If there is one thing I really like about this site and ones like it, it is that it does not attempt to make you addicted to it.

I already have a nasty addiction to some certain sites, and it is a breath of fresh air to be one and enjoy a social site where I'm not obsessively checking it at all times of the day. Feels nice.

So. My contract with my job came to an end rather unexpectedly. Understandably, I'm seeking out a new job ASAP.

I'd prefer second line support, junior sysadmin, or similar -- but I'm aware I don't necessarily have the right to be picky and as such I'm open to other roles too.

I'm based in Manchester UK, but open to remote.

I'm working on BSc. Computer Science from Open University. Also self-teaching C# and Python && fundamentals of Linux and Networking.

I maker maid themed reaction pictures, and general drawings of maids for fun. Here's one I'm working on now.

I've Been playing a bit of Spark the Electric Jester after having it bake in my Steam catalogue for a while, and I'm having a blast with it. It's like Freedom Planet, down to being a Sonic homage from a SonicRetro user, but with an added twist of Kirby-style abilities.

It also has a great soundtrack, which is to be expected from the guy who headed Sonic Before/After the Sequel.

The past is for learning.
The present is for doing.
The future is for hoping.

When I watch many YouTube channels that are nothing but commentary set to unrelated game footage, I wonder why the 'video' wasn't a podcast, or a blog post.

Honestly, I think Youtube would get even more traffic if it had a 'podcast' option for commentary only content.

The people who developed the Replika app turned a common quirk of how chat bots learn into a catchy name and slogan. That is pretty clever.

I just went through my android phone and removed much of the Google bloat that I don't use. The thing runs like a dream now and uses less than half of the phone's RAM. Feels so good~

That feel when you realize you misspelled your own username...

The INSANITY workout is a hard workout for fit people.
For out of shape folk, it's exceedingly difficult.

That said, it wakes up you muscles, even ones you don't know you have, and makes other exercizes easier to handle, thus encouraging you to work out more im general. Sticking to it is hard, but overall worth it.

It's A lovely day where I'm at. I wish I would have gone out earlier today.

Popped in from F-droid. Fun repository that is.👍


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