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Good morning everyone and goats, happy Monday. Sorry about that back to work problem...

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I met a beautiful friend who was stuck in the sand at the shoreline and we hung out for a while until he dried off

Happy Sunday everyone! This week, the goats go on a wander about the yard, eating leaves and acorns.

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Installed unmodified desktop #DOSBox on my #Librem5.

Performance is fantastic (can play some great DOS-era games), but the display is just a tiny bit too big for the screen.

Then I remembered it fit on the Librem 5 dev kit with one line changed in the .conf. (Window size.)

Good morning everyone and goats, happy Saturday. We are under a tornado watch this morning. TS Nestor is the cause of all this bad weather. 2 tornadoes have touched down so far in our area, but we are safe.

Violet looks out the door of her house, wishing the rain would go away.I don't have the heart to tell her it's here until Sunday!

My autistic adult son was driving his tractor last night, when the entire rear o the engine blew up! I dashed outside to find the explosion had ripped the gas tank open and gas was leaking all over the hot engine! Blessed he was not hurt! I'll install a spare this week!

Good morning everyone and goats, happy Friday. Hang in there, just one more shift and it will be the weekend!

Good morning everyone and goats, happy Thursday! Just get through today and tomorrow and enjoy some much needed rest this weekend!

I love . I fell asleep reading about the sudo security flaw, and woke up this morning with the patch ready to install! goodness!

Good morning everyone and goats, happy Tuesday! Grabbing my second cup of coffee and preparing for a busy day. How about you?

@pollomostro Hope you had a good weekend and start to the new week!

Good morning everyone and goats, happy Monday! Sorry about that going back to work problem this morning 😩

Violet inspects my latest tractor repair. A new drive belt for an old Cub Cadet

Happy Sunday everyone! This week, the goats enjoy an oak branch I cut for them. Rose didn't want to share though.

Saying a prayer for our many goat friends in Japan as typhoon 19 is just hitting the island.

Time for bed after a busy day. Good-night friends, we'll be back at sunrise!

Good morning everyone and goats, happy Friday! The weekend is upon us, just hang in there for one more work day. You can do it!

Took our autistic adult son for his annual trip to the local beach. (that's him out in the water between the palm trees)

He had a blast! Home safe and sound, though the van overheated on the way home! *(turned on the heater, which kept it cook enough to drive home. I'll fix it after it cools down a bit!)

Sleepy time for goats and humans. Good-night friends, Wednesday is done and the weekend fast approaches!

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