I moved out of my folks' place a few month back. The time was turbulent, and I still coming to grips with managing money and learning how to earn more, but I'm hopeful for the future.

I think is going to become a comfort game much like was for me in the past. It is so strangely suited to my specific tastes that I'm kind of blown away by it.

That said, my old is still around on ff.net, so I'm not completely wiped from time, haha!

I think back on certain things I wrote online when I was younger, some good, some bad, some really bad.

Before I was always bothered by my lack of net presence, but now I'm glad that things were that way.

Sometimes, I run in to a certain video, and find that drama is just ad bad, if not worse than Bird Site drama.

I really hope , , and other alternative sites get more (non-commentary) content.

Despite how generic and bland they can be, I find myself enjoying Kemco's constant chug of JRPGs. Indeed, they are the McDonalds of JRPGs, cheap, easily available, not too well put together, yet it works great as comfort food.

sometimes i dont boost funny toots cos, what if everyone's seen it already, they'll think im a doofus

My Productivity has taken a harsh hit recently. I've been switching between different jobs and I'm having a hard time getting myself back on track with studying for certifications and such afterwards. It's a bad feeling, but I hope to overcome it.

"Cosmic Challenge" is a surprisingly solid F-Zero inspired racer. I've been playing it a lot recently, and it's quite polished for what it is. Check it out if you wish.

I find it kind of ridiculous that so many people don't know Free Speech as described in the US Constitution does not apply to private companies.

Or that Sites like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and iTunes are private companies and not public services.

If there is one thing I really like about this site and ones like it, it is that it does not attempt to make you addicted to it.

I already have a nasty addiction to some certain sites, and it is a breath of fresh air to be one and enjoy a social site where I'm not obsessively checking it at all times of the day. Feels nice.

So. My contract with my job came to an end rather unexpectedly. Understandably, I'm seeking out a new job ASAP.

I'd prefer second line support, junior sysadmin, or similar -- but I'm aware I don't necessarily have the right to be picky and as such I'm open to other roles too.

I'm based in Manchester UK, but open to remote.

I'm working on BSc. Computer Science from Open University. Also self-teaching C# and Python && fundamentals of Linux and Networking.

I maker maid themed reaction pictures, and general drawings of maids for fun. Here's one I'm working on now.

I've Been playing a bit of Spark the Electric Jester after having it bake in my Steam catalogue for a while, and I'm having a blast with it. It's like Freedom Planet, down to being a Sonic homage from a SonicRetro user, but with an added twist of Kirby-style abilities.

It also has a great soundtrack, which is to be expected from the guy who headed Sonic Before/After the Sequel.

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