Me: I need a 64GB RAM pc to survive

Also me: This 4GB RAM chromebook will do

Back in 2015, I noticed searching the web for colors to use for any project was one of the tasks I did quite frequently.

At the same time, I was amazed by 's code editor which was able to use HTML sites as toolbars and thus, was born.

"The last color palette you'll ever need" I labeled it and 6 years later I still find myself coming back to it every time I need a good color.

Nothing like having an Angular-Typescript-Ionic dependency deadlock to end this week

Facebook: Here's our API!

Anyone: Awesome! Can I use it for X?

Facebook: No

Anyone: Ok, how about Y?

Facebook: No

Anyone: ... So what can I use it for?

Facebook: To replicate facebook functionality within your app I guess

Anyone: -.-

Cambridge Analytica: Can I use it for all my shady goals?

Facebook: Sure, do whatever you want! Love to help :D

App Approval Process Navigator should be an official job title. is bad but is just the worst.

, , Native are all good until you need native stuff. Plugins are not good on the long run, do yourself a favor and just do a native app the moment you require native features.

Harry Potter and the Linux Android Studio Installation that Just Worked

Layered sprites has been one of the most requested features in @MonogatariEngine and it seems we finally have an initial implementation for it! 🎉

Currently it seems to work fine for layers that all have the same size and also for layers of different sizes with positioning by percentages on CSS.

Of course lots of testing is still required but at least we finally got some progress. Here's a small demo:

Dear ,

Indent your correctly and consistently

Fix your typos, don't just use the same mistake over and over

Don't over simplify your variable or functions names, you are not writing a telegram

If you're not writing (I get it, it's tedious and most clients won't see value in that and thus neglect it or simply won't pay for it), at least document how to get a project setup and running

Product Owner: We have a HARD deadline to release this next week

Developers: That's not possible, we'd have no time for testing

Product Owner: Wouldn't it be easier to test in production?

Developers: *Die internally*

Monogatari v2.0.2 🎉

🌟New Features:

- Indonesian Language

🐛Bug Fixes:

- Shake animations behaved differently in some situations due to their hover effects and has now been standardized
- Changing media volume would enforce the absolute volume on all playing media even if they defined a different volume on the script


- jQuery is (finally) no longer shipped in the distribution

Life was presented with the "Trolley Problem" and came up with a simple solution: If it derailed, it could kill everyone.

Today is one of those days where I get to try and revive a 8 year old project I've never seen in my life only to find everything is broken

is an ecosystem that goes far beyond . Whenever you develop an app, do the right thing and avoid vendor lock-ins.

might be the straightforward solution but there's a whole world out there where firebase won't work.

The might be the "biggest" store but additionally providing an APK download IS universal and safer to have that APK come from you rather than an agregation site.

Do the right thing, provide a choice.

Harry Potter and the Project Manager who made impossible promises and then disappeared.

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