Programming EFI code and listening to Ben Howard.

I feel sad now.

Specifically, is the extra oven space useful if you're not planning on doing meat based dishes, or should I rather go for a single oven, possibly with steam and/or pyrolysis options?

Thinking of getting a range cooker as an oven.

Is this awesome? [y/n]

Wenige Tage vor einem runden Geburtstag taucht ein mysteriöses Paket von meiner Studentenverbindung mit der Aufschrift "Vorsicht Glas" auf. :>

Theory: get up at 6, have fresh tea.

Reality: get up in time to sprint to work.

Okay, tea machine programmed for primordial caffeine soup at 6 AM.

I should also set myself a reminder to harvest the in-game moonflowers tomorrow evening so I can grow a Lunar Tear on Thursday if everything goes well.

TFW you walk away from the soundtrack playing in the background and come back to this.

Most difficult problems:

- naming computers
- selecting music to listen to when you don't know what you're in the mood for.

At least I have a good fallback.

Kurze Hosen, Socken und Sportschuhe. Lockerer werde ich heute nicht mehr.

So, 15 Minuten bis Pizza. Vorher noch verdienen, das schaffe ich.

Meh. The Windows autobuilder died.

Apparently, Windows still sucks if it runs out of memory.

I'll fix that tomorrow morning when I'm in front of a PC.

My 11 watermelons that I need for the final two quests aren't ripe yet, so I'll go to sleep. As in-game watermelons grow with real-world time, that means real-world sleep.

Tomorrow I shall visit the haunted mansion and find out who is sending letters to my little sister.

Waiting for watermelons and wheat to grow. I need them for a few quests.

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