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@Goffi @falgn0n Yes, and Cagou! I forgot it, but I shouldn't, because it speaks OMEMO and also, because it has both a desktop and an Android version! How cool is that?

Hi everybody!

The beta version of Salut à Toi (0.7.0b1) is out.

As a reminder, "Salut à Toi" is a libre, decentralized and ethical communication ecosystem.

more details at goffi.org/b/Z5qFZaBekt6sxEQS5p

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Salut à vous !

La version bêta 0.7.0b1 de Salut à Toi bien de sortir,

Pour mémoire, « Salut à Toi » est un écosystème de communication libre, décentralisé, et éthique.

plus de détails à goffi.org/b/VkTqoT5bEKgy2pyjK3

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Summary of the Berlin XMPP sprint, March 2019


> Thanks to the DBJR and other organizers of the Berlin XMPP meetup, 24 members of the XMPP community met for the last weekend of March 2019 to discuss, hack, eat, drink, and have fun.

#xmpp #sprint #berlin #dbjr #conversations #converse.js #conversejs #dino #gajim #salutatoi #uwpx #kaidan #poezio #smack #monal #jsxc #jugendarbeit

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Livreur à vélo, l'exploitation à la cool | Jules Salé bit.ly/2GWHOUF

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«On peut regretter qu’Internet soit le reflet de nos sociétés inégalitaires (…). Mais on peut aussi s’en féliciter, car son immersion dans le monde réel signifie que le corps social a prise sur lui.»


Archive de 1995, en accès libre.

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In this post I try to explain the Double Ratchet Algorithm that drives the cryptography behind OMEMO and Signal. This is the second part of my series about the crypto behind OMEMO. blog.jabberhead.tk/2019/04/15/

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Kaidan is now on the #Fediverse!

Kaidan is the new modern #XMPP client made with #Qt. It is usable on mobile & desktop platforms thanks to the convergent UI framework #Kirigami!

Hi everybody,

I've decided to start a regular progress note on SàT, to show new features and explain design choices, you can find it at

Please let me know if you find it useful to see if I should continue :)

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In this blog post I take a detailed look at how the Extended Triple Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange (X3DH) works.
This algorithm is part of the cryptography that drives OMEMO. blog.jabberhead.tk/2019/04/04/

April Newsletter is here: xmpp.org/2019/04/newsletter-3-

A short one this month, but part of the XMPP community has been meeting in last week, and it was productive.

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