Is there any software or UI that doesn't crop or letterbox images in its timeline?

crops, -soc and crop or letterbox. comes closest, but crops landscaped images on mobile and Pleroma images on desktop (in large image mode). , and don't receive foreign media (yet).

I guess I'm looking for a UI that sizes its image containers to match the image instead of the other way around. Preferably in a single column layout.


My battered copies of the first three albums of : Naked from 1996, Woman in Me from 1997 and Elbow Beach from 2000.

And now in 2019 there's great news: today Louise signed the contract to record her 4th album! I can't wait...

Things like and #10 DayBookChallenge, or finding your or , are very dangerous while exist.


That aspiring autocrats can pre-schedule a "national emergency" is the actual national emergency



Valentine's Shmalentines. Something more important is happening today...It's Birthday!!! Happy Birthday Steph! Whoop whoop! 🎂❤️


I don't like the idea of without . Not one bit.


I’ll explain all of this in a few days. Don’t’ worry.
DIP had been an amazing experience that I’ll never forget. And you made it possible because of all the love you brought to the show, years after years.
Have a good night ❤️❤️ see you tomorrow 🙏🏼


It's that time of the year again: Happy V-, no, Happy Birthday! May we see many more of those characters inside you...

15 years is a bit longer than 90 days. Well done ! But it's finally the end...

"Opportunity is an off-world record holder"

I'm impressed by in The Miniaturist. She manages to create a powerful character full with expression, even though she only has a supporting role. Looking her up on IMDB, I found that I already was impressed by her in Collateral...

Dear, I pre-ordered Blu-ray on 19 Dec, it was released 4 Feb 2019, but today I got the message that it's out of stock, possibly not getting restocked. I pre-ordered it! How is this possible? I still want it!

thank u, next.

I'm loving how this album is like a jam session sprinkled with loose musical ideas and nods to her previous albums. Sign of someone who loves to make music as we know she does.

It's always a good sign when I can't decide what my favourite song on an album is, because each next one I hear I think, no, this is the best one. Currently varying between needy, NASA, bloodline, fake smile, bad idea, ...

Jenna: needy is IT
Me: no idea what kids are talking about these days
Also me: hey, 's new album is out today.
*downloads from iTunes*
*listens on way to work*
This Needy track is pretty good.


needy is IT


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