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Diego Islas Ocampo @HyuchiaDiego

@hergertme @barthalion Ah that was it! was missing the bin/ part to call it, thanks a lot guys, this was really helpful! :D

@barthalion Mmm but that would mean that to try it I would have to install it ever time so that the binaries are in the installation path right? I was trying to do it by just running it from Gnome Builder which I think installs things in a temporary folder, so was wondering if there was some kind of way to call it without an specific path (So I don't have to change it depending on the environment), maybe some way of the flatpak knowing what it contained and executing it from there.

Building a simple HTTP server using C for school and decided to add a GUI to it, it still has some issues like errors due to writing to the textview from a thread but it's a nice way to learn more about #GTK and #GNOME now I have to make the server actually work... XD

Does anyone know if there is a way to run a binary inside a flatpak from inside another binary in the same flatpak? that is, I have a flatpak that ships two binaries, one is a GUI, is there a way to run the other binary when the user clicks a button in the GUI? I was hoping using system() or something like that would work but I don't know what I should put inside given the flatpak filesystem. #Flatpak #GNOME

Our websites and infrastructure are down due to a network outage. Our sysadmins are working on it and we hope to be back online soon!

Seems like the Sustainability career's student association at my school is building this small project to achieve watering automatation, using arduinos and humidity sensors, the system can detect of a plant needs watering and then provide it, it also gathers all the data and they are planning on implementing the system on a small greenhouse they run, seems like a great idea! Pretty useful for industrial and home activities :) mastodon.social/media/j8aUqfIc

@XOR Mmm it's actually opening in another tab for me

@XOR Wow, is adding HTML into the description area possible? didn't know about that!

@XOR Thanks :D It's something I try to live up to :)

@hergertme That would be great, many people could contribute to the documentation, but the system would have to be "friendly", something people actually enjoy using so that they are actually willing to contribute. I for one would love to help but I don't have the confidence to say that what I do is actually the best way to do it, guess there would be all kinds of things to think about it before actually implementing it.

@juanwolf @hergertme Yeah, I come from a web background and the number of courses, tutorials and resources for web projects is incredible but when I came to creating Linux applications, I found very little resources, there is close to no courses (in comparison) and most of the things are really outdated so many things no longer work the same way. Besides I have yet to find a place where I can truly see all the GTK widgets as in with images and tutorials, there are some but not all.

The only thing missing right now is having a truly nice #GNOME documentation that can match the awesome work @hergertme has done with Builder, the current one is hard to navigate, besides most resources are outdated which also adds some complexity to it, I've struggled for years to find a good book that goes through GTK+ applications (in a really detailed way) and isn't outdated.

@Murassa I'm not an expert but have used it before, do ask if you need any help :)

I'm a real fan of Tamagotchis, had many while I was a kid and playing "Hitogotchi" which is a reversed tamagotchi was really interesting, it's a very original idea OMHO onionblaze.itch.io/hitogotchi

gaming: "A Steam sale, yay!"

#gameing: "I bought this through itch.io or Humble so the dev would get a higher cut, and also tipped them a little extra"

@eggplant What do you mean making apps is not hocus pocus and everything is ready? XD funny thing is that Tooty Fruity is very beta as in it's explicitly stated like that in the appstores so people should know it ia a work in progress and won't have all the features you want.

Finally adding #PGP support to #Skrifa (skrifa.xyz/) , However this brings new problems related to memory management, Electron on itself is pretty bad at it and encryption adds a lot of strain to it. Anyway, I'm sure many will appreciate the ability to use a key they already had instead of creating a new one. mastodon.social/media/GGnHTVD6

@hergertme Interesting, I tried F26 some days ago and it just didn't get along with my laptop XD was thinking on trying rawhide a try but I would guess it will be pretty much the same, thanks a lot :)

@hergertme Just curious, what distro do you use? Been trying to find one that let's me use Builder to it's best (altough with flatpak I guess it's pretty irrelevant) You are making an awsome work! thanks for giving us such a nice tool.

@ryanleesipes It really is! It's one of the first things I install :)