Legalize Marijuana Nationwide, Tax It and Free All the Cannabis Prisoners. A Dramatic Savings of Government Spending CURRENTLY WASTED On Incarceration and a MASSIVE INCREASE IN VOLUNTARY TAXES! Everybody Wins!

Legalize Medicinal Psychedelics - Let Doctors and Patients Decide for Themselves What Treatment is Best. Lawmakers are Just Paid Puppets of Big Pharma... Obviously Bribed. Corrupt.

UNPLUG FOX NEWS: It's Just No Fun Now That Trump Lost the House, Senate and Presidency. Their Hate Speech Seems Ridiculous and DOOMED to ENDLESS Failure...

How to Disrupt the Military Industrial Complex. A Step by Step Guide to the Violet Overgrow of the US Government.

Let's Cut Defense Spending in Half and Use The Money Currently Wasted to Pay for Medicare for All and Free College... Since the Military Has NOT ACTUALLY DEFENDED The USA since 1945, Why Spend Billions on Something we Do NOT USE?

There Was Fifteen Years of Peace Following the End of The Vietnam War. WE WOKE UP! Americans Refused to Participate in Bogus Wars for Corporate Profit.

KIDS! Use Parental Controls to BLOCK Fox News on Your Grandparent's TV. It Causes High Blood Pressure and Increases RISK of Stroke and Heart Attack.
They will be Happier Without Evil People Shouting Danger-Danger! and Making them Worry About Things They Can't Do Anything About.

How to Bring TrumpNiks Back Into the American Family... Step One: Forgive Them Of The Evil They Have Done to the USA. Step Two: Publish Truth On Social Media So They Have an Alternative to Trump's Endless LIES...
Yes, It is True that They Tried and Failed to Destroy Democracy... However... We Ought To Retrain Them To STOP DOING EVIL and START DOING GOOD! tRUMP is Just Pretending to Be Stupid. It's a Character He's Playing on His TV Show. Like Gomer Pyle or Sgt Schultz. No One Could Actually BE THAT DUMB!

Police Should Stop Murdering Unarmed Americans. Not Only is It INSANE but It Costs The Taxpayers Millions of Dollars Every Time! $12 Million Dollars for Breonna Taylor! My Father and Uncle Were WW2 Veterans. Neither Were "SUCKERS" or "LOSERS" like tRUMP Said. - I Guess World War Two Was Viewed DIFFERENTLY in the Drumpf Home. We Thought Hitler Was The Enemy.

Build Your Own Wealth Re-Distribution System - From the Super Rich to You and Google. - I earned $100 from the Last Presidential Election. and again This Time!
Claim your Blogger Webspace, Upload one Gazillion photographs from your Picasa Web Albums... ENABLE ADVERTISEMENTS... People That Click on the Ads Force those Businesses to Pay You and Google Money... Also Include a Lot of Words. Maybe Write a Novel, or Your Opinion about How to Live Life...

Great Books: The Monkey Wrench Gang by Edward Abbey - Illustrated by Robert Crumb - The Classic Novel That Inspired People to Form the Earth First! Ecology Group...

Learn Secret Communication at: *#%$@**^&*$%^% - Got Hints? Email Me at gregvan[at]yahoo[dot]com This image's file name is IMG001.jpg If a computer was reading file names looking for
keywords... it would not select this image. There IS a Human Readable message...

Cult Deprogramming Tip: BURN YOUR MAGA HAT and the Neighbors Will Stop Laughing At You behind Your Back. Do Your Children Come Home From School IN TEARS Saying: "All The Kids Were Making Fun of Me and Saying... 'Yo Mama is a Fuggin' TrumpNik... Loser, Loser, Loser... LOOOOOOSER!' - Mommy, I Don't Know What A TrumpNik IS But They Made it Sound Like Something Horrible! Mommy? Are YOU A Fuggin' TrumpNik?"

and What do You Say To Your Child? WELL...

How Can We CURE The Brainwashed TrumpNiks? They Need Major Psychiatric Help... or Incarceration... or BOTH! If YOU Are a TrumpNik, TODAY Would be a Great Day to Change Your Mind... AWAKEN! It's FUN, It's FREE and Everybody's Doing IT!

I found a Stone Henge in the Garden at Home. (A Circle of Rocks Built by People) It's Likely that Archeologists Thousands of Years after the Collapse of Civilization will discover our Stone Henges and Wonder... Why Were People Creating These Back in The Olden Days? Kinetic Sculpture Race Photographs - Bicycle Powered Art Vehicles - They Travel Over Roads, Sand and Water From Arcata to Ferndale, CA I have experienced Cannabis Psychosis. I saw things that were not there but I believed that they really existed. REEFER MADNESS ACTUALLY EXISTS BUT... Weed Should Be Legal Nationwide and All Cannabis Prisoners Released... Simply Close The Unused Prisons and REFUND THE MONEY TO THE TAXPAYERS. and then I Stopped Smoking and The Dreamy Fantasy Effects Went Away in a Month... We Ought to Teach "Critical Thinking" in Elementary School. Since so many Republicans are Uneducated, Maybe if we Taught Them Young... They Wouldn't Be So Gullible... (That's a Word Meaning Easily Fooled)

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