Coming and going like a ghost is surprisingly pleasant.

Working on my Resume today, as well as doing some drawing. I've had a month to recover and rest, and now I need to get some work before I'm out of a home.

I just finished Marathon, the aptly named first game in the trilogy. I rarely actually finish games, so when I complete one, it usually means it left a strong impression on me, which is true of this one. Marathon was well ahead of its time in so many ways, both in terms of Game Design and plot. I'm stoked to try the next game in the series.

Any recommendations for ambient/chill music that I can keep playing in the background during live-coding sessions on Twitch/YouTube?

I've tried a few different options that claim to offer music for just that, but Twitch always ends up muting parts of my video with copyright claims 😒

[Boosts appreciated!]

Commencing job searching. Hoping to get a steady job while I recover from burning out from the last one.
Maybe I'll be able to draw more, too.

Depression is crippling.
I know this is something that doctors will tell you, but you really don't get a proper understanding of it until you go through it yourself.

I've been crippled for years, and only recently have been willing to be honest about it.

At , Dan Fornance released a teaser trailer for the definitive edition of .

I love this they start up with, an extended version of the game's own opening.

The current (anti-)hype has got me curious about monster raising games. Since I don't have a Switch, I've been trying out alternative takes on the idea on Mobile and PC.

I'm currently playing on called , and I'm surprised how much I'm enjoying it. It's a near rip-off of Pokemon, but the developers take the chance to improve the mechanics in the Pokemon games, rather than just try to grab cash. It's impressive.

I got my box up and online now.
Previously I wanted to keep it offline, since I always had issues concentrating with the internet around, but there were enough drives, libraries, and programs I would be missing out on that going without it would gimp me.

On the bright side, I can look in to streaming, as well, I can do one of those neat Wallpaper spec shots I see all over the place in Linux circles.

I wonder how much I should show, and how much i should hide. Becoming reliant on outside validation is a trap I've found myself in many times, and I don't want to only do artwork for an audience.

I'm hoping to spend some more time building up an art portfolio for myself in the next few months, as well as get some more flexibility in learning Linux for certification.

I can break my OS without worrying now! ;)

I moved out of my folks' place a few month back. The time was turbulent, and I still coming to grips with managing money and learning how to earn more, but I'm hopeful for the future.

I think is going to become a comfort game much like was for me in the past. It is so strangely suited to my specific tastes that I'm kind of blown away by it.

That said, my old is still around on, so I'm not completely wiped from time, haha!

I think back on certain things I wrote online when I was younger, some good, some bad, some really bad.

Before I was always bothered by my lack of net presence, but now I'm glad that things were that way.

Sometimes, I run in to a certain video, and find that drama is just ad bad, if not worse than Bird Site drama.

I really hope , , and other alternative sites get more (non-commentary) content.

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