I cannot wait to see what they have discovered! “‘Sistine Chapel of the ancients’ rock art discovered in remote Amazon forest” chnsa.ws/1nc

This is excellent. And true. “55 Ways White People Say ‘White People’ Without Actually Saying ‘White People’ (Updated)” chnsa.ws/1nb

I have to say, this guy really does seem as honest as they come. “Ga. secretary of state says fellow Republicans are pressuring him to find ways to exclude ballots” chnsa.ws/1n4

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“Once he’s exhausted all avenues to challenge the election, he will spend the rest of his life insisting the system conspired to deprive him of his victory. He will take refuge in blame, self-pity & indignation to ward off the humiliation of true defeat.” nytimes.com/2020/11/15/us/poli

Idiots gonna idiot. “Shocked by Trump’s Loss, QAnon Struggles to Keep the Faith” chnsa.ws/1m-

“Republicans played Russian roulette with American democracy by supporting an authoritarian. They continue by supporting his attacks on the electoral process. The reason they’re willing to weaken democracy is simple: They don’t care about democracy.” chnsa.ws/1my

“…we’re always dividing the electorate up by gender or income or level of education, but one thing that’s always struck me is the empty-to-crowded continuum. Tell me how many voters per acre and I’ll tell you which party is going to be dominant.” chnsa.ws/1mw

Good riddance. “‘Awakened a sleeping giant’: Parler jumps to most popular app as conservatives rally support to leave Twitter and Facebook” chnsa.ws/1mv

Madam Vice President Kamala Harris makes me proud to be an American.

“Now, by picking him again, those voters are showing that they *are* just like him: angry, spoiled, racially resentful, aggrieved, & willing to die rather than ever admit that they were wrong.‘’ from “A Large Portion of the Electorate Chose the Sociopath” chnsa.ws/1mu

What a stupid, selfish person. “A poll worker knew she had the coronavirus and worked Election Day anyway. She died soon after.” chnsa.ws/1mt

“There is no greater identity politics than that of white people trying to build a firewall around what remains of their empire as this country’s demographics continue to shift.” chnsa.ws/1ms

Headline at New York Times right now: “Biden Urges Patience; Trump Lies About Count”. After four years, NOW they are finally calling the endless lies what they are: LIES. That’s pretty pathetic.

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