This week's column on writing, A Digital Writer, continues the series on making simple digital stories. Enjoy. Let me know if you make any stories as a result and I'll give you feedback.

So here's a question: Why did so many writers leave @medium a.k.a.

I took a long breather. I did it because I was sick of the "5 Ways to..." headlines I kept being directed to. BUT, I am trying again. And am saddened to see so many of the writers I used to follow and interact with ... gone.

Why? Where are they?

For more than two years, since the pandemic began, a small group of us from around the U.S. have been writing together every week. Here's what emerged from last night's session (after some edits) off the prompt, "What are you afraid of?"

My new weekly column on writing has begun: “A Digital Writer” offers free tips, stories, challenges, techniques based on nearly 50 years experience as a professional. Free. Enjoy.

This Thursday, on, I start a new weekly column on writing, A Digital Writer. I will share things I've learned (often from mistakes) from nearly 50 years as a professional journalist, writer, editor and photographer. Comes out every THURSDAY. Prequel here:
I hope the column will be of service.

Since the pandemic began, I have guided a group of writers almost every week for Thursday Night Live Writing sessions. They have been transformative. For me and the participants. I am now going through some of what I wrote, cleaning it up and sharing it, or in this case, sharing it on a different platform. Here's one from the early days ...

Here's an unusual Web software/platform story: SoundSlides. Started as leading-edge tool to create slideshows with sound -- digital stories. Then it was bought. Buying company crushed it, ruined it, then went out of business. Original developer formed a NON-profit, bought it back, has been hard at work re-designing it & it is a gem. Easy to use. Works great. Can download work as video. HEARTILY recommend it:

Recent examples of mine:

Been away. Here’s one of the things I’ve been working on: First in a series of digital stories about people who love their work.

more antiracist orgs to donate to, link 

Saw this link posted on twitter, here you can donate with one big transaction and split it up among several organizations, including:
-Black Lives Matter Global Network
- National Bail Out
- Know Your Rights Camp
- Black Voters Matter Fund
- NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund
- The National Police Accountability Project
- Color of Change Education Fund
- Unicorn Riot
- Campaign Zero
- Advancement Project
- The Marshall Project


I rose to meet this day with

a headache and deep sorrow.

in the sanctuary of my home

I could not shake the images of


and flash grenades

and a phalanx of federal police, in riot gear, pushing back the protestors

the voices demanding justice



pulling the injured with them ....

Join us on, gulp, Facebook for a Live writing session today (and every Thursday) at 3:30 p.m. at Fun, supportive, no-guilt session designed to clear your mind and your soul.

Out of the blue, a stranger wrote and sent me this picture in which my Dad, freshly wounded himself, surveys the scene of wounded and dying on June 6, 1944 on Utah Beach in Normandy. D-Day. This is the second time in my life chance has brought me a photo of my Dad on that day to give me a window of what that experience must have been like. The story is here: (there is a link at the top of the story to the first coincidence.)

My daily write:
Finding Joy Each Day

L. died.

It wasn’t a surprise, but it was shocking just the same. For two decades she had battled a debilitating disease that took away, in this order, her ability to stand straight, run, walk, speak clearly, see, speak, hear, think. She was a prisoner in her own body and so part of the shock was an intense feeling of relief.

And then loss.

Because she was such a bright spirit. Generous, funny, intelligent, present. ...

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