Nothing that quite lifts my mood like reading the state of the art in something and realizing that ... it's not very good :)

@syndikalista I agree that we need systemic changes. The main function of individual action is showing support for systemic changes.

But many people misinterpret “100 corporations cause 71% of emissions” as meaning "corporations cause 71% and we only 29%." That is not what the number says. The other corporations are responsible for 29%. It mostly shows the destructive concentration of corporate power.

We are also responsible for 100%. The richest 10% of us of much more than 10% of emissions.

Being away from the seaside is seriously bad for my mental well-being.

This will sound a bit aggro, but the fact that large parts of the security community are resistant to understanding that KASLR IS NOT DESIGNED AND NEVER WAS DESIGNED AS A MITIGATION AGAINST LOCALS, SO YOU GET ZERO POINTS FOR BREAKING KASLR LOCALLY is super frustrating to me. People running victory laps and high-fiving each other for having ducked under the bar in a pole vault contest.

You can never get a man to understand something if his salary depends on not understanding it.

The level of stockholm syndrome among techies is fascinating:

"Google charges a few dollars for every 1,000 times the map is accessed by users. On the afternoon of the first day after the web site went live, Wu received a bill for $2,000. The next day, the total jumped to $26,000."


"Google also helped out by waiving Maps charges in the interest of fighting Covid-19."

If only there was some other, free, map. If only...

This expresses my problem with most conspiracy theories so accurately. is a project of John Wiseman, a furloughed Disney Imagineer who became obsessed with mysterious overhead aircraft and decided to monitor them, discovering (among other things) a massive, covert FBI aerial surveillance program.

The project uses a cheap software-defined radio and a low-cost antenna to intercept transponder signals from overhead aircraft and plot their movements on maps in realtime, also storing longitudinal flight data.


I am absolutely psyched about the product we are building. It sounds weird, but as someone who loves to understand computing systems, it's so cool to see in action.

For all #OpenBSD, #FreeBSD, #NetBSD developers: a fascinating blog post by Warner Losh (of TUHS fame¹) who has been working hard to reconstruct the original 2.11BSD² which turned up a bug in patch which is 35 years old! It is an extreme edge case which was mis-handled and caused a reverse patch to fail:

¹ The Unix Heritage Society -
² all the 2.11BSD copies around have patches installed, the idea was to reconstruct the original sans patches.

The demise of Mozilla is kind of sad, but I didn't have a rosy view of them to begin with.

Start a new browser organization. Make it a cooperative or a charity which can't be sold or floated on the stock market.

So I can't tweet this, but ... increasingly when I am in meetings that relate to security products and the security industry, I feel a bit alienated.

It is strange when one is considered a "security expert" and then needs to hide that one thinks that 90% of security spend and a lot of the research is bunk and those resources should better be deployed elsewhere.

Hey ladies and first timers :) If you are unsure about your research or how / what to submit to @hack_lu this year, my DMs are open waiting for you! This is going to be awesome and I want you being part of it too! For the Big heart ppl, if you want to be a mentor, poke over DM!

More emergencies, Internet Archive 

The Internet Archive had been experimenting with a digital lending library, and when covid severely limited public libraries, the IA started allowing unlimited checkouts (which essentially mean they allowed piracy of their book scans)

This was probably a huge mistake, but now four of the biggest publishers are suing the IA

Losing this means goes down

I have a new steed and am looking forward to taking it out tomorrow.

Long Beach replacing the vulture capitalist app-based food delivery services with a locally owned and operated bike delivery service that doesn’t wreck the local restaurant profits

Few things give me joy like working with well-designed powertools, often made by Japanese manufacturers.

My Hitachi cordless driver/drill is still awesome after 15+ years. Makita still makes beautiful kit.

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