Random sad-ish guitar improvisation:


Rough start and ending because I pretty much just recorded improv practice.

Nevertheless pretty good at conveying an emotion.

I have learnt in the last days about the technical details of what the competition to optimyze was doing, and man, we really really went way overboard on engineering excellence.

I haven't been this disoriented since the 2008-2011 timeframe, or potentially since ever.

The last 2-3 years have been an absolutely insane emotional rollercoaster for me, and feel like a lifetime compressed into 36 months. I have work ahead of me sorting things out.

Windows sucks for a lot of things but you do find the most advanced malware you've ever seen.

I will give them that.

Stuff with anti-forensics tripwires and kernel memory based reinfection on shutdown and all sorts of stuff

It is pretty strange that the underlying idea of the paperclip maximizer is applied to a hypothetical non-existing AI, instead of the existing global system that already maximizes for a similarly strange metric without accounting for externalities.

There are a tremendous number of things in life that I have done because I am reasonably good at them, not because I liked them.

I have my opinions¹ about Amazon but AWS Security was the main sponsor of Blackhoodie at ReCon 2022 and I want to give them credit because that *is* a very good and worthwhile project to sponsor.

Birdsite link:

Blackhoodie website:

¹ Mostly „unfavorable“…

I am unreasonably psyched about Magma Studio:

A digital sketching software that is actually good (and will eventually rival Procreate etc.) but that is entirely WASM / Browser-based (e.g. runs on all sorts of devices and platforms) *and* allows simultaneous sketching by multiple parties.

Now all I need is someone to sketch-jam with :)

I played some guitar as a teen, very very poorly. Then I stopped at around 16. Due to some strange event in my early 30s I picked it up again, but intermittently and without enough practice.

So anyhow, I wrote a song, and it is attached. First and only one so far, will probably take some time until I make #2.


Continuing from twatter, some time ago myself and huku worked a bit on trying to abstract heap exploitation building on @HalvarFlake's weird machine idea. You can find some WIP notes (and not something finalized) in the following two slide decks: 1) speakerdeck.com/argp/heap-expl and 2) speakerdeck.com/argp/project-h

I am very very rarely bored, and almost exclusively in the company of people.

I wonder if that makes me a misanthrope.

I am 41 now, and I think there are precisely 2 decisions (perhaps 3) in my life that I'd like to take back and do differently.

I am wondering if this is good or a bad score, but I think I am - for the first time - really mulling irreversibility of time/life/decisions.

I listened to some Ana Tijoux today and that was good. If you like political Spanish rap, i can't recommend her enough.

I am in my parents house after visiting my mother in ICU. It is very likely that she will not make it, and I am dealing (poorly) with grief.

Grief that my kids won't get to know her better, grief that I was too busy to spend more time with her this summer, and grief that we had little time with her and my kids during the pandemic.

There is anger and surprise and failure to comprehend that a routine low-risk hip surgery 6 weeks ago will likely have led to deadly complications.

So many emotions

Unfortunately I missed OSFC again this year :/ There is an interesting talk by Cliff L. Biffle from Oxide Computer about their embedded OS they wrote from scratch: “On Hubris and Humility: developing an OS for robustness in Rust”.
Watching the talk I see many of the fundamental ideas and principles we employed in Muen. I think it’s another example of how you can make fundamentally different tradeoffs if you forego “general purpose”.


Another interesting thing I came across today: Alastair Reid wrote a blog post titled “What can you do with an ISA specification?”. It is great in that it contains many references and provides historic context on formal, machine checkable ISA specifications.


Last night's dream: I am in a skyscraper in the top floor, and there's a great party going on. Enthusiastic people are arriving. I am very very tired though, and want to go home, and am fighting my way through incoming waves of partygoers, all the while regretting that I am too tired to party.

My subconscious is not subtle.

To keep the Binary Translation theme going, this is a blog post by Michael Engel on the Apple M1 chip: Exploring Binary Translation on Apple Silicon (part 1). Unfortunately part two has not been released (yet?).


I find the subject rather interesting so if you have resources on the topic of binary translation or deep technical details on computer architectures like Apple’s new silicon, please share!

A silly amount of Twitter Infosec discussions could be conducted by just quoting years-old tweets.

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