We've just finished the extraordinary general assemblee for the "Salut à Toi" XMPP client: it is now officially renamed to "Libervia", and frontends should be named on the model "libervia-web", "libervia-desktop". I hope this will facilitate life for non French speakers, and reduce confusion with all the different names.

Nous venons de finir l'A.G. extraordinaire, le client « Salut à Toi » est désormais officiellement renommé en « Libervia », et les frontaux auront des alias du type libervia-web, libervia-desktop, etc. Ça devrait limiter les confusions à l'avenir, et faciliter la vie aux non francophones. « Salut à Toi » reste le nom de l'association.

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Out of curiosity, does handle client to server protocol, or it's only server to server?

Do you know which software do manage client to server with ?


Pour rappel, c'est centralisé et fier de l'être cf. signal.org/blog/the-ecosystem- (et quelques réponses de la communauté : blog.jabberhead.tk/2019/12/29/ ou gultsch.de/objection.html).

Ils se sont aussi déjà montrés hostiles envers de implémentations alternatives (cf. github.com/LibreSignal/LibreSi).

Alors oui ils ont fourni Double Ratchet et c'est mieux que la plupart des autres silos, mais c'est à garder en tête quand on le recommande pour remplacer .

Pour moi, c'est !

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Didn't expect to open Hacker News and see the Prosody blog post on the front page 🙂

I really hope that the growing attention to the practices of big tech will push more people to discover #XMPP and other decentralized alternatives to those large platforms.

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Bon, moi je debarque et découvre (enfin, je connaissais mais jamais utilisé) #xmpp ... et du coup je me demande pourquoi d'autres protocoles d'echange ont été inventés!? On peut littéralement TOUT faire avec! ;-) (et prosody est pas pire a configurer)

alright, so it seems that we'll be renaming to "Libervia". For a transition period we'll keep "Salut à Toi" in parenthesis next to Libervia. "Salut à Toi" stays the name of the French association linked to the project.

About the executables, for now we keep the same names, but we'll probably add aliases.

It's a bit a heartbreaking, I've been using "Salut à Toi" for more than 10 years, but it's not helping communication. Anyway we'll keep aliases with Salut à Toi and current executables names.

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While we are re-thinking our names, there is also a problem with the name of the desktop/mobile frontend, which is currently "Cagou". It cause troubles for Portuguese speakers.

Anybody fluent in Portuguese here to help solve this? Would a spelling change like "Kagou" fix the issue?


Hi there,

quick poll, we're thinking about changing the project name of "Salut à Toi" client, as it tends to be complicated for many people.

For the record it means "hi to you", and it's a reference to a song from a French punk band.names.

In the proposals, Sat is obvisouly the short version, without accent or weird uppercase.

Libervia is currently the name of the web frontend and could be used for the whole project.

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Hi there,

is there somewhere a list of extensions used in the wild with /#activitystream (ideally linked to the projects using them)?



Can anybody give feedback on .im? I'm wondering which app is available for free without having to install -Droid, this is to recommend it (I'm afraid that having to pay for Conversations is a blocker for many people, unfortunately).

Can use subscribe a new account from the app?

I've just implemented Full-Text Search in SàT PubSub and SàT/Libervia and it's deployed on goffi.org. Thanks to pubsub generic nature, it's usable out of the box for the blog or the ticket system (or any pubsub based feature).

Also moved data schema (used for tickets notably) to XEP-0346, so it now works with any PubSub service, not only SàT PubSub!

I hope to find time to write a progress note soon.

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The #XMPP Newsletter for November 2020 is out!

This is the last newsletter for this year! Thanks to everyone contributing!
Read about an important circumstance regarding certificates to all parties involved in XMPP! Also updates for several clients and servers!
xmpp.org/2020/11/newsletter-11 #federated #decentralization #standards

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@thera So, I took a vacation last November, and at the tail end of it, I spend some time writing an #xmpp client in #godotengine , because I wanted to learn a bit more about Godot as well as internet technology in general.

Blog post: wolthera.info/2020/12/xmpp-cli
Code: invent.kde.org/woltherav/godot

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Added a new page to our website with an overview of the project and its goals: snikket.org/about/goals/

May help answer "What is Snikket about?" for some of you!

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