I'm not sure what's worse anymore, in bed with or those in bed with .

Every time a new @MonogatariEngine release comes out:

Me: This is the most stable release we've ever done :D

Reality: Ha! Better luck next time

Monogatari v2.0.0.beta.11 馃帀

馃悰 Bug Fixes

- CSS classes on characters getting stacked
- HTML elements getting duplicated
- Voices state not getting cleared out
- Conditionals did not work as expected with numeric values
- And more!


There is a place in hell for the creators of and those who blindly promote its use.

Sure, in some teams or projects it will certainly work out but in many cases it's just a sign of laziness and actually gets more in the way than it helps.

If you are using it internally, that's good but if you are using it as a way to keep your client updated then you (most likely your pm) are just being lazy.

Yes, well, why am I not impressed? A new platform (retrocrush.tv/) dedicated to anime and of course it's not available in

No wonder why everyone feels subscribing to a streaming service is stupid and a waste of money when they can have free unlimited animes via .

As long as people pay, why the fuck do we need to restrict content based on their location?

Developing for devices is amazing! Did you know all the apps on any fitbit are made using and for the UI + for the functionality?

What's more, their "Developer Studio" allows you to develop from your browser and test the apps you create in your device without even having to connect it!

The amount of passive aggressiveness in a sentence is directly proportional to the times they chained "lol".


The world needs an -like subscription based for dieting.

You'd define your by providing the calories you need, "forbidden" foods, allergies etc. And every day in the morning you'd get a package with the breakfast, lunch and dinner for that day.

The biggest issue with is actually getting or making the food you need, which usually takes time many people simply don't have while keeping it varied enough so you don't get bored of it.

Algo para reflexionar...

1. Una persona te asalta y te roba tus pertenencias

2. En un caso milagroso, la policia hace su trabajo por una vez en su vida y lo meten a la carcel

3. Con tus impuestos, le brindan alojamiento y comida durante toda su estancia en el reclusorio

Lo veas como lo veas, ese asaltante sigue robando tu dinero solo que esta vez, si no se lo das no es el quien te va a hacer algo, es el SAT.

Me: I should get Fox Premium so I can watch

Fox Premium: Nope, no Simpsons here

Me: Ugh! And when is fucking Disney+ coming out anyways then?

Disney+: Not any time soon! (In my country)

Me: So they expect me to buy the freaking DVDs like it's 2005?! Fuck them, YouTube illegally uploaded episodes split into multiple parts here we go!

99% of the people who think Shinji from is a crybaby would have run away from day one if they were the ones in his situation.

Me: is not as insecure as international news make it sound like!

Also me: I'll buy a cheap laptop to use when I go out, that way if I get robbed it won't hurt me as much as if it was my actual laptop :D

Justifying a bad plot with "the characters have to make stupid decisions to keep the show going" is one of the worst things plaguing television these days.

Discounts / Promo Codes are one of those things that seem incredibly simple until you have to implement them and realize they are a lot more complex than you have ever thought.

How to know if a is using ?

They'll use `overflow: scroll` and think there are no consequences for it.

Went to a restaurant where everybody was offered coffee except me, who got juice and milkshakes offered instead.

I asked for coffee anyways and when it arrived next to all of the others, I was the only one who got asked if I wanted sugar and cream... I don't even look young for fucks sake.

@fanta El segundo signo de exclamaci贸n se sustituye por el comando que queremos lanzar y lanzar谩 el 煤ltimo del hist贸rico. Ejemplo para la 煤ltima sesi贸n ssh: "!ssh". O para ver nuestra 煤ltima consulta a los manuales: "!man".

#linux #fixAndTricks

Have you met Yui? She's the first member of our cast!

She was commissioned from the amazing (wafflemeido.art) so no wonder she's this cute!

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