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The Last of the Quizboys @Grimulon

I am not anyone's comrade, I am the comrade of everyone. Let the human race be my brothers and sisters, and the planet our city.

I didn't take a 30 mile ride so I could eat some goddamn quinoa, I'll tell you that.

Also, if I don't drink this Johnny Walker Black, he might start something.

I swear to god that if one more person tries to explain the difference between good and bad sugars to me one more time, I will fucking die

I'm a grown ass man and I'll eat this whole bag of skittles if I want to

To my brothers and sisters of the Fifth Republic: good luck on Sunday. You might need it.

@beadsland i dunno man, i sorta take languages I don't speak as permission to just tune out for awhile.

@beadsland depending on the language there are third party programs that are simpler to use. For Chinese there's Perapera for the Chrome browser.

Hopefully they haven't given me the hacks.

I guess the great experiment of mastodon is to see if ego can replace money as the driving force of capitalism.

i don't block anyone unless they call me out on my shit

Politics is the music that plays in the ear of God as he kills his children

@Murassa i can barely put myself into my own shoes

i hope i haven't followed any racists

i wouldn't want anyone to get the wrong idea


i heard a joke about today: it's self critiquing

turns out that there's nothing about being a weirdo that makes you a good person

i'm just as shocked as anyone

some people shit post like they might die

is this late-stage capitalism