So talk is now of 'ensuring departure" instead of "ensuring orderly departure".

Trying to understand this thing, watched some ap conference videos. Very interesting. But I still don't understand. What direction of the interaction are identity tunnels going to protect? Once you've published your post, they have it so they don't need any capability to read it. If the reading is to be protected, we can't actually publish any posts? So we stop doing the Pub in ActivityPub?

On a box of eggs: "contains egg"

The tea is cold

If you have dropped food on the floor, remember to wipe off the extra flavours before eating it

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DashboardFE (or #DashFE) is a third party webclient/frontend for pleroma/mastodon which design heavily inspires on the tumblr user dashboard interface. Currently in a WIP stage, it is being worked on a daily basis, but it's usable and you can give it a test drive in the following url

We're open to any and all user reports and suggestions, though we don't have yet a git developer page, we're always monitoring this account, so feel free to message us any time.

Follow this account to be notified when we post news and development progress on the project.
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Posting on #Pleroma from #DashFE (Dashboard FE): It promises to be a #Tumblr like experience, though it’s in its very early stages.

I was re-watching Investigates - World's Worst Place to Be a Woman, from 2015. So harrowing to hear these men 'explain' that they feel they have the right to murder a woman if she doesn't listen to them, or if she has a job. That they feel it is normal for them to have five girlfriends but that their 'main' girlfriend should be faithful to them.

If you want a multi column layout over multiple accounts, seems to work fine on mobile and as well.

(So what if I follow my own alts? Who else is going to follow me if not me?)

I dislike when people talk about measuring affecting the outcome. That's just one way of introducing a boundary condition.

A better way would be, but I'm no physicist, to say that things can be unresolved until bound by future events.

Like when you need 5 mathematical equations to solve a problem with 5 variables: if you have only 4 equations, the variables remain unresolved until you find the 5th one. The quantum interpretation is, I think, that this 5th boundary condition can happen in the future and in the meantime things exist in this unresolved state.

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The #Hyperspace UI/App has its first real release and works fine with #Pleroma as well and on mobile. 👍

Typing this from on my tablet 😎
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It's the release you've been waiting for! We're pleased to release the stable version of 1.0.0 today! Complete with themes, multi account support, search, and more!

You can try Hyperspace online here: or download the apps here:

This release is also available in the Snap Store! (Mac App Store pending)

The Schrödinger's Cat thought experiment is not a good way of describing the modern interpretation of quantum mechanics. Schrödinger himself came up with it to discredit the interpretation, in a letter to Einstein, since they both didn't belief in it.

The term Big Bang (for the theory of the beginning of the universe) was coined by somebody who didn't believe in it. All science documentaries showing some CGI explosion are perpetuating the ensuing myth.

The Washington Post: pay a 60/year subscription and still be tracked with cookies. Pay 90/year to receive your right to privacy.

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Possibly Shutting Down VidCommons

will play a lead role in the film Yes Day. They start filming soon and it will be on Netflix. Reading the short description I'm quite excited to see this!

I've seen twice in a row now, because it's that sort of film. Amazing performances by , and , as expected. It's both about acting and about getting older.

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Juliette Binoche browsing through pictures of Chloë Grace Moretz is such an 'I feel ya' moment. #ChloëGraceMoretz #JulietteBinoche #CloudsOfSilsMaria

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