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In the before times, we were able to get some donations to support our project (sending rad lit to prisoners), by tabling shows and events around milwaukee, but now we’re unable to table...

So we’ve created a podcast discussing zines from our catalog! check it out and consider supporting us on patreon—feedback welcome!

Our first episode is a discussion of Sean Swain’s ‘The Colonizer’s Corpse: A Liberatory Approach To Maintaining Mental Health While Subject To Isolation In Prison,’ this episode includes and discussion with Sean about this zine as well as an update on Sean’s situation from his partner Lauren.


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hello Mastodon.. still have this account! should really use it a bit more

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Belarus: Rebellion Against Dictatorship
As the Anarchist Radio Berlin, we gladly present this interview with an anarchist in Belarus on the current situaton in the country. Since weeks people are in the streets in the aftermath of the last election.

In the interview, recorded on the 31st of august 2020, we learn about underly
#EnglischsprachigeBeiträge #Belarus #ElectionFraud #Protest #Rebellion #Repression #uprising

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Given FB's recent purge of anarchist and anti-fascist pages and accounts, it's LONG past time that we started building alternatives. To this end, Kolektiva has launched a new Mastodon server at kolektiva.social. Check it out and sign up for a free account today.

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If you thought we were exaggerating in calling Kyle Rittenhouse the face of the Republican Party, Ann Coulter explicitly wants to take leadership from a 17-year-old wanna-be cop with two murders already on his conscience.

"Fascist" is not too strong a word for this.

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@mlncn @HongPong The only leverage people have is their wallets. The whole thing breaks down quickly if people aren’t spending their money.

So that tells me the only real way to affect change is by a coordinated strike:

- immediately stop paying all rents
- immediately stop paying all credit cards, loans, mortgages
- full work stoppage on all ‘essential services’

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But i'm pretty light on he tactics. (Organizer workers! Organize renters! Organize everybody! Organize the organizers!)

One angle i'm interested in that i haven't seen much attention paid to is that even the umpteenth derivative usually ties to something in the real world, so theoretically there could be a lot of leverage attacking that— fighting back against the financialization of housing seems a key thing now, but there must be other opportunities.

cc @HongPong

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if you or someone you know, especially people only really hearing much about Bernie Sanders for the first time because he's no longer campaigning and it's now safe for corporate & establishment media to talk about him, are upset at the prospect of an uninspiring representative of entrenched financial power being the Democratic nominee meant to face down the racist, hateful, fascist president of the +

hi peeps
i need to check if @pixelfed can get embedded image and video to look good into Twitter.

an project it runs on

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Pixelfed Embed will allow you to easily share your posts on any website.

We're rolling this out to instances tomorrow!

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Black Friday Pixelfed sale, 100% off new accounts! No coupon required 😁

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hello! 👋 i'm žennn, i use gender-free pronouns e.g. they/them or že/žim. 🌈☮️🦄

i work as an anti-kyriarchical media producer & musician in Imnižaska Othúŋwe (Saint Paul) & Bdeóta Othúŋwe (Minneapolis), occupied Daḳota land.

Kyriarchy is a term for the inter-connected systems of oppression & privilege that empower capitalism, patriarchy, and racism.

look to the Rojava revolution (NE Syria) for an example of modern militant feminist struggle against kyriarchy.

Jin – Jiyan – Azadi!

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