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Small preview of file sharing, which will land in next release of Salut à Toi (here in Libervia, the web frontend): upload.jabberfr.org/_tVtL-tHDj

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Build a decentralized internet with the new web framework of Salut à Toi, based on XMPP!

A presentation of a major new feature in the upcoming 0.7 release.


So we have yet another standard with . Still wondering why people didn't try to join efforts with us on instead of reinventing the wheel.

Anyway, at least it's documented and a gateway should not be too complicate to do, if it can help communicating with others Libre networks, it's not that bad. But pff, it's really like fighting windmills.

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Un billet sur l'implémentation d'un gestionnaire de tickets et de « merge requests » sur SàT et donc XMPP. Vous y trouverez une petite vidéo de démo (en anglais): goffi.org/blog/goffi/68025fd2- .

À noter que je serai au Paris Open Source Summit demain et jeudi au stand A2 (à côté du bar).

Hi there,

I've just implemented decentralized tickets and merge requests based on XMPP on Salut à Toi: goffi.org/blog/goffi/9555cc02-

A short demo video is shown on the blog post.

If you have any question or feedback, let me know.

Installation of SàT Pubsub, an external PEP/Pubsub component for XMPP servers


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Movim 0.12 :
(#xmpp based social network)

- The #Movim Contacts page has been entirely redesigned
- Publish in a simple click
- embedded links are better integrated
- UI of Movim has been redesigned for mobile devices.
- NSFW tag
- private discussion with a chatroom member in one click and invite your contacts to join
- migration to ejabberd
- new pods in Sweden, Japan, Germany and Russia.


Salut @Framasoft je vois que vous avez un gestionnaire d'événements en projet, et sur degooglisons-internet.org/alte celui qui est cité (wanawana) n'a pas l'air maintenu.

Pour info les événements arrivent dans SàT dans la prochaine version (déjà fonctionnel), ça vous intéresserait comme base pour votre service ?

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is on the web now web.xabber.com/ it's reactive and easy to use, nice!

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I will be in this Wednesday (27th) for the meetup. I'll present the recent work on Salut à Toi (), and SàT Pubsub, and explain briefly our structure and philosophy.

If anyone interested to attend please contact me or come to XMPP room berlin-meetup@confer­ence.conversations.im .

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