“Bye, Dad, have fun doing boring computer stuff all day…!”
Shit, I gotta get that put on my business card…

@scronide@mastodon.scuttle.org You didn’t tell me you’d started a new career as an artist’s model…!

OMG setting up Screentime limits on iOS 12 is the greatest thing ever…

@scronide@mastodon.scuttle.org Now I’m thinking the drunker you got on this, the *more* sense you might actually start to make…

Told the kid she could cut herself a piece of cake. She’ll make a great developer one day…!

10YO: “My friend? She’s going as a cyborg for Halloween…”
“Do you know what the word ‘cyborg’ means…?”
“Um… It’s Latin? For half-man, half-robot…?”
“This Canadian education system is the best…”

This isn’t even my cat, but by god, his judgment is withering…

Neither Troi nor Crusher have the tiniest concept of doctor/patient confidentially, they'll put your weird private medical business on blast like right on the bridge, with the Romulans on the viewscreen, they don't even give a shit

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