Shoplifting: A Sure Cure for Inflation. "If You See Something, You Saw Nothing!" WALMART Plans to ROLL BACK PRICES Because Americans are Refusing To BUY. READ MORE:

Elizabeth Warren Proposes Free College Tuition Paid for by the Super Rich... Hey, They Got Money... WHY NOT DO GOOD FOR THE USA WITH THEIR BILLIONS?

Americans Refuse to Buy Until Prices Go Down. The Corporate "Inflation" Strategy is FAILING. Expect to see more bright-red "Rollback" signs at Walmart stores as inflation bites, the company said Thursday.

"Every Bottle Back" is Classic Greenwashing. About 8.7% of the Plastic Bottles in the USA are Actually Recycled... But That's Not the Fault of the Corporations That Make the Plastic Bottles... SO THEY SAY:

Consumers Refuse to Consume until Prices Go Down... at Target & WALMART - The Nationwide Boycott is Working. The Corporate "Inflation" Strategy is FAILING. The Plan was to Keep On Raising Prices and Reap Amazing Profits... Why Not? Everybody's Got a Job and Those New Paychecks Ought to Allow People to Buy Buy Buy Like Crazy! UNTIL... The We The People Refused to Be SUCKERS! READ MORE:

WINPLOT Spaceship designs - FREE Clipart for you to enjoy - 3D graphics - Mushroom Visions by gvan42 - Use these in Your Own Potatoshop Collages... Pirate At Will!

Voters from GOP - Massive Exodus from Republican Party Due to Trump's Failed 1/6 Riot. "He's a Danger to Self and Others! 5150" said Former QAnon Member. READ MORE:

Instead of America First! why not Earth First! ??? Remember: Stop Flying in Jet Airplanes... Drive Cars Less or Not at All... Protect Trees...Ride a Bike... Free All Cannabis Prisoners and Use the Empty Jail Cells as a Homeless Shelter...
It's troubling that our Glorious Leaders fail to comprehend that we are all one... Ecology is important to everyone... even Billionaires... READ MORE:

Fun Things to do in Eureka and Arcata California - The Tallest Trees, The Finest Weed, Humboldt State University and SIX, Count 'em SIX Rivers... On Highway 101 Near Oregon... SAMBA!

We All Ought To Live More Like Star Trek. Many Different Races Working Together to Accomplish Great Things. A Years Ago, The President of the United States Was selling Hate... That ERA is OVER... Now, We all ought to Honor our Trekkie Roots...

NASCAR is INSANE. Pointlessly Driving in Circles Creating Air Pollution and Helping Cause Climate Change. What is That All About?

BUY NO CHINESE JUNK for CHRISTMAS... Inflation Got You Down? Simply STOP Consuming... Buying Low Price Bad Quality Merchandise DOES NOT CAUSE HAPPINESS! Just Frustration When It Breaks Down... Remember: Buying Used Stuff at a Thrift Store Does NOT Cause Ecological Damage Like Buying NEW Stuff Made In China... and It Finances the Local Rescue Mission... a Place for Homeless People... and It Employs Homeless People... That's a WIN-WIN Situation!

Outlaw Guns, Collect Guns, Melt Guns. A Step By Step Guide to Disarming America. You Can Help! Read More:

Perjury: 5 Supreme Court Justices for Lying Under Oath. Keep Abortion Legal - Contact Your Elected Representatives... Tell Them To ACT!

and then Brett and Amy... GTFO! They Are Obviously Corrupt! Democrats Ought to Make This a Priority Issue. Contact Your Elected Representatives... Tell Them To ACT!

Simply REFUSE to OBEY Priests and Never Give Them Money. Why Finance Madness? The Catholic Church Forbids Birth Control Causing Starving Children in Mexico, Central and South America. NOW!

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