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Diego Islas Ocampo @HyuchiaDiego@mastodon.social

Structuring correctly a library to bundle it as a turned out to be not as straight forward as I expected...

Now, that is a figure worth having. Seems like Crunchyroll and Tokyo Otaku Mode are selling it and preorders are closing soon.

If I got paid for every World and save file that I've lost during formatting...

People always talk about how The Simpsons has predicted real life events, it’ll no doubt be more interesting when Futurama does it.

The bounty for adding GitLab support to AppCenter Dashboard is already up to $355! If you're interesting in helping us reach more developers, support this issue with a bounty of your own :) buff.ly/2sQWpJ7

I don't remember much of it but my dream last night involved using Rust and Web Assembly to build some kind of website :/

That satisfaction when you finally document that that's been slipping away...

If bans things everyone loses their mind, if they allow everything, everyone loses their mind, if they choose a middle ground, some will certainly lose their mind.

It would be awesome to create a minified Mastodon to act as a way to "Report you are fine" during a . A aproach to the disaster relief of other social networks.

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A puppy dies every time a marketing student proposes the "we could sell our customers data" solution.

Oh, 's soul hurts a bit on this one too.

I'm generally concerned about solutions, it may add protection but also gives almost god like power for these companies in your computer, does anybody know or have any opinion as to how good is in terms of ? And I mean how much data do they collect from their users?

I'm always unsure about antivirus being a good or a bad thing.

Purism’s Security and Privacy Focused Librem 5 Smartphone Makes Major Strides in Manufacturing and Development. We're on schedule.


Get this in your head, free software isn't free if people can't use it. Lower the bars to adoption, help your community to install, or acquire services, don't just shame them for being unable to use Free Software. Bare lists of software that exists aren't nearly enough.

We already know there are shackles, we already know that keys to those shackles are somewhere else.

Instead, help people to navigate the complexity and difficulty of freeing themselves.

Every time someone uses the "I don't have anything to hide" excuse when talking about , 's soul hurts a bit.