in a strange way it is terrifically liberating to not earn my living with infosec any more.

Tech enthusiast: "I want smart lights, smart tv, everything, and connect them all to my digital assisstant!"

Tech worker: *looks wistfully into distance* "I should get a small place in a little town, with a garden, make my own furniture."

Honestly I love Toot!. It’s rapidly become my fave mastodon client and this just enforces it.

Look at the last option under timeline tweaks

diesel emissions fuckery, part 03L906022KS 

Oh, which reminds me - if you work for a company that spends a lot of money on cloud services for compute or storage (ideally 30k-50k+ per month), and you would like to save money on that, ping me :-) -- the new business is essentially helping people save money against a commission.

On a related note to my CW’d toot: I have never seen a task so ridiculously impossible as a woman trying to get a decent job, according to her skills and qualifications, after being out of work for several years.

It is honestly beyond disgusting: I have seen men with 1/10th the qualifications and skills being given jobs after six months unemployment without questioning their motivation, dedication or abilities.

So approximately 5 months into the entire "running your own startup again", I can say that there are a few upsides:

1) The technical challenges are absolutely fascinating, and I am learning a lot.
2) The business lessons are fascinating, and I enjoy learning them.
3) There is something to be said about being unambiguously happy with your employers decisions.

There is the nagging worry about ever matching my last salary ;), but that is more of an afterthought.

Allright, I am making another attempt at weaning myself off of Twitter :-). Happy to be back.

Randomly searching for a Niklaus Wirth reference and I come across this gem from 2008: A Brief History of Software Engineering by Niklaus Wirth.

From the conclusion:
“A primary effort must be education toward a sense of quality. Programmers must become engaged crusaders against home-made complexity. The cancerous growth of complexity is not a thing to be admired; it must be fought wherever possible.”


"Wählte Ungnade, wo Gehorsam nicht Ehre brachte." - "Chose to be in disfavour when obedience would not have bestowed honor." - epitaph inscription of a remote relative of mine, but a rather good motto.

We've extended the deadline for papers for Infiltrate!

Please, I'd love to see some underrepresented groups (PoC/Trans/Women/Religious minorities etc) sling some heat this year!

Annnnnnd I'm still looking to hire hackers.

Good morning and happy 2019 everyone. It's going to be an interesting year for me -- new company, and expecting a child in late spring. Time to get cracking and get some work done.

Allright. I think 2018 is going to be a rather interesting year.

Logging into Mastodon again after a long hiatus. Hey everybody.

Any Female Identified / Queer / Trans / PoC looking for xdev work? Shoot me a note!

Got hit by insomnia. Damn. Reading "Hitler's Uranium Club", which is fantastic.

“The notion that we are raising a generation of children so technically sophisticated that they can outwit the best efforts of the security specialists of America’s largest corporations and the military is utter nonsense,” Mr. Morris said. - an acquaintance with good judgement curated a list of classical applied math papers.

Need to be on my feet again sunday morning for surf.

The flu I caught in Miami is weird. I feel mostly fine during the day, then start with a really hacky cough from about 22:00 to about 04:00. Weird.

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