"Modern" religions were so successful destroying everything they considered "" (Meaning anything other than what they preached) that to this date, people are afraid of things like pentagrams because they "are satanic symbols".

It is both hilarious and sad that humans are so manipulable but what could we expect from the same humanity that believes everything they read from Facebook and memes?

There are two types of languages, those that need a === and those that don't.

"Create on your own terms"... you know, unless your terms go against their terms or what they think is right and if your content is NSFW chances are you'll eventually get fucked.

They should change that slogan.

Today I learned that autocomplete="off" no longer works as you would expect on some browsers like Chrome. Instead you need to use the new "new-password" value.


Remember how Yahoo had some leaks and everyone made a huge fuzz about it, their reputation sunk to the ground, etc?

Well... Facebook IS a freaking leak by itself, records your conversatiobn, some times stores sensitive data in plain text, sells your information to literally everyone and has a stupidly long list of controversies and yet everyone just sticks to it.

What the hell is wrong with humanity?

There are many " Why you shouldn't use web components" articles out there and they all are built under the wrong assumption that everyone wants to pre-compile / transpile their website.

2019, we are planning missions to Mars and lunar bases and yet no one has figured out how to prevent paper jams on printers.

We are living the future.

Can we all just leave and any other company banning users/products/whatever due to their stupid trade war?

This is peak stupidity.

J.J. Abrams' movies/series are measured in flares per second.

2019, people are still sending docx and pptx documents instead of PDFs because of course everyone has Word and Power Point right?

There's a place in hell for them.

About getting into #wicca. 

No one likes having to work on old code bases (as in outdated ones) but working with is just horrible!

In a perfect world, Yuri and Yaoi genres are simply called Romance.

Never trust someone who thinks of Steve Jobs as a leader or even worse, an idol.

I just heard that people learning spanish (I believe from the US) have been taught or at least some believe that "así así" is a valid response for your mood and I'm here wondering how they got to that conclusion, is it kind of a "there there"?

Not sure what English equivalence is being tried to be made there.

I've got crunchyroll, hidive, netflix and amazon prime and yet, One punch man 2 is NOT available in any of them! (At least in Mexico) and people wonder why everyone just prefers piracy -.- this is ridiculous.

Client: This is a bug
Developers: No, that's just how it works based on your requirements
Client: Ok let's change that to <Gives a completely different list of requirements that contradicts everything previously specified>
Developers: (Dying inside) Ok, we'll work on it :)

The next day...

Client: (8am) Is it done now?

If asking what you think is a stupid question will help you prevent making a mistake, don't ever doubt on asking it.

It is always better to ask than to regret about it later.

About that recent drama regarding mastodon instance messages about the use of crossposters... 

About that recent drama regarding mastodon instance messages about the use of crossposters... 

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