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Very excited to have a physical copy of the technical handbook for Tim Hutchings' .

It's a glorious monster!

The first 30 pages are the game. The rest are scans of NASA technical manuals that the players can use for technobabble & inspiration. It's so great!

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Dice and non-alcoholic beverage for tonight’s Eternal Atlanteans

I played a few rounds of with and our kids. Skull is one of my favorite bluffing games. Though you can play with just a deck of cards, I much prefer art and tactile feel of the coasters and discs of the published game.

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I played Tim Hutchings' improvisational about mundane NASA moon missions, , with my wife and daughters during a car trip today. We had a great time and everyone was engaged and giggling by the end. I knew it went over well when both of my daughters independently asked when we could play again and my oldest daughter asked to borrow the rules sometime so she could play with her friends.

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Okay, so trying to get caught up...
Let's call this post Day 5 of - #DnD #Antagonists / #Villains week...
The two characters on the left of the image are part of a strange conspiracy. There appearance varies, but this is their most "natural" look...
WIP (hence all the unfinished hands and other bits).

#DnD5e #CharacterArt #CharacterDesign #DnD #5e #Character #TtRPGart #ttrpg #Elves?

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Any dragon lovers out there? Here are five of mine. I have several dragon paintings in my shop and my 2020 calendar was ALL dragons! I'll be putting a few new dragons in my new book, Seas Of Strangehollow launching next month! for all links and newsletter too! #MastoArt #dragon #dragons #painting #fantasyart

I stumbled across an awesome site that catalogs and has detailed write-ups of hundreds of bicycle games.

It's a great resource and, if you like race games like I do, really interesting:

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A Naiad from my first Strangehollow book (2017). I'm reprinting this book as part of my Seas Of Strangehollow crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter (21st June 2022). Love doing watery ladies! #MastoArt #art #watercolour #watercolor #fantasyart

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"Such strange sights..."
A group of #adventurers investigate a curious chamber filed with weird contraptions & unseen before shapes & forms...
#DnD5e #Characters #Dnd #5e #FantasyArt #TtrpgArt #ttrpg #GameArt
More stuff from the #homebrew game I run...

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Happy Thursday tooters! I would like to mention that I have prints over at INPRNT
In case you have a hankering for wall decorations 😊🌟

#MastoArt #DigitalArt #print #fantasyart #art

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As an alternative to starting with pencil or pen & ink #sketches I sometimes start straight in with paint, looking for happy accidents in form to pull out by refining definition or adding recognisable detail, creating sketchy #colour #thumbnails. Some of these make it to fully realised images, some don't. I occasionally begin in ludicrous hues as I'm not confident with colour, & so it pushes me to be more experimental, even if I do tone it down a little by the end.
#FantasyArt #TtRPG #DnD #art

What 's are you reading right now in preparation for playing for the first time?

Me? I am currently reading to run for my daughter and family friends.

I went all in on a recent Free League kickstarter to get everything for the game.

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My son, Ranger, just took 5th and his archery team has become the high school Eastern National Champions after an undefeated season where they also were the state champions!

Very proud of him and his team for all the hard work they have put in this year.

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Restaurant day again, so here it goes another restaurant paper #tablecloth #scifi #scifiart #scifiromance #doodle thing with lots of flying cars, and #copic basic shading.

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#Sketches 001 - Okay, some old #sketchbook noodling today... #Characters & #CharacterArt... mostly #DnD-esque #portraits or #Headshots.
I pulled all these together & more into a self-published sketchbook called #100Drawings a while ago (still not figured out how to get an online store together however).
I've a few of these so that might be the next couple of days posts sorted too...
#ttrpg #ttrpgArt #DnDart #Dnd5e #5e #FantasyArt
If you have any questions about any of the art, just ask :)

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