One amazing characteristic of is that they are framework agnostic!

Native web components are... well, native (duh) you can reuse the same component no matter what framework (, , , etc.) you're using or if you're not using any framework at all!

Hay metas y sueños pero antes que todo esta el super super chancho.

While creating a library at work I've learned a lot on how the states are divided (cities, towns, villages, townships, boroughs etc.) and damn, they seriously need to work on standarizing stuff.

Angry about 's move to deactivate accounts in due to US sanctions?

Well, you should be angry that the entire world let Adobe become the monster it is now instead of incentivizing competition.

Hopefully this will be a warning to everybody and Adobe's alternatives may finally start to really flourish.

Probability is the lie humans tell to themselves to believe they have some sort of control and understanding of the events that sorround them.

La necesita un Hackathon titulado "Remplaza a todos los empleados de una dependencia pública programando una app en 24 horas!"... lo peor? Sería completamente posible.

reviews and verifies apps in less than 5 minutes while trying to get a Google Console project verified is just a nightmare!

Makes you wonder if Android apps are secure at all, spoiler alert: They are not.

users complaining in the that an app doesn't work correctly on their and leaving bad reviews because of that is peak Android users.

We live in world so fucked up, I can't even install a game on my phone without worrying about what data will it try to mine from me and what third parties it will sell them to.

I love the people who are super excited on open sourcing some of their stuff.

Come on! It's not like they give a damn about , what they DO give a damn is the shitloads of FREE contributions they'll receive which will make their product even better (not like it's any good anyways) and which they'll be able to keep selling... to you!.

Free Labour, Free Source Code Audits, Free Publicity.

Profit. Profit. Profit

I had been a bit burned down from work lately but today I got to connect a service to the API and create a plugin to connect that same service to WordPress sites (both things I had never done before) and I had a blast!

Always love to learn new stuff and use things I never used before!

One of the biggest mistakes the internet ever made was letting in.

On every , when the price is announced, my first impression is always "Wow! I could buy a better PC/Laptop from with 4x those specs for the same price or less!".

It's getting more than ridiculous really fast!

Shadow DOM encapsulation is great for a lot of things, however, it could prevent some things from working and thus, you have to be careful with how you use it.

are a great example for this! Building a custom password input would seem as an awesome idea to add lots of features to it, however, doing it using the Shadow DOM will prevent the managers from filling it out which is not desired. In this situation, using the "Light" DOM is not optional.

Good things to remember about detecting changes on text inputs:

The change event, contrary to what the name suggests, will not be fired every time the content is changed, it only gets fired after the input looses focus.

The keyup event is a good solution but it will not be fired if text is pasted from a context menu or autofilled.

The input event is the best solution since it fires on Keyboard input, Mouse Drag, Autofill and Copy-Paste.

"Modern" religions were so successful destroying everything they considered "" (Meaning anything other than what they preached) that to this date, people are afraid of things like pentagrams because they "are satanic symbols".

It is both hilarious and sad that humans are so manipulable but what could we expect from the same humanity that believes everything they read from Facebook and memes?

There are two types of languages, those that need a === and those that don't.

"Create on your own terms"... you know, unless your terms go against their terms or what they think is right and if your content is NSFW chances are you'll eventually get fucked.

They should change that slogan.

Today I learned that autocomplete="off" no longer works as you would expect on some browsers like Chrome. Instead you need to use the new "new-password" value.

Remember how Yahoo had some leaks and everyone made a huge fuzz about it, their reputation sunk to the ground, etc?

Well... Facebook IS a freaking leak by itself, records your conversatiobn, some times stores sensitive data in plain text, sells your information to literally everyone and has a stupidly long list of controversies and yet everyone just sticks to it.

What the hell is wrong with humanity?

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