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As promised yesterday, here's a couple of my metal sculptures.
Robot Cowboy and Robot Goat
Giant dragonfly
Squidward in stainless steel
Flower with butterfly

Was hoping for something simple, like a stuck valve, but alas my 35 year old tractor engine has a destroyed piston and piston rod! The broken parts bouncing around in the cylinder head pretty much ate the engine! Guess it's time to start looking for a replacement!

Patsy announces to the world that she just laid an egg. In the goat's hay feeder!

Our barn cat Mouse, enjoys the shade under the hammock on a warm afternoon.

Girls had a good run today, but with the local temps at 90°F/32°C, they put themselves back in their pen after only 15 minutes!

My summer project presented itself when I found today that I had zero compression in the rear cylinder of my 35 year old, with almost 2000 hours lawn tractor. Started the tear down this morning!

Good morning everyone and goats, happy Sunday! This week, sisters Rose and Violet butt heads, like most sisters do!

Patsy, our goat-pen chicken, runs to get her afternoon cookie!

Sorry for multiple posts and deletes, just messing with youtube embeds, which don't always seem to work they way I'd like them too....

Good morning everyone and goats, happy Friday! Greetings to our new followers this morning, we hope you enjoy the antics of Rose and Violet!

Rose enjoys her new throne. In hindsight I may need to weld some feet on the legs, that can be screwed down to the deck. Rose does like to knock stuff over!

I enjoyed a fresh tomato sandwich for lunch. Gosh I love fresh tomatoes! Of course we make sauce as well. Nothing like it!

Welded up a new, steel framed throne for the goat pen today. The old one was quite rotten!

A busy day on the farm, but not too busy to give the goats their evening attention and hay delivery!

With the current temperature at 33°C / 91°F the goats didn't spend much time out of the pen today, but they did have a good time.

Good morning everyone and Happy Mothers Day to our USA viewers! Today we feature our mother hen Patsy, who has hatched out many chicks, and even a duck!

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