@GoodRobotAndys I’ve just put a bounty out for code that will take my Mastodon feed and repost it on my Facebook feed. That’s the same as leaving, right?

@GoodRobotAndys How about a tech podcast on machine learning - specifically on AI/machine learning/analysis of text. I'd be interested to hear the science behind knowledge discovery/acquisition/curation through bibliometrics, vectorisation, distributional hypothesis, taxonomy mapping, and similarity evaluation.

Tonight we discuss the top 30 and @andybalaam tells @cockers_97@twitter.com how wrong he is. Last chance - any comments you have?

Top 30 20thC horror:

30. Gremlins
29. Nr Dark
28. Altered Sts
27. Hellraiser
26. Blr Witch
25. Jacob’s Ladder
24. Nosferatu
23. Invasion ot Body Sntchrs
22. Wicker Man
21. Carrie
20. Silence ot Lambs
19. Audition
18. Ringu
17. Psycho
16. The Fly
15. Evt Hrzn
14. Amrcn Werewolf in L
13. 6th Sense
12. The Omen
11. Don’t Look Now
10. The Haunting.
9. Rosemary’s Baby
8. Evil Dead II
7. Tx Chain Saw M
6. Night ot Living Dead
5. Nightmare on Elm St
4. The Thing
3. The Shining
2. Alien
1. The Exorcist

@GoodRobotAndys "[20:12] <Kathy> I can't remember why you think Silence of the Lambs is relatable
[20:12] <Kathy> Do you relate to Jodi Foster or Hannibal Lector?
[20:13] <dapr> He likes chianti "😂

Brilliant live episode thanks everyone! Podcast coming soon.

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