And remember, more developers DOES NOT mean more productivity.

There's rarely such a lineal relation and it also depends on the level of skills they all have.

If you have 10 developers for a project where only 2 are able to work without step by step instructions on what to do, your productivity is going to hell.

So Disney+ won't have because they want "a family environment"?

Like... don't fucking buy then? Doing kids and adults accounts with different catalogs is as simple as an age field in a database but no, how would the corporate monster really is lose the opportunity to force people to subscribe to yet another service when they've already literally forced them to subscribe to Disney+ by removing all their content from other platforms?

Panorama (in ):

Pixels are not flagships anymore
Huawei is google banned
LG is pretty much gone
Alcatel just does low end devices now
Motorola only offers 1 year of updates
Nokia hasn't been able to keep up
Xiaomi depends on where you stand with China

Almost all other relevant brands are not locally available

Meaning Samsung is the only one left in the Android race so you either like them (I don't) or you go get an iPhone, unless you're willing to ditch Google and get a Huawei

Nothing worse than listening to your station in and suddenly popping up.

So can we all agree Intel will die within the next 5 years?

Apple ditched them, most mobile makes ditched them, AMD seems to be surpassing them... doesn't look like a bright future

"Kindly fix this" is no way to request a fix for a bug on an open source software for which you didn't even bother paying or donating to.

Only in the US democracy means power to the States instead of power to the people.

"Why don't we make them send us their password so we can configure their account?"

The fact that any "" would come up with that as a "solution" to anything is an insult.

You know who likes filling themselves with workspaces?

People who reuse passwords, that's who.

Harry Potter and the World where didn't Buy and Killed the Launcher

Owning a email address in a profession that deals with sensitive data should be considered professional negligence.

Repeat after me:

You should not send passwords or any other secrets via slack.

You should not send passwords or any other secrets via slack.

You should not send passwords or any other secrets via slack.

You should not send passwords or any other secrets via slack.

You should not send passwords or any other secrets via slack.

Developers: We love this task management tool, it has everything we need and it has all the integrations we could have ever asked for, it looks modern and clean as well. It has literally saved us hours and adapts to our workflow perfectly!

Product Owner who checks the board once every few months: Uhm yeah, it's cOnFusInG, can we use ?

Harry Potter and the people who use Steve Jobs as a good example of leadership

El comete el gravísimo error de no especificar algún tipo de "nivel".

Dudo que sea lo mismo una pizza marcada con "exceso de calorias" que una barra de avena con el mismo etiquetado, sin embargo actualmente así pareciera (si nos guiamos solo por eso) y de pasarme de calorías con una barra de avena a pasarme con una pizza, creo que todos escogeríamos la pizza.

Harry Potter and the "America" that turned out to be a continent.

Useless fact I learned today:

The cheese in is not actually manchego.

Real manchego is produced in from the milk of a breed of sheep called manchega in the region of La Mancha.

Mexico's manchego is a cow milk based industrialized that has nothing to do with the real one so... probably something people who actually know about cheese would deem as terrible.

Harry Potter and the site that claims military grade security because they added an SSL certificate

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