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making progress on my analysis of the dark souls speedun

OK Go fucking rules. "Return" is such a sad song and one of my favorite songs about grief and others of theirs are really fun t... — Glad someone else likes them!!! I didnt know this about you, or anyone, lol

What is your favorite music video — I like Ok Go's ridiculous attempts to top themselves, especially this (incredibly wasteful) one...

Why is it harder for you to come out as a furry than it is for you to come out as queer? — Because I'm not a furry!!! wah

that def makes it harder

gonna play frostpunk on stream. Its a management game about dealing with the cold. I think i'll be good at it because in theme hospital i almost bankrupted my company and caused a historic disaster by blocking all the exits with radiators

the trick i find with a levels is to do badly in them and go to a welsh university

i tired the tofu/kidney beans meal. it's pretty good, but it's better with some cabbage mixed in. — oooh thats a good idea

Time for more dangan rompa, let's return to the world of Dango Bango and learn who killed shango fandango

Have you ever seen "Sequelitis" by that Arin guy, especially the one about Ocarina of Time?
What're your opinions on that? — One draft of the Bloodborne video featured a very long response to that video, which I felt was n...

'i dont always agree with you but-'
shame. guess we cant be friends then

they tried to program a computer to have a french accent and that is terrible and i cant stop

Hello, have you ever heard of a Fallout: New Vegas mod based off Doctor Who called Fallout Who Vegas and do you think it would... — oh my god

"1 is hard to go back to" ah yes, after the thrilling bloated hp, barely any hit reactions shooting slug-outs of a 3D fallout,... — great point haha

Don't get me wrong, I love 1, and it might even be my favourite, but there's ju...

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