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reviving ancient Plants @ t w, Triffids poster, FOTO 

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What could possibly go wrong


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They should have scheduled the last World Baseball Classic qualifier for today's MLB-less pre-playoff day.

Nicaragua vs. Brazil was so good last night. It wasn't MLB quality but the teams were evenly matched which is all that matters to the kind of fans who would watch it.

Dogge FOTO weeds 

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blockbuster CN film "Home Coming", diplo/mil citizen extraction from Libya war, URL, FOTO

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Home Coming 万里归途 🇨🇳💕

Movie on China’s evacuation of overseas Chinese leads National Day box office, shows national pride and confidence in turbulent world. /Global Times


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boss makes a dollar
i make a dime
thats why i make babybel cheese wax crab
on company time


geo-pol, There is an eerie calm radiating from the Kremlin,"Big Serge" substack URL 

Article -- RU slow retreat, pause, Winter offensive

Had to click "read the article first" on Subscribe banner

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faded US Robots & Mechanical Men Inc, If No One Comes from the Future to Stop You, FOTO 

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Good point well made


geo-pol, Medvedev on telegram re: US vs Nicaragua pipeline, URL, FOTO 

(via Escobar; the orig. Telegram post will be in Russian)

See image below for the post in English

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it is the G.O.A.T, 26-sec. VID 

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show some Catte ID, FOTO 

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Sir. I'm going to have to see some I.D.


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Subway art, anime on Red Line route map -- oops its a 2-secod VID with buzzy subway noise! cheers

geo-pol NS2, Blinken "It's a tremendous opportunity once and for all", VID 

" ... to remove the dependence on Russian energy"
the classic questions, Cui Bono and Why Now

Industrial Infrastructure is built for Decades of profit, ignore media Piffle about RU temporary advantage

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The US blew up Nord stream pipeline creating a tremendous opportunity to capitalize for years to come. - Antony Blinken


geo-pol, Putin's speech today ENG subtitles, VID 

putting this in the timeline, haven't listened to it yet.

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Vladimir Putin's Speech on the Incorporation of Donetsk, Lugansk, Kherson, and Zaporozhye - ENG Sub

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