use his favourite phrases in an anonymous op-ed"

WarioWare Gold has unlockable alarm clock minigames so you can wake up to a loud 3DS demanding you finish 3 microgames to stop the alarm

Got tired of complaining about the NHS so now I'm working for them, hoping to make things better

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