Using through with good privacy plugins or the browser might be your best choice if you're concerned about your ; specially when dealing with social networks or discord.

Some native apps can be very intrusive!

Timeline obliteration by sex spam bots is starting to be a real problem...

1. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
2. Kill la Kill

That's the right order to see them.

— Hey, does this cellphone has a gyroscope?

— Mmm I think it doesn't... but you can download one to it

— ... OK... thanks...

Dear God.

Como me gustaría saber, cuantos de los que se quejan (de la falta de gasolina), la compraban de forma ilegal.

"Es hora de que la sociedad se implique y también deje de comprar gasolina robada, en especial los contratistas, transportistas y ciudadanos en general. El cambio está en cada uno de nosotros."

El frappe del Italian Coffee es EL frappe.

Los mas parecidos en otros cafes son:

Manila Night - Cassava Roots
Oreo Frappe - Andatti Momento Espresso

¿Para qué necesitan esta información? No lo se.

It's always funny when WhatsApp users get excited because of their new Stickers feature... like... really people?

Pretty much everyone else has had it for years now!

Someone registered the domains for the upcoming avengers movie, bragged about it on Twitter to get tickets for the premiere and while didn't received the ticket, they sent him Deadpool props because he had set it up to redirect to Deadpool's website...

Extorsion can get you free things! Who would have thunk?!

Guy acts in a crappy way, society rewards him... and yet we wonder why our world is going to hell.

En México las unicas razones reales para tener un coche y preferirlo como medio de transporte son la ineficiencia del transporte publico y la inseguridad.

Edge died because everyone expected it to be chrome. Now that it will actually be chrome, everyone is against it... though life.

El día en el que los mexicanos comprendamos que somos nosotros los que hacemos al país y no el gobierno será el día en que México pueda empezar a avanzar.

I pray for a world without dubs (unless used for accesibility).

The worst kind of clients are those who don't get there's a relation between time, cost and quality.

They: If GPS is not available or the user denied the permission, we should get the location by their IP

Me: But that would be going against the user's will if they explicitly denied the permission...

They: Yes but it is so they have a "nicer experience"

Me: -.-

Please, don't ever go against the user's will and privacy because that's your idea of "good UX".

The people who believe in the whole "We love Linux" from Microsoft are the same who believe the "Don't do evil" from Google and probably the same who think Facebook wants all your data because "It wants to help you".

El problema del CENEVAL es que tiende a estar muy desactualizado. En el de preparatoria (en 2014) recuerdo preguntas sobre iconos de office < 2003 en el de profesional solo puedo esperar que me pregunten como perforar una tarjeta

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