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Coloured pencil and blue ballpoint pen also look nice together :thinkhappy:

If it seems like I'm posting a lot over here it's because I've pretty much stopped going on Twitter lol.

Sol and Nyx still live in my head rent free. My spicy cat and her friendly doggy gf.

*Holds up my ocs* i just think they're neat!

Anyways I'm really into drawing my new batch of lesbians and wildflowers 💐🌼🌻🌺🌸🌹🌿

I figured out how to unlock and convert all my old .AZW3 e-book files from my e-reader. They're all in EPUB so that once my 10 year old Kindle dies I don't have to worry about losing all those books.

When I eventually have to get a new e-reader I will spring for a generic one not tied to any large company OR if I have it in me I could get myself a Raspberry Pi and build my own e-reader.

Though there's also a fair chance I will just buy a Kobo like I've been waffling on.

I honestly thot they were made up by Shaun Tan for Tales From The Inner City!

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I just learned about the Opah and honestly? I'm obsessed!!

Star Trip has updated!

Feisty Dumpling Fights Upgraded Murderbot: What Happens Next Will Shock You!


I'm doing a pretty good job of staying cool by keeping my curtains drawn and not cooking anything but I can feel the heat creeping in. It's gonna feel like 41ºC by 2pm.

This is only the start of the summer. It gets hotter from here!

Haha Climate Anxiety GOOOOO :AAAAAA:

Expanded on a creature design while on the phone with my mom 🌿✨

these were all doodled in paintbrush just to get my mind off of being too precious with my art.

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Just a bunch of weird little creechurs hiding in a body of water near you!

🌿 💧 🐞 🐸 🐠

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