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Diego Islas Ocampo @HyuchiaDiego@mastodon.social

Is the project dead? Haven't seen any updates from them and most of their domains and repositories are either gone or simply dead. I really liked their circle icon theme.

Just realized that only provides binaries for Debian-based distros and that really sucks


If education is the real goal, isn't it counterproductive that it actually takes away from you a lot of learning opportunities?

Something I hate about the education system is how school consumes most of my time in mostly useless homeworks while I could be using that time on something that actually helped me learn and improve my skills.

Even if a work opportunity or something like that came up, it would have to be instantly rejected since school (at least in my case) won't give you any chance to take the job and develop your skills.

What if the Sagittarius Gold Cloth always came to assist Seiya and Athena because of the promise Sisifo made to Tenma in the past Holly War stating that he would protect Athena even after the end of his life?

Lets face it, Lost Canvas is the best Saint Seiya Ever.


The price today seems like a good chance to buy...

I read somewhere that Mexico City has 65,000 restaurants, so my dorky spouse pointed out that this place is so huge it has >INT_MAX restaurants.

2018, we still can't watch the same Netflix's (or any other streaming service) catalog from anywhere in the world.

Disappointment is an understatement. Specially because I know the fault is not in the technology but in the fact that gross humans tend to behave like vampires trying to suck as much money as they can.

Little House on the Prairie is just one of those timeless shows. It's great and everyone should watch it.

Kimi no na wa is just one of those things that HAVE to be seen on a movie theater, or at least on a big and really nice screen with good speakers.

The experience it gives is just amazing, too bad many people didn't watch it when it was on theaters.

reminder: protonmail is really good and you should probably be using it

I have to admit, watching Mirai pull the blades out made me cry a bit. Asuma would be proud. Also, love that she has Kurenai's eyes.

I wonder if the satisfaction I get when using xkill is the same death star operators felt when destroying planets.

Just updated the daily site with latest commit (cda3ee5). Few minor changes since I'm mostly rewriting it on a mobile first approach (styling relied too much on view port units so the new approach should be better)


The iPhone 4 screen size was an error.