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Diego Islas Ocampo @HyuchiaDiego

The toxicity inside the community is the source of most of the issues Linux has. It's a threat to the ecosystem itself and must stop.

v1.3.1 has just been released! You can read all about it in my latest post. Special thanks to everyone that made this release possible!



@abacao I've got a Dell Chromebook 11, it's pretty fine if you only need basic web stuff (although you can run Linux on it as well)

This song + video combo is just amazing!

“Strongest Man Alive” by The Franklin Electric.


@XOR Ah, something clean and simple yet not that simple that starts losing definition, that sucks, is no one mantaining it now?

@XOR As someone who makes a lot of flat design GUI, I'm so so sorry, what kind of interfaces do you like?

@ghost_bird Hopefully we'll solve it eventually, but I completely agree with you, guiding users towards good practices is something your interface should be doing instead of just hoping them to know them.

@ghost_bird Ah of course, this is not just a user problem but also a problem for the provider, you are just as responsible as them for securing everything properly or at least you should.

@ghost_bird Well yeah, sadly what a secure password looks like is not human-friendly although passphrases kind of make it a little easier. I haven't heard (yet) of a real alternative, not because lack of options but mainly because many alternatives have confidence in that your device won't be stolen or lost so device based security has also drawbacks, biometrics are even worse. We have yet to find an all-round solution for this if it exists If you have heard of one, do share :)

@ghost_bird Not necessarily, every security measure has it's own drawbacks but if you are the kind of people that has "12345" as a password in all your accounts then it's pretty much the same as to having not password at all.

The fact that somebody is able to access your accounts because you have a bad password doesn't mean they "hacked" you, it means you have to take your security more seriously.

Que alguien acceda a tus cuentas porque tu contraseña es mala no significa que te "hackearon" sino que debes tomar tu seguridad más en serio.

La palabra "Influencer" es el mayor símbolo de todo lo que está mal en nuestra sociedad.

Being the wisest but failing to share your knowledge because you don't want to is the same as being the dumbest. Don't be selfish.

Probablemente no me conozcas
más siempre he estado contigo
tal vez no creas que soy tu amigo
pero decide hasta que me conozcas

Puedo ser molesto como las moscas
pues a donde vayas yo te sigo
y aunque no quieras estar conmigo
deberás aguantar mis formas toscas

No me verás en un espejo
tampoco me verás en la penumbra
porque solo soy como un bosquejo

Y esto seguro que te asombra
yo soy la imagen de tu reflejo
pues no soy más que tu propia sombra

@GinnyMcQueen that's boiled eggs with... what? xD haven't tried anything like that but looks delicious!

@federicomena Ah, it already is but this is more as an "Export" function so you can share it with people that are not using the same app but do use PGP