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Good morning everyone, happy Sunday! In this week's video, Rose enjoys much scratching, then swipes my hat to say thank you!

Good morning everyone, happy Thursday morning! We start the day very very cold for !

Poor Violet, she's in her first oestrous of the season and really wants to be mated. She hears a buck down the road and has been calling him all afternoon!

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Commission for @compostablespork
I'm pretty happy with the result. ^^

By the way if you want a picture of your pet:
#dog #commission #commissionMe

Noticed that Violet had picked up some mites in her fur. Not unusual for livestock in Florida. A quick treatment tonight will take care of it fast! Checking the girls for stuff like that is a primary reason for daily scratches and brushing! *(And of course they love the attention!)

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Our barn cat Mouse, finds a sunny spot on top of the pool shade

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Not quite as cold as forecast last night, but still mighty chilly for Florida!

Of course the extra hay will only help if Rose doesn't eat it all!

With overnight temperatures expected to be near 0°C/32°F with some high winds, we put down a thick carpet of hay in the goat house to help the girls stay warm!

Goats had a good run today, and no, you can't eat the garland Violet!

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Hi Friends! Are you looking for presents? You can commission a watercolor painting of a treasured pet or houseplant or d&d character from me on my website here: illustration.amandaleefranck.c

(ps I am so so grateful if you'd boost this! thank you!)

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#artcommission #commissions #artforhire

Happy Thanksgiving to all our USA followers. Enjoy the day and please don't drink and drive!

Very long day for humans today. Out to breakfast at 6:30am, and didn't get home until 3pm! Starter went out on our ancient Kia minivan. So after a 15 mile tow, and an hours long wait at the very busy mechanic; it was nice to get home finally and give the goats a scratch!

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