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The Last of the Quizboys @Grimulon

some people shit post like they might die

is this late-stage capitalism

@gregjg I usually try to understand something before I put my foot in my mouth.


Yeah I suppose it could be taken that way, its not something you hear very often. I've heard it used when someone gets cheated by a taxi driver

@gregjg that's useful context, thanks

顾客是皇帝 Would be closer to "The customer is always right" (lit: The customer is the emperor)
车船店脚牙,无罪也该杀 doesn't really mean this, it means something like "working class people are scum"
车 rickshaw 船 boat 店 shop etc
无 have not 罪 (commited) a crime 也 still 该 should 杀 (be) killed

Hope it helps

@gregjg is it "working class are scum" or "no matter what they can't catch a break"? My 老師 seemed to imply the latter.

@natecull The literal translation is more like: 'Cart boat shop foot teeth', being the five 'basic industries', and then 'no matter what they'll want to kill you'. Basically if you work in service industries be on your best behavior, because nobody will ever be sympathetic to you. It's a much more pessimistic formula than our 'customer is always right', I think.

The Japanese porn bots are here.

When the Russians show up you know mastodon has made it.

Mastadon 9 am: i just don't get why decentralized non-commercial media doesn't catch on


To each according to his favorite, from each according to his boost.

I feel like people who toot about their macbooks on mastodon might lack proper class solidarity

@yatchi yep, that's it. 'Full Width Punctuation‘ has to be turned off. #考試