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Mr Ghost

nier automata stream in 5 to make up for potentially not streaming tomorrow because I'M GONNA BE ON THE SHOW (@tmbsfm) at 7:20 PM NYC TIME

Are healthy eating websites a prank

Because I'm eating uncooked broccoli right now at the behest of the internet and I feel like a youtuber is about to burst in and laugh at me. This is buffoonery

I used to very occasionally call spaghetti spag and then someone noticed and got weirded out by it and now i always say spag. Thank you for all your support

Just a warning: One of my main goals in life is to get to direct a remake of Surf Nazis Must Die

wow turning point usa really owning the libs today

you do realize that the reason the jedi come off as weird idiots is that george lucas tried to make them noble and competent he... — "George Lucas tried to make a boring, one-dimensional story, and slipped and made everything inte...

Are you actually in some sort of a creative crisis, or just taking some well deserved time off? Or jumping around between diffe... — All the things that have been my main focus right now are really big projects, with no little thi...

I find your criticisms of the Jedi really fascinating, particularly because when you look into the Expanded Universe (or Legend... — It's really unsurprising that this happens. The Expanded Universe, well, Expands the Universe, so...

I don't know if I want to host a convention one day or just put up a large ballpit in an empty warehouse and pretend it's an art installation, same thing really

ugggg i wanna play nier right now

Stream will start a little bit later tonight, but we're still on. I want to get Near the truth about these Automatons

Love the working class ❤️❤️❤️

I guess that's why he's not called Socioeconomics Bob

Doing nier automata again on stream tonight! I can't wait to see what androids dream about

Why are you afraid of debating Ben Shapiro? — The real question is, why is ben shapiro afraid of debating anyone other than campus teens with z...