Listener, send us your made-up plot summaries based on misunderstanding the title of a real film. Bonus points for a review as well.

I wonder what Arnold Schwarzenegger thinks about software freedom.

Do you know the good old . (Feels like getting) The complete broadcasts of this planet, accessible from a simple, no-bullshit GUI. That's why I love . Check it here 📻

'Mandy' (2018) Review: Jesus Freak Season Mandy begins its one week theatrical run in Houston at Alamo Drafthouse - LaCenterra today. It is also available on demand. It is currently my favorite film of the year. For those of you craving an unhinged Nicolas Cage performance unlike any other, this film delivers that to the utmost degree. Plus, you know, it has a chainsaw fight in it. #Mandy #MandyMovie #moviereview #NicolasCage #PanosCosmatos #action #horror #movies

Just watched Mandy, and wow, Cage deserves an oscar from the bathroom scene.

#Mandy #movies #synthwave

Glass (2019) Review - Delusional Superheroes, Et Cetera Didn't have the opportunity to post this over the weekend. Here's a belated review for Glass, which is now playing in theaters. #Glass #GlassMovie #moviereview #JamesMcAvoy #BruceWillis #SamuelLJackson #SarahPaulson #AnyaTaylorJoy #MNightShyamalan #superhero #thriller #sequel #movies #UniversalPictures #blumhouseproductions

‪I just came back from the cinema after watching by M. Night Shyamalan. Awesome movie, brilliant and beautiful trilogy! Note to self: Always trust in M. Night Shyamalan‬

if I’m going to sell out and start endorsing anything, it would be M. Night Shyamalan’s #GlassMovie, in theaters now

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