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Diego Islas Ocampo @HyuchiaDiego

I need a "Public Relations" for Dummies book.

A new focus on privacy, a brand new app and lots of bug fixes. just got a lot better and you can get it now!


@salameleon Well, it might prove to be not really bad over time and hopefully it does, would hate to see Steam lose games because of this (although as you said, this mainly concerns free-to-play games).

Didn't knew about the Greenlight fee but making it for every title does make it a lot more money XD

Well, it finally happened. Today Greenlight closed. This puts an end to a whole era on Steam and endangers all the games and devs. A $100 fee for Steam Direct is more reasonable than the initially thought but is still quite a lot, specially for those who are not in the US and don't earn in dollars.



In my school it's:
Java: For EVERYTHING, if they had to code a napkin, they would do so in Java
jQuery: Yes, instead of teaching JavaScript as a language, they just teach you the very basic of web development using jQuery
C: For "advanced programming" which is letting people know that memory pointers are not a myth
C#: For Unity (This one is more less OK because the teacher is great) but I still wouldn't use C# on anything else

Other than those nothing and they are REALLY basic.

@luke_nukem My school is also completely pro Java and I hate it as well, hard to believe.some people think Java is still the future. I've even had exams where I have to write Java code by hand on a paper and from memory, just useless.

I think the only thing that kept Java alive was Android and I still consider that a huge mistake.

Rust is Awesome!!! I'm learning Rust as well and really love it!

@luke_nukem Yup, Java is just one of those things we've kept alive just too damn long xD

@XOR Yeah! It got incredibly popular for those reasons, honestly it's just dead simple and really easy to start with while many others require more time and expertise.

That's also why there's so many hate around it, while it's really simple it is also inefficient on many aspects, you can take a look at some of it here: josephg.com/blog/electron-is-f

@XOR Depends on how much RAM do you have XD and if you are more of a purist regarding Native Apps.

In fact, if you hate Google Chrome you'll probably hate Electron haha

@XOR Oh you are right, I should have added a link to get more context.

Electron is a tool made by GitHub based on Chromium (The open source project that powers Google Chrome) that allows you to transform Web Apps into "Native" Desktop Apps, many tools are actually build usig Electron like the Atom Editor, Slack, Visual Studio Code and many many more!

You can check more about it here: electron.atom.io/

We all hate but cannot deny it's almost the cheapest, fastest way to get an every-platform solution. Specially for indie developers, it proves to add value almost immediately.

Resource hungry? Sure, it's almost a joke! It packs a lot that is useless for many and just a waste in space and memory.

Non the less the immediate hate it gets is too much, building native apps for every platform is not always an option. Instead of hating we should be helping.

P.S. Java lovers, don't even.

The toxicity inside the community is the source of most of the issues Linux has. It's a threat to the ecosystem itself and must stop.

v1.3.1 has just been released! You can read all about it in my latest post. Special thanks to everyone that made this release possible!



@abacao I've got a Dell Chromebook 11, it's pretty fine if you only need basic web stuff (although you can run Linux on it as well)

This song + video combo is just amazing!

“Strongest Man Alive” by The Franklin Electric.


@XOR Ah, something clean and simple yet not that simple that starts losing definition, that sucks, is no one mantaining it now?

@XOR As someone who makes a lot of flat design GUI, I'm so so sorry, what kind of interfaces do you like?

@ghost_bird Hopefully we'll solve it eventually, but I completely agree with you, guiding users towards good practices is something your interface should be doing instead of just hoping them to know them.

@ghost_bird Ah of course, this is not just a user problem but also a problem for the provider, you are just as responsible as them for securing everything properly or at least you should.

@ghost_bird Well yeah, sadly what a secure password looks like is not human-friendly although passphrases kind of make it a little easier. I haven't heard (yet) of a real alternative, not because lack of options but mainly because many alternatives have confidence in that your device won't be stolen or lost so device based security has also drawbacks, biometrics are even worse. We have yet to find an all-round solution for this if it exists If you have heard of one, do share :)