I propose that the argument whether I should shave my balls before the weekend or not should be called Pascal's Razor.

Is there any Ethernet switch like the HP (formerly 3com) IntelliJack NJ2000?

- PoE powered
- Gigabit
- manageable

I might need another one soon, and they are sold out everywhere — seems HP just sold off the remaining stock and never built new ones.

Is there an IoT switch you can check and turn off via the Internet or a timer, but turning on only works locally?

Might be useful for people with phobias.

Monitoring should have a graph "RAID level over time". The yearly average should not be smaller than 3. Stacking N+M counts as (N+2M)/3.

If I have an rrdtool database with completion percentages on the Y axis, is there an easy way to project when it's done (graphically, as a PNG)?

I'd like the RAID check graph to go into the future while a check is running, with a straight line to the top right corner.

Ouch. The Areca ARC-1231ML cannot check RAID1 or RAID1+0.

Speaking of, do we have free firmware for these by now?

Also I wonder whose Wiki to abuse for some much needed documentation. Or I could just write markdown files and dump them into the source tree.

Today was a good day.

No longer sick, got four of Accord's extra missions done, finally adjusted the VM name in Jenkins, got my VPN back up and got up to date on email.

Now for some fresh bedsheets, another round of Kakugo, and sorting the to do list for tomorrow.

Meh. Only ¥331 left in my PlayStation Store wallet, and no good reason to buy more points, only a bunch of DLC scenarios for Drag-On Dragoon 3.

I cannot even justify that expense to learn Japanese because most of the vocabulary is not useful for a business context.

Why are my recommendations full of anime dating games for PS4? I don't even have a PS4.

Yay, Drag-on Dragoon. Finally some backstory. Good thing I got an original 40 GB so I can play PS2 games.


Also, now I crave ice cream. I should behave like a responsible adult though.

Apparently I stopped a stuck build yesterday. I do not remember touching a computer. It was a good idea to stay at home.

Mal was essen mit Salz drin, vielleicht geht dann das Kopfweh weg. Ab morgen würde das logistisch aufwendig, weil ich dann eine Krankschreibung bräuchte, aber noch keinen Hausarzt in Berlin habe.

*notiert auf ToDo-Liste*

It's the kind of headache where I see funny shapes.

Es bräuchte mal eine Twitter/Mastodon-Kurzform für "die andere Person". Quasi wie "1", aber als Gegenüber.

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